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Fan-made characters/Sugar Satellite

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Sugar Satellite
Sugar Satellite
The latest illustration of Sugar Satellite (Makoto Hirasaka-style), from pixiv
The Fourth of the Three Youkai of Light
More Character Titles



Able to manipulate perception


Unknown, but was chronologically born in 2008 during Fairy Wars


Causing mischief

Miscellaneous Works

Sugar Satellite (シュガーサテラ Shugāsatera) is a fan-made character created by a Nico Nico Douga user called なないろマグロ (Na nai ro maguro), who also goes by the nickname まぐろいど (Ma guroido) on pixiv).

General Information

Sugar first appeared on the video "【ネタバレ注意】妖精大戦争~ 東方三月精 新キャラ" ([Netabare chūi] Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei shin kyara, lit. "[Spoiler note] Great Fairy Wars ~ Three Fairies new character) on August 9th 2010. Sugar also has an illustration with the same title on the same day. なないろマグロ wanted to show their idea if a new fairy were to appear in Fairy Wars, which the full version was released on August 14th 2010.

Sugar was born as a fairy by accidental causes. A normal natural process happened when Sunny Milk said jokingly "the 4th of the three youkai of light" at some time.[1] Because Sunny is part of the Three Fairies of Light, Sugar was not born in a different way as the three fairies, where she looks like a child who likes to cause mischief, just like what the three fairies do. The specific way Sugar was born is complex and unknown. During the time, she wanted to cause mischief and came across the three fairies. She saw them having a danmaku fight with Cirno and they are the first other fairies she saw in her life. She got interested and decided to approach the group. What happens after that is unknown.

Sugar loves to cause mischief and pranks, but due to being newly born, she lacks experience of pranks and can't pull them off. So due to this, she relies on her ability (just like any other fairy) since she's rather callow.


Manipulate Perception

Sugar has the ability to manipulate one's perception at her own will. She uses it for pranks when someone comes nearby to make them have a different feeling in the atmosphere, or to make them feel that a certain object was around from the beginning. it is completely harmless to humans, but if used around places known for youkai, humans will start to feel fear. There's one weakness to this ability, and that weakness is that it cannot remove foot sounds or forms of any kind, so once you feel something's wrong and you turn around, you'll see Sugar with a surprised look on her face, and her prank fails.

Character Basis

Sugar Satellite (ZUN-style)
Sugar Satellite (ZUN-style)
Jacket mimicking Fairy Wars
Jacket mimicking Fairy Wars


Her name is Sugar Satellite (シュガーサテラ). The meaning of her surname, Satellite, is an astronomical object that orbits a planet, or is smaller than the object it's orbiting. An example would be the moon, as all the moons in the universe are a natural satellite. Satellites are also are able capable of producing light, just like the sun, the moon, and a star (with both moon and satellite reflecting sunlight).


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Sugar's design is based on the Three Fairies of Light. She has purple eyes <add more>. Just like how the Three Fairies of Light are based on light, with Sunny Milk been based on the sun, Luna Child based on the moon, and Star Sapphire based on stars, Sugar is based on natural satellites.

One of Sugar's illustrations mimics Makoto Hirasaka's and another mimics ZUN's. There's also a jacket mimicking Fairy Wars. The latest version (shown top-right) of Makoto Hirasaka's style is an improved version to make it look more similar to the portraits seen in Fairy Wars.


Three Fairies of Light

Sugar is the 4th fairy of the Three Fairies of Light. Her relationship with the fairies is unknown.

Official Profile

【ネタバレ注意】妖精大戦争~ 東方三月精 新キャラ (Nico Nico Douga)

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Sugar Satellite
The first version of the Makoto Hirasaka style art
(The nico video description)


(In the nico video)

















(The nico video description)

I obtained information about a new character in Fairy Wars. Indeed the new character is a fairy as well.

(In the nico video)

Sugar Satellite
Species: Fairy
Other titles: The 4th of the Three Youkai of Light
Ability: Able to manipulate perception

Character Details

Fairies symbolize nature, so they often come into beings from accidental causes. Sugar Satellite was also a fairy born from a normal natural process.

She was born from Sunny's mentioning "the 4th of the three youkai of light". What she said was meant to be a joke, but by coincidence it resulted in the birth of Sugar.

Although she was born from the mentioning of "the three youkai of light", since Sunny was the one who mentioned it, Sugar was born as a fairy.

Although her birth is quite extraordinary, she is no different from other fairies in that she looks like a child and likes to pull off naughty pranks.

As she didn't have any particular place to go or any particular thing to do, she was about to pull of some naughty pranks to innocent passersby, until she saw the three fairies of light engaging in some danmaku battle with an ice fairy.

Since this was the first time Sugar saw fairies other than herself, she got interested in them and thought about approaching them.

About her Ability

Sometimes in a forest when nobody seems to be there, you might get a feeling that something's following you, then that feeling goes away. Then it must be this fairy's doing.

The ability to manipulate perception is, literally, to change the atmosphere at her own will, with varying extent from causing an almost negligible difference to forcing everyone to feel as if a certain object was there from the beginning.

There is nothing harmful about this ability, but to any ordinary human beings passing through a forest known to be full of youkai, this ability induces fear.

However, there is one weakness to this ability. Although it can erase different feelings of the atmosphere, it cannot erase foot sounds or form of any kind. Once you feel that something is not right and look backwards, this [the fairy's surprised look] is what you might be facing.

Since she's a fairy that just came into being, she lacks experience of pranks. Although she trusts in her abilities, just like any other fairies she is callow in mind.

Not to mention that she has no fairies who work with her, as of now her presence seems relatively harmless.

From Great Fairy Wars


【ネタバレ注意】妖精大戦争~ 東方三月精 新キャラ (pixiv)

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Sugar Satellite
The first version of the Makoto Hirasaka style art
(pixiv description)

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11683789 ←ソース
こんな情報を持っているなんて一体何者なんだ(棒読み)※ジャケ公開により釣りだということがバレバレ おお、なんという体たらく・・・

(pixiv description)

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11683789 ←Source
Who is the person that has such information?※Since the Jacket release there has been talk that this is a hoax character. Oh what am I saying...



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Sugar Satellite
The latest version of the Makoto Hirasaka style art
(pixiv description)


(pixiv description)

Demand for the image has increased so here's the upload. I put in too much effort to the earlier one that the colors came out quite dark, so this time I modified it so that it looks like ZUN's usual artwork.