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(かわ) (しろ)  みとり
Mitori Kawashiro
Mitori Kawashiro
Latest image of Mitori Kawashiro from Subterranean Hatred
Crimson Grudge Hiding in the Abyss
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Half-Human Half-red Kappa


Power to prohibit everything and anything


Collecting items(?)


Former Capital, formally the Human Village

Music Themes

河童様の言う通り ~ One-way Accelerator (Subterranean Hatred)

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Mitori Kawashiro (河城 みとり Kawashiro Mitori) is a fan-made character created on 2ch by "Everyone from the Red Cucumber thread" (赤胡瓜スレのみんな Aka kyuuri sure no min'na). She is a half-human half-kappa who lives in the Underworld and is a half-sister to Nitori Kawashiro. It's unknown if ZUN's aware of this character.

General Information[edit]

She first appeared in the fangame Subterranean Hatred as the boss of what suppose to be the "Phantasm" stage of Subterranean Animism that happens after the Extra stage. Due to her history, she hates both humans and kappa and thus has kept herself away from society along with prohibiting her mind from anyone. However, she's no different from an ordinary kappa, except that she's in red. She processes prohibition signs (which Rinnosuke Morichika states that they mean "Do not enter") with images of prohibiting something tied to her back.[1]

The species of Kappa are originally engineers, but as Mitori was shunned by them, she is unskilled in handling machines, but sometimes she collects various different materials floating down the river above ground; Akyuu Hieda believes she actually wants to be acknowledged by humans. However, she will go to the extent of killing humans.[1]

Due to Mitori having a lock on her chest along with Nitori Kawashiro having a key on her chest, Marisa Kirisame wonders if these two match, where Akyuu goes to the extent of speculating that this is the way to open Mitori's mind. They both do in fact match[2], but of course officially the key on Nitori has unknown usage.


Power to prohibit everything and anything

Mitori has the ability to prohibit everything and anything, which reflects her design. Since she lives underground, she doesn't face much difficulties, but nor does she have much fun. This is because she prohibits anything from entering her closed mind. Since she never allows a soul to approach, not even a fly is found near her. Because she was badly hurt by the humans and kappa from above ground, it's not easy to approach her – even Yuugi Hoshiguma finds it hard to go near her.

Her abilities have reached to the point where no living beings can linger around her, but if someone were to get too close to her, they'll have no choice but to run. Since she holds a deadly grudge against humans, it's said that running towards the direction of the Human Village wouldn't help. If you anger her and try to run away as fast as you could, she will prohibit your escape route, so the only way out would be pleading for mercy. Because of this vigourous danger, it's recommended not to go near caves.[1]

Character Basis[edit]


Various sources of the inspiration for Mitori could be pointed out, however these are guesses. First off, her design simply appears to be based of typical prohibition signs that are localised in Japan. Her species, name and the sign she wears on her back are likely to have being inspired from Nitori herself. Her half-human half-kappa hybrid could possibly be based from Rinnosuke Morichika. Her mind being lock may be likely to be based on Koishi Komeiji's closed mind.


Her full name is Mitori Kawashiro (河城 みとり). Mitori (みとり) doesn't have an actual meaning and is intended to sound a lot like Nitori's. Like Nitori's surname, Kawashiro (河城) means "river castle".


An early drawing of Mitori from an early version of Subterranean Hatred.

Mitori's design shows that she has chestnut hair with a small ponytail, red eyes, a ruby shirt with white sleeves, ruby frills and a white/golden collar. She has an odd red hat with gold scallop frills, along with a pearl-white skirt with two golden coloured-rings hanged around her waist. Pink and black ankle-highs with black laces with knee-high socks. She also has a red/white "No Entry" sign on her back with a golden lock strapped from the sign to her chest. The sign on her back is supposed to represent a kappa's shell, as well as her power to forbid anything. The art mimics ZUN's.


Since humans and kappa are close friends, Mitori acts as the go-between connecting the two, in which Mitori's mother was hoping for. Thus, thoughts about humans and kappa being friends are outdated in today's world. Back in the day, Mitori lived with her human mother at the Human Village, but alienated by other humans and the mountain Kappa also ran away upon seeing her; this would be because Kappa don't want to be seen by humans alone

Since then nobody would want to be friends with her. No matter how much she tried, only pain remained in her heart. With a fragile young girl's mind, she wasn't able to understand why others were treating her as if she was useless. Her loneliness was in fact coming from the humans.

She thought she shouldn't exist in the human world and left for Hell instead. However, the hell that was in her imagination was no longer the place it was. In ancient hell, there were so many youkai, and there were even oni that were friendly to her in some way. However, Mitori wouldn't still open her mind. Unlike Koishi Komeiji's closed 3rd eye, she shut out everything that came into her mind. Especially Yuugi Hoshiguma, among the oni that accepted Youkai who were hated above ground, was worried about this, but there was absolutely no way to approach her.

