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Fandom/Imperishable Night

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters or other objects that originally appeared in Imperishable Night.

Wriggle Nightbug

  • Wriggle's appearance and name are both quite androgynous compared to other characters, so it used to be a point of some contention whether Wriggle was a male or female character before the release of full version; her wearing shorts certainly didn't help either.
    • The full version's official profile declared that Wriggle is, in fact, female. However, with lack of male presence in the series she is sometimes portrayed as male in R-rated fan material, with both writer and readers being fully aware that she is officially a girl. Additionally, she is often made fun of in fan comics by being depicted as a transvestite – either as a girl dressing like a boy or vice-versa.
  • Due to insects being near the very bottom of the food chain, Wriggle is sometimes portrayed as "food" in some fan comics. In particular, she is portrayed as food for Yamame Kurodani (a spider youkai), or for Mystia Lorelei (a Night Sparrow), who in turn is food for Yuyuko Saigyouji (a glutton).
  • Due to her species, she is sometimes associated with creepiness, as people often have insectophobia ("fear of insects").
  • In fan works, she is often seen with other lower level, childish characters such as Cirno, Rumia, and Mystia.
  • She is occasionally called or labelled as "G" (short for gokiburi, or cockroach). Another common nickname for Wriggle is "Wrigglin" (りぐるん Rigurun), similar in style to "Yukarin" for Yukari Yakumo.
  • Pairings of her with Yuuka Kazami are common. This could be because bugs pollinate flowers; they have similar hairstyles, or maybe ANGELTYPE is to blame. The pairings' dynamic is either loving or S&M-based with Yuuka being the S and bullying her. A few fan materials occasionally use a mother/daughter relationship, but this isn't too common, though she's rarely shown to be a mother figure for "Team ⑨" (a nickname for the Cirno, Rumia, Mystia, Daiyousei and Wriggle group)
  • In Imperishable Night, the player can go up to the top of the screen and focus to collect items without being at full power (the Magic Team doesn't even have to focus to do this). Inexperienced players are sometimes caught off guard in the middle of stage 1 while trying to collect point items, and lose a life when Wriggle makes her entrance from the top of the screen, colliding with the player. This sudden fly-in from Wriggle is sometimes referred to as the "Wriggle Kick" in the fandom, and is parodied in fanart and fangames such as Touhou Soccer, Touhoumon, and Yoiyami Dreamer ~Voice of the Dreambringer.
    • Wriggle's cape and infamous kick is sometimes compared to sentai heroes such as Kamen Rider, who has an insect motif (a trait shared by many of his successors).
  • In the multiplayer game League of Legends, there was an item called "Wriggle's Lantern," which is named after Wriggle Nightbug.[1]
  • On Pixiv, June 4 appears to be designated Wriggle day.[Ref. Needed]

Mystia Lorelei

  • Even though the "ti" part of "Mystia" is supposed to be 「ティ」, many fans have found it more convenient to represent it by chi () instead. Thus, Mystia's name is commonly abbreviated to "Misty" (みすちー or みすち misuchi) instead, which has become a nickname of sorts.
  • Even though her songs are meant to scare and confuse humans, in many fan works she is depicted happily singing with a graceful voice, sometimes viewed with a microphone. It is also common to find her alongside the Prismriver Sisters in fan works, where the four makes up a band in which she serves as the main singer.
  • In fan works, she is often seen with other lower level, childish characters such as Cirno, Rumia, Daiyousei, and Wriggle Nightbug, making up "Team ⑨".
  • She gets "eaten" by Yuyuko Saigyouji of the Ghost team in Imperishable Night's story mode, making her a popular "joke character" as she's usually pictured as food. Even ZUN mocks her in his spell card comments. (She is also shown together with Kutaka Niwatari after Wily Beast and Weakest Creature was released, both on the run from a hungry Yuyuko.)
  • In fanworks while tending her stall, Mystia is usually depicted in a brown yukata with the sleeves rolled up, accompanied by a blue apron and kerchief. This version of Mystia (sometimes called "Okamisty") has not appeared in any official work.
  • In many fanworks, her stand is also very popular with people with her grilled lampreys, especially heavy eaters like Suika Ibuki, Yukari Yakumo and Yuyuko Saigyouji.

