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Fandom/Double Dealing Character

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in Double Dealing Character.


  • Durning the demo release of Double Dealing Character, it was popular to group Wakasagihime with Sekibanki and Kagerou Imaizumi together, although this has somewhat decreased. However, ones with just her and Kagerou are still common due to the grassroots youkai network, with Kagerou sometimes attempting to eat her.
  • Wakasagihime is often depicted as a piece of sashimi or tempura since Marisa Kirisame referenced her as one. Also, she may also be a food target for Mystia Lorelei and Yuyuko Saigyouji, similar to how Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia herself are food targets.
  • Being among some of the youkai from the Misty Lake and the fact that she appears in the same stage as Wakasagihime, she is often shown with Cirno.
  • Due to living at the Misty Lake, it's mocked that Wakasagihime was present during the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil back in 2003 when the scarlet incident occurred, which makes perfect sense.
  • She is sometimes nicknamed Waggysaggy in the western fanbase.
  • She is sometimes portrayed as being unable to fly in fan works, which led to her coming up with different methods to travel on land or fly.


  • When Double Dealing Character was first announced, due to only seeing a small screenshot of Sekibanki where there was one of Sakuya Izayoi's knives next to her, some fans mistakenly speculated that she was either holding a large hammer or a sword.
  • After the demo was released, she has been the subject of two main jokes: one being her head getting used like a ball and another having her head be a Yukkuri.
  • Sekibanki is also compared to Nadia Fortune, Mami Tomoe and Celty, from Skullgirls, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Durarara!!, respectively due to obvious circumstances.

Kagerou Imaizumi

  • Since her first appearance in the Double Dealing Character demo, she has been paired with either Keine Kamishirasawa, because both of them are 3rd Stage bosses and are half-beasts that transform in the nights of full Moon, or Momiji Inubashiri because of her being a white wolf tengu and Kagerou a werewolf (Moreover, she is sometimes depicted as a more dog-like character, just like what happens to Momiji).
  • She is commonly depicted as having a wolf tail in addition to her wolf ears, despite not having a tail in her official portraits.
  • Due to an infamous tweet in which Elon Musk posted a fanart image of Kagerou and jokingly claimed it was a selfie, it is common to refer to Kagerou as Elon Musk and vice versa.[1][2]
    • The fanart used by Musk in question was drawn by 1draw_roid.

Benben Tsukumo

  • Benben is often seen eating (or associated with) apple pie in fanart. This most likely stems from her spell card Music Sign "Double Score", as it looks like the top crust of an apple pie.

Yatsuhashi Tsukumo

  • A lot of fans have noticed that Yatsuhashi's design bears similarities to Hatate Himekaidou because of her outfit's color scheme and Satori Komeiji because of her outfit's design and the fact that the strings on her koto resembles the wires connecting Satori's third eye. Because of this, she can be seen with either one of the two in fanworks.
  • Some fans would refer to her as "Not-Benben" alongside her sister Benben due to said fans not being able to remember her name or they simply see her as bland and not very memorable.

Seija Kijin

  • Comments related to Seija written on Internet sites are sometimes shown be written upside down, where it references her ability.
  • She's sometimes shown causing trouble for others using her ability and being a general troublemaker.
  • Fans tend to draw her upside-down due to her nature.
    • Several fanworks like to play with the idea that she says the opposite of what she thinks. For example, if she says "This is not cute at all!", then she really believes it is cute.
  • Some fanarts feature Seija with switched limbs - right hands and feet are on the left, and vice versa. That is suggested by the fact she appears in-game with her right hand flipped towards the player, an unnatural movement.
  • Seija is commonly paired with C-Moon, the Stand of Enrico Pucci from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who's able to inverse the surface much like her ability.
  • Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill has a similar hairstyle, drawing an association between the two, sometimes showing the two together or, to the alternative, switching clothes. Along that line, Ryuko is considered to be a "chaotic" sort of character, although she doesn't have any sort of malicious intent like Seija does.
    • Pairing-wise, she is usually the Ryuuko to Shinmyoumaru's Mako.
  • She is occasionally depicted (especially in China, though still uncommon and highly controversial) as not a villain at all, but attempting to start a Communist revolution and promote equality.

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

Shinmyoumaru has only been recently growing up her way through the fanbase due to Double Dealing Character being a recent release.

  • Due to making the player grow in size in Double Dealing Character, Shinmyoumaru can make other things grow or shrink in size, such as Sakuya Izayoi's chest.
  • She is mostly drawn from a size range between the palm of a hand up to the knee length of an adult.
  • There's a tendency that the gesture and behaviour to be very random due to being child-like.
  • Since her ancestor exterminated an oni, some fans believe that she would have a conflictual relationship with Suika Ibuki and Yuugi Hoshiguma, and is sometimes seen fighting with one or both of them. In comical situations she would use the Mallet's power to "nullify" Suika Ibuki's ability of becoming a giant, much to the oni's surprise.
  • She is referred to in China as "小碗"(small bowl), which originates from Kogasa's name "小伞"(small umbrella).

Raiko Horikawa

  • Being a personification of a drum, it's not uncommon for artists to depict her derriere being used as a drum by other people, and she is sometimes shown to have a masochistic attitude towards it.
  • She's considered sharply dressed by fans, sometimes invoking "smooth criminal" vibes with her outfit.
    • It also tends to highlight the often curvy figure she's given.
  • Her drums in her fight are sometimes considered to be DK Barrels from Donkey Kong Country due to similar appearances.