Yuugi made a request to Satori Komeiji. Upon hearing the request, Satori felt that the appearance of a crimson kappa in hell was weird, so she decided to take a look at what's in her mind. Upon hearing this, the crimson kappa's mind became tumultuous. However, even amongst the unrest, the original Kappa's feelings were left, and Satori was able to see the friendly part of her. Satori thought she had seen all of the crimson kappa.

Satori was able to notice that this was something different from Koishi's case, but she was able to do nothing to Mitori. Mitori's mind that refused to get read was not something that one can open up easily. If you attempt to, she can just send you right back away. However, for Satori, who had other thoughts in her mind, decided to send away human beings that came from above ground to the Palace of Earth Spirits once in a while.


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Subterranean Hatred


Nitori Kawashiro

Mitori is known to be Nitori Kawashiro's older-half sister and is slightly taller than Nitori.[1] On what kind of relationship they had is unknown.

Yuugi Hoshiguma & Suika Ibuki

Mitori also seems to know Yuugi and Suika rather well, but it's also unknown what kind of relation they have. Yuugi finds it a struggle to go near her.

Unnamed parents

Both Mitori and Nitori have the same father, but not the same mother since Mitori's father is a Kappa and her mother is a Human. Mitori once lived with her human mum in the Human Village before running away due to the treatment by the humans.


There are a number of versions of Mitori, drawn in different ways.

Spell Cards[edit]

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Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 11
閉符「地底の隅に独り棒立ち」 Closure Sign "Standing Alone in the Underground Corner of the Earth" SA St. Ph Esoterica "Nine Syllable Stabs" (SA), Symbol "All Ancestors Standing Beside Your Bed" (SA)
禁視「オプティカルブラインド」 Prohibiting Vision "Optical Blind" SA St. Ph Symbol "Danmaku Paranoia" (SA)
非止「だるまさんがころばない」 Non-stop "Daruma-san Won't Fall Down" SA St. Ph Instinct "Release of the Id" (SA)
禁生「生れ赤子は赤い顔」 Forbidden Life "A Red-faced Baby is Born" SA St. Ph
禁域「ノー・エントリー」 Forbidden Area "No Entry" SA St. Ph
禁恋「運命が招く悲劇」 Forbidden Love "A Tragedy Lead by Fate" SA St. Ph Subconscious "Rorschach in Danmaku" (SA)
禁詩「緋蟲の報せ」 Forbidden Poem "A Red Bug Told Me" SA St. Ph Rekindled "The Embers of Love" (SA)
流符「赤胡瓜の河流れ」 Flow Sign "Stream of Red Cucumbers" SA St. Ph Water Sign "Kappa's Pororoca" (MoF), Kappa "Monster Cucumber" (MoF)
「忌避されし紅色の河童」 "Hated Red Kappa" SA St. Ph "Philosophy of a Hated Person" (SA)
「サブタレイニアンキューカンバー」 "Subterranean Cucumber" SA St. Ph "Subterranean Sun" (SA), "Subterranean Rose" (SA)
赤河童「禁止看板」 Red Kappa "Prohibitory Signboard" SA St. Ph


Additional Information[edit]

  • "Subterranean Animism Phantasm Stage (distribution version)" has been downloadable from Red Cucumber Field since December 25, 2010.
  • A lot of her attacks and spell cards are very similar to Nitori's and Koishi's.
  • The midboss sprite in earlier versions of Subterranean Hatred shows Mitori instead of Yuugi.
  • Her spell cards Hated Red Kappa and Red Kappa "Prohibitory Signboard" have a warning screen similar to Utsuho's spell cards in Subterranean Animism and Touhou Hisoutensoku, but it shows a "ⓧ FORBID!! ⓧ" warning instead of "☢ CAUTION ☢".
  • On the original Gumon image that's a Pseudo-Perfect Memento in Strict Sense article for Mitori, the footnote numbers appears to be mixed up. In order for the article and footnotes to make sense, footnote #2 should go to where footnote #3 is and vice versa.
  • The official people who created Mitori has also created a Yukkuri version of Mitori called a Yukkuri Mitori.
  • Mitori's theme name may have some reference to the character Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index, in which his name is written as Ippōtsuukou (一方通行), meaning "One-Way Road".
  • There may be a possible reference to Mitori in Hopeless Masquerade as Nitori has a springy prohibition sign that springs out to hurt the opponent.


Mitori has become a rather noticeable Touhou character amongst the fanbase despite being fan-made. Arguably, she is consider to be the most popular fan-made character in the Touhouverse. It's even an achievement to appear in other fan-made games and her theme to be arranged.

  • Because Nitori's key and Mitori's lock fit together, it's speculated that Nitori could possibly nullify Mitori's powers.
  • Mitori is often compared to other fan-made characters such as Sasha Sashiromiya, Rinbokusan Sasaki and Karen Yawata.
  • She's one of the few fan-made characters to make an appearance in the unofficial patch of Touhoumon.
  • It's common to treat Mitori as a simple prohibition sign in the fanbase for obvious reasons, similar to how Eiki Shiki is treated as a typical judge, where she may forbid other Touhou characters from passing by anything.

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