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Fandom/Hidden Star in Four Seasons

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

Eternity Larva

  • As another insect youkai, she is sometimes depicted with Wriggle Nightbug. She is also shown running away from Yamame Kurodani.
  • Her name is sometimes (purposely) misspelled due to ZUN's comments on deciding her name.

Nemuno Sakata

  • She is often depicted as yandere or yangire due to carrying a rather big knife.
  • Fans joke that she is an old Sakuya or Yukari with a knife. She also shares with the latter the similarity of having long messy hair in their debut game.

Aunn Komano

  • Due to their similar jobs of protecting shrines, she is sometimes depicted with Kyouko Kasodani, who guards the Myouren Temple. Coincidentally, they are also both green-haired and have tails with animal ears.
  • Aunn is often depicted with a verbal tic, saying "ah uun" either in reaction to things or woven into normal dialogue.

Narumi Yatadera

  • Narumi has proven popular with Chinese fans, if not because of the catchphrase "我永远喜欢矢田寺成美" (I'll always love Narumi Yatadera), originating from chat forums and later videos, becoming a copypasta meme. The phrase might have originated from a ironic meme "我永远喜欢矢泽妮可" (I'll always love Nico Yazawa, the famous character from LoveLive!), which caricature some ACG fans who exaggerate their temporary affections and soon forget them and call others their "waifu".
  • Narumi is also associated with Vietnamese culture due to her iconic straw hat. There is an interesting fact that Touhou fans in China are nicknamed Viet Cong (Vietnamese Communists) because they pop up whenever Touhou is referred to in other videos, similar to the Northern Vietnamese guerrilla armies which greatly troubled the Southern forces. When Touhou fans appear in these pleaces, it's referred to as "越共探头(Viet Cong poking out their heads)".

Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida

  • People have drawn comparisons to Ran Yakumo due to their similar circumstances as servants controlled by sages with similar abilities. They also have being compared to shrine maidens such as Reimu and Sanae for Satono and Mai respectively as being servants of a goddess, who grants them their abilities, as well as because of the fact they use amulets in battle.
  • It is speculated they are based on Life and Bomb items due to their clothing colors of Purple and Green and similar role compared to those items' function even though their abilities are swapped. They even drop these respective items in-game.
  • Mai has been compared to Soga no Tojiko due to their similarities involving shooting zig zag patterned bullets and having a green colored appearance and clothing.
  • Satono has been compared to Satori Komeiji due to the fact their first names being phonetically similar and the fact they have a pink colored appearance and clothing.

Okina Matara

  • Many jokes involving back doors, both literal and figuratively, have been made with Okina
  • Because of her nature as a Sage and her portal-like ability with back doors, Okina is consistently paired with Yukari in fan art
    • As Yukari is often paired with Reimu, Okina is sometimes paired with Marisa. In Violet Detector this pairing has seen some semi-canon action.
  • In fan art, Okina is often portrayed as a motherly figure towards both Mai and Satono
    • And, as of WaHH 42, Aunn
    • She is also portrayed as a motherly figure towards Hata no Kokoro since the Buddhist god she's based on (Matarajin) is considered by some sects to be a deified Hata no Kawakatsu (Kawakatsu performed with the Menreiki masks, which Shotoku made) (Kokoro is a tsukumogami of those very same Menreiki)
      • Because of the same reasons, Okina is also sometimes drawn together with Toyosatomimi no Miko (whose historical counterpart, Prince Shoutoku, was friends with Hata no Kawakatsu).
  • Okina is commonly jokingly compared to Junko due to a perceived similar appearance, often times being labeled as "Door Junko", or "Alolan Junko" due to her colorful appearance. The former also occurs to a lesser extant with Yukari.
  • Some Western fans jokingly compare her name to the song Hakuna Matata