Keine Kamishirasawa

  • Some members of the Touhou community have jested that Keine's hat resembles a bento box or a house.
  • Since she has the ability to change history, some fans make jokes about her having relationships with characters that never came out in any of the games, such as Rin Satsuki.
  • As a teacher, she is commonly addressed by the respectful title of "Keine-sensei" (慧音先生).
  • Fans of the English fanbase would often mispronounce Keine's name as "Cain", probably because it doesn't look Japanese-like; the correct pronunciation is "Kei-ne".
  • In some fan works, Keine is referred to as a cow (complete with milk jokes), due to her appearance in hakutaku form. She also tends to be depicted with large breasts, with this as one of the reasons.
  • The word "horu" in Japanese means to dig, but another meaning of the word is to have anal sex or gay sex. Some fans thought that Keine would go crazy due to her metamorphosis from the light of a full moon and try to shove one of her horns into someone's anus. One day, some Touhou, or Cave (also famous their shooting games) fan translated a nonsense line, "caved caved! caved!! caved!!! caved!!!!", from English into Japanese in a machine translation site]. The result was "horaremashita. ochikomimashita! ochikomimashita!! ochikomimashita!!! horareta!!!!" (screwed. depressed! depressed!! depressed!!! screwed!!!!). This spread elsewhere because the translation was so silly. When some fans heard it, they associated "screwed" with EX-Keine's attacking others' rear ends. This was posted on 2ch and it became famous. When someone writes something that contains the phrase "horu," they would be summarily raped by EX-Keine. "Horu" got word filtered to "caved!!!!!!!!" in English translations, and so you get "I got CAVED by EX-Keine!!!!!!!!" But because that bad translation was fixed after some time, and because there were people who hated it, Caved!!!! has become less popular.
  • In fangames with RPG-style stats, Keine usually falls somewhere between "all-rounder" and "specialised in defense". Her hakutaku form sometimes has high attack instead.
  • In many fangames, Keine is associated with Washing Machines, Refrigerators and old Cathode Ray Televisions. This is a reference to former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi referring to these items as the three sacred treasures of durable goods.

Tewi Inaba

  • Just like in canon work, Tewi seems to be much of a prankster. Because she pranks on Reisen the most, some think the reason behind it is how the younger rabbit attempts to boss her around. This line of thought implies Eirin makes requests in a more respectful manner.
  • In the Chinese community, her given name Tewi (てゐ) is usually converted into (pinyin: ). The choice of the hanzi done by the fans is pretty interesting since it means "emperor" or "God" in Chinese/Japanese.
  • "Brown Tewi" meme, from a (clean) doujin page with a tan skinned Tewi talking about how Gensokyo can vastly differ between authors. Western fans say "brown tewi" to justify their own variations.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

  • Reisen experienced a surge in popularity from the IOSYS video "Stops at the Affected Area and Immediately Dissolves ~ Lunatic Udongein", better known as "Overdrive". This video and its parodies are known on Nico Nico as "The Lunatic Udongein Series".
  • Reisen is generally depicted as more of a normal person than the other inhabitants of Eientei, being bullied by them or acting as a straight man for their antics.
  • Serious works dealing with Reisen usually focus on her past as a deserter. This grew more common after Eiki scolded her about it in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, but less so after Silent Sinner in Blue showed the other moon rabbits as unexpectedly carefree and prone to exaggeration.
  • Reisen's most common pairings (see Relationshipping) are with Tewi Inaba, Eirin Yagokoro, and Youmu Konpaku.
    • Tewi's pranking of Reisen can be interpreted as affectionate.
    • Eirin is depicted about caring deeply about Reisen as a student, being strict on her only so that she'll achieve her potential.
    • While Reisen and Youmu have appeared together in a number of games, they rarely have any meaningful interaction. In fanworks they're mainly depicted as bonding over their shared status as overworked servants, as well as their training in weapons. Generally Youmu will be depicted as looking up to Reisen as her elder.
  • Some fans call her "Zayaku" (座薬, lit. 'suppository'), because her bullets look like them. Many, many jokes have been made about this, often of a crude nature. In addition, some species of plantains carry seeds that are useful for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, making them similar in function to rectal suppositories.
  • Reisen's line "I'm just a useless little bunny, only good for my sex appeal", from the doujinshi Drunkards in Eientei by Omchicken, has become notable amongst western fans, leading to portrayals of her as attractive but useless to a joke character level.
    • Her tendency to end up in H-doujins seems to encourage this.
  • She is generally considered a 'newbie bait' character as she may bring fans into the series, but most find new favorites and leave her behind.
  • She is sometimes shown as a nurse in fanworks in reference to her training under Eirin.
  • A sizable number of fanworks depict her as friendly towards humans, as opposed to her fairly anti-social personality in canon.

Eirin Yagokoro

  • Eirin is often shown in fan works as using the many rabbits at Eientei, especially Reisen Udongein Inaba, as test subjects for various drugs and medicines. And according to Cage in Lunatic Runagate, she actually does sneakily give medicine to the rabbits. It would very likely be harmless to them especially compared to what Reisen goes through in fanon.
  • Eirin is often placed as a doctor or nurse in fan works for obvious reasons, sometimes making reference to Dr. Mario.
  • She is often grouped with Yukari Yakumo and Kanako Yasaka among the fandom, because their names contain the character ya (), which when misread, means old hag.
  • She's generally protrayed as a beautiful, shapely woman with a cold personality in various fanworks, though warmer renditions exist.

Kaguya Houraisan

Personality & Behaviour

Because she has spent a thousand years hiding inside Eientei, Kaguya is often depicted in fanworks as a recluse or even a hikikomori who shuns outside interaction (which is not entirely accurate). In humorous works, she is often portrayed as being a NEET (ニート niito, sort for "Not in Education, Employment or Training", chiefly used in the UK and Japan) by the Japanese, an unemployed geek or a slacker amongst Westerners. The term "NEET" has gained notability amongst American Touhou fans, associating it with Kaguya.

