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Fandom/Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.


  • The ambiguous purplish stains on her mallet are implied to be mochi based on her official description, but the first image of Seiran was a photograph of her portrait on the LoLK demo disc, where they appeared red. As a result, artists assumed the stains were bloodstains and occasionally portray Seiran as a psychopath or yandere. Even after the release of the demo, some artists still interpret the stains as blood.


  • Due to her pseudo-English name, comparisons with Ringo Starr from The Beatles are occurring. "Ringo" as a real English name is known to have derived from The Beatles member.
  • The onomatopoeic text 'MG MG' (もぐもぐ mogu mogu, lit. "chew chew") that appears next to her in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom seems to have become a catchphrase of hers in fanart.

Doremy Sweet

  • She has been compared to Santa Claus because of her hat.
  • She's sometimes depicted in fanarts with a Tapir or as one, since in Chinese and Japanese folklore are named after a Baku like her.

Sagume Kishin

  • Her white hair and singular wing have had comparisons drawn to Sephiroth, the villain of Final Fantasy 7 known for transforming into a one-winged angel in other games that he has appeared in.
  • Due to her ability, and because she is considered a type of amanojaku, it is not uncommon to see Sagume depicted with Seija Kijin, either in a friendly or antagonistic way. She is also sometimes refered to as "Seija-god", or "Super-Seija".
  • Unlike her canon counterpart, there are jokes of Sagume speaking too much without thinking, thus giving birth to unwanted situations.
  • Some fans have misunderstood how her ability works and thus, they make jokes of her ability that literally anything she says will be the complete opposite. For example, if she says "the next stage will be easy!" then the next stage will actually be hard.


Clownpiece's popularity has increased rapidly in the Western Touhou fanbase due to her design of wearing clothing that's based on the American flag. It is because of her outfit that many Americans (and even non-Americans) create a lot of substantial number of jokes about Clownpiece and American pride. She is even considered to actually be American, even when she's not officially, and her only reason to wearing the stars and stripes is because it is seen as a threat to the lunarians when humans first landed on the Moon. Some western fans dub her as "American Loli", or even as "Merica-chan" (both occasionally being spelt differently) . Some non-Americans might not like this approach to considering her as an American.

Some see Clownpiece as a complete lunatic who can drive literally anyone mad, hinting her madness via her design, speech and even in her name. People also believe that her spell cards, even on easy mode, are some of the hardest in the Touhou Project due to this insanity that involves rapidly making the game harder (with fans even noting her spells are harder than Junko's). Many have reported to getting frustrated with fighting her, which can suggest that Clownpiece's ability to drive someone to madness can even extend to outside of the game.

  • Due to one of Cirno's memes involving her being the strongest, she is compared to Clownpiece since the latter is considered the hardest boss to appear in the Touhou Project.
  • Some fans were surprised that Clownpiece is an actual Touhou character and not one of the fan-made characters due to her design.
  • She's often associated with the term "00/99+", referencing the countless attempts at her spell cards.
  • Her Jester like style and her association with insanity has caused a lot of artists to side her with other jester characters such as Jevil (from Deltarune), although fan art of her with Marx (from Kirby Super Star) and Dimentio (from Super Paper Mario) are also common.


Many fans consider Junko to be the smartest final boss to ever appear in the Touhou Project. This is mostly because of her scheme to get revenge on a secured Chang'e that even indirectly caused the events of Urban Legend in Limbo and that she is purely of purity. Fans have notice that she has no title, that her unique species as a divine spirit, and her theme all reflects her purity. Her spell cards are considered to be the most simplistic ever for a Final Boss (and Extra Stage boss) in Touhou, because they were uniquely designed to kill the player rather than show beautiful danmaku, which also reflects both smartness and purity. English translations will use standard, or "perfect", English to reflect her purity. This however, violates the spirit of the spell card rules, much like Yorihime went about doing in Silent Sinner in Blue, showing that she went to her enemies' level.


Junko's hatred towards Chang'e continues in the fandom. She is always trying to get her attention by shouting things like "Chang'e, are you watching!" (in reference to a line of dialogue she utters if you lose a life in Legacy Mode) despite not being present, and she also tries any way possible to upset Chang'e, such as making negative comments about her, suggesting death threats, trying to destroy things Chang'e may care for such as the Lunar Capital, and trying to steal her allies (such as Reisen Udongein Inaba). She may also like to see situations where a thing dies, and she imagines Chang'e being the thing getting killed. Some depictions will also have Junko being tsundere towards her due to loose family relations.

A common gag also has Junko mistaking Seiga Kaku or Kaguya Houraisan for Chang'e, the former because of similar kanji in their names, and both for their similar appearance. She would also feel uncomfortable or angry if a word occurs that sounds or looks similar to "Chang'e" or the Japanese equivalent "Jouga", such as English change.

  • Due to her name meaning "pure fox", she is sometimes paired with Ran Yakumo or Chen, or foxes in general.
  • Because of her ability and been a mother, fans have nicknamed her as "Pure Mom".
  • In some fanarts she's depicted interested over Reisen, with the latter feeling uncomfortable.
  • Sometimes in fanarts she's depicted with the clothes and look of Junko Enoshima from the Danganronpa series.

Hecatia Lapislazuli

  • Much light has been made of her fashion sense and unconventional modern outfit. Many fans have compared it to Scene, Goth or Punk fashion and Hot Topic. Some even refer to her as Hot Topic-chan (example).
  • Some Japanese fans dub her as "freaky T-shirt weirdo" (変なTシャツヤロー Hen'na tiishatsu yarou) or just "Strange T" (変T Hen T) from conversation in Sanae's extra Scenario.
  • A running gag in fandom has other characters putting unusual objects on her hat (or at least attempting to) with the intent to try and change her hair colors. This is an example from Danbooru. (NSFW)