Mostly, she sits at home and surfs the Internet or playing video games all day, as well as other stereotypical things. NEET Kaguya renditions sometimes have a trollish/unpleasant personality; Some suspect this may be a case of artists projecting their desires on to a character. In contrast, her portrayal in Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth shows her as a sheltered person who wants to explore the world outside of Eientei and generally a pleasant (if naïve) person. And her canon personality is very sociable and nice.

Probably related to the above, since she's generally acknowledged to be easier than Remilia Scarlet, Yuyuko Saigyouji and sometimes even her servant Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya is thought to be rather weak for a final boss. As a result, fanworks often depict her as being completely helpless and dependent on Eirin to survive, and her theme song's climactic passage has had the words "Eirin, Eirin, tasukete Eirin!" (Eirin, Eirin, help me Eirin!) set to it by the fans.

In more serious doujin works however (sometimes humourous), Kaguya is often depicted as having been driven insane or mentally unhinged as a consequence of her immortality. However, in official works, namely Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth and Cage in Lunatic Runagate, she is described as having a more cheerful and pleasant, if somewhat ditzy, personality, who likes to tease Reisen Udongein Inaba just like all the cast of Eientei.


Popular nicknames for Kaguya among her fans in Japan are "Teruyo" (てるよ), a deliberate mispronunciation of the kanji in her name (which is sometimes related to her NEET personality), and "guya" (ぐや) which is an unusual abbreviation of her first name, omitting ka (). She's even called "NEET" by some Westerners.

  • Contrast Kaguya's name with Sakuya Izayoi, a character speculated to have unrevealed connections to the Moon and to lunarians, whose name means "blossoming night" (Sakuya) and the "full moon on the sixteenth night of each lunar month" (Izayoi). They also both possess powers of time control. However, it should be remembered that Sakuya's current name is not the name given to her at birth — it was given to her by Remilia Scarlet.
  • Kaguya's appearance closely resembles that of Hazuki, the cat-ear-wearing vampire girl from the anime Moon Phase. Because of this, Kaguya is often depicted with cat ears, either real or fake, on her head, even occasionally uttering lines from the anime's opening song, "Neko Mimi Mode". The cat-and-mouse dynamic between her and Mokou adds another layer to this depiction.
  • At the time of the launch lunar-orbiting probe, fanart depicting Kaguya being "sent back to the moon" aboard the satellite, usually against her will, was popular (one tribute video even superimposed her theme music over footage of the launch of the rocket). The same probe was later intentionally sent crashing into the moon, giving way to a new surge of fanart. (Example)
  • Some fans theorise that Kaguya and Mokou in Hopeless Masquerade think that the battles in the game are boring compared to their's, which are way better and more violent, to the extend that all characters would have no chance of winning against them.

Fujiwara no Mokou

  • Due to her power of resurrection and ability to control fire, Mokou is often depicted as having the same powers as the mythical phoenix (She even has spell cards called "Possessed By Phoenix" and "Immortal Flying Bird Phoenix"), even occasionally generating what appears to be a phoenix-shaped aura. Fans like to depict this as "wings of fire", but in canon, she only controls the flames of the phoenix in her spells. The phoenix is probably more of an aura depicting her immortality.
    • Fandom is divided as to whether or not Mokou actually is possessed by a phoenix; it would seem redundant, as she is already immortal.
  • Whenever Mokou is present within something or joins anything or in some other way shows up, sometimes one phrase that pops up is "Mokotan has come in!" (もこたんインしたお! Moko-tan in shitao!), a phrase that originated from a message board discussion.
  • Because she claims to run a yakitori stand, she is occasionally shown in fan works to be at odds with bird youkai Mystia Lorelei, or ironically, as a romantic interest. She has also used this occupation to scare Aya Shameimaru after insisting there was no fire in the bamboo forest in the interview with Mokou.
  • Fanworks occasionally depict Mokou smoking because of her mentioning cigarettes in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.
  • Fanworks frequently depict Mokou as a skilled martial artist, with an aggressive style specialising in front kicks enhanced by her powers over fire, sometimes against Hong Meiling. Sometimes she's seen fighting with her hands in her pockets. Similarities to Blaziken have been noted.
  • Some fans theorise that Mokou and Kaguya in Hopeless Masquerade think that the battles in the game are boring compared to their's, which are way better and more violent, to the extent that all characters would have no chance of winning against them.
  • Due to her attire, which consists of a white shirt and red overalls, as well as her ability to cast fire, she has been compared to Mario from the Super Mario series, specifically his fire outfit. Coincidentally, Mokou's first alternate color in Antinomy of Common Flowers changes her overalls to green instead, thus resembling Mario's brother Luigi.
    • Additionally, her second alternate color swap resembles Flying Mario.
  • An early fan translation of Imperishable Night included a line of dialogue where Mokou said "My god, jelly donuts are so scary," which has spawned a fair number of memes and references. In the Japanese version, it was a reference to the classic rakugo routine, Manjuu Kowai.[2]