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Fandom/Lotus Land Story

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters and other object that originally appeared in the forth PC-98 game Lotus Land Story.

Bewitching Lotus Flower

  • The Bewitching Lotus Flower thought to possibly be a flower that turned into a youkai and not just a flower.
  • Some fans believe that it was controlled by Yuuka Kazami with the evidence that Mugenkan is located within the mountain and that Yuuka is seen with lotus flowers as her bullets in Mystic Square.
  • Some fans compare it with the Pokémon Diglett due to the red dots in the ground.


  • Some fans say that Orange and Hong Meiling may be the same person. Meiling is stated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense to be an extremely human-like youkai to the point where it's possible to mistake her for a human, and Orange herself tried to pass herself off as a human to Reimu. Meiling also tries to pass herself off to Reimu and Marisa as "just a normal person" in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Also, Marisa's battles with both Meiling and Orange has Marisa commenting "You're in my way".


  • Kurumi is most known to be seen with Elly and Yuuka Kazami in fanart and doujinshi.
  • She is also sometimes compared to Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet.
  • She may also be depicted with Rumia, most commonly in MMD videos, likely due to their similar color schemes and names.

Dark Mirror

  • Whether the Dark Mirror is really classed as a "character" or just another object can be debatable, but various Japanese websites such as Pixiv and Nicopedia insists that it is a character.
  • It's occasionally compared with Kurumi and the Spirit Mirror, along with other PC-98 characters.


Bad Apple!! PV

Ever since the release of the Bad Apple!! video by Shadow Art, which is a remix of Lotus Land Story Stage 3 theme Bad Apple!!, Elly has quite notably grown in popularity, gaining fans who are technologically incapable of playing the game she's in. There are also those who don't have a clue who Elly is when they see her near the end of the video. Because of this video, a number of Touhou fans will sometimes get confused whether or not "Bad Apple!!" is Elly's theme.

  • She's notorious for her rage-inducing boomerang scythe.
  • Some fans joke about Elly chucking random tiles at random characters...
  • Some people say that she's based on the Grim Reaper due to the scythe. She may, in fact, be based on Ankou, the Breton personification of death, who is said to wear a robe and a large hat.


  • Hikariko is often compared to other midboss-only characters such as Noroiko and Matenshi.
  • Her species is thought to be a Fairy. Due to this, she is sometimes called the "Nameless Midboss Fairy" by western fans.
  • Some fans speculate that the 4th Stage Midboss of Lotus Land Story isn't the same character as the 3rd Stage Midboss of Mystic Square. Some would even say that they are twins.

Yuuka Kazami

  • Original Master Spark: Yuuka is thought to be the original user of the spell card "Master Spark", which Marisa Kirisame subsequently copied, due to her using a very similar beam attack in her Lotus Land Story boss fight. Yuuka is also known for what is commonly referred to as the "Dual Spark", two slightly smaller beams fired simultaneously when she makes a clone of herself during Lotus Land Story.
  • Yuukarin: Similar to how Yukari is called "Yukarin", Yuuka is commonly called "Yuukarin" (ゆうかりん). This distinction can be lost in English if her name is spelt as "Yuka" (as in "Yukarin") instead of "Yuuka" (as in "Yuukarin").
  • Ultimate Sadistic Creature: Many fans in Japan refer to Yuuka as the "Ultimate Sadistic Creature" (アルティメットサディスティッククリーチャー) or USC for short, often portrayed as being dominant over Alice Margatroid, Wriggle Nightbug, or Tenshi Hinanawi. Yuuka's conversation with Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, where Yuuka admits she likes to "tease" others daily, is sometimes used to speculate that she may be a sadist. In other fanworks, Yuuka is portrayed as an insane and bloodthirsty youkai, who kills with a pleasant smile on her face. Thus, she is commonly called a Do-S (ドS) (where "Do" stands for "dreadnought-class" and "S" normally stands for "sadist"). However, she is also sometimes portrayed as having a soft side, in which case sometimes people joke that the S stands for "shinsetsu" (親切) instead, which means "kindness" or "gentleness."
    • Though pairings with Wriggle are due to the bee/flower dynamic.
  • Low speed: Yuuka's very low speed (focused and normal) in Phantasmagoria of Flower View has become a small running meme among fans. There's even a comic in which Aya Shameimaru teases Yuuka with "Speed over Power" while flying circles around her, with Yuuka blasting away to no avail. This even applies to her performance in fangames such as Touhou Puppet Play and Touhou Mother in which she has very low speed, but high power.
  • Everything is a flower: Some fanworks depict Yuuka as having the ability to make anything "flower" in a metaphorical sense, unlocking its maximum power, beauty, etc. This is usually extended to Yuuka herself being at the peak of power for a youkai of her type.
  • Youkai Moe: While it was ZUN that coined the term, fans ran with fanart showing Yuuka in states of loveliness and/or moe (due to various factors) and show her with quite a soft if not motherly side to other characters.
  • Identity: Yuuka is often theorised to be the Mysterious Orb in Lotus Land Story due to similarities because she turned into a ball of light during her fights in Lotus Land Story. She also appears in the Fantasy World and both that world and the Unnamed Dream World can easily be speculated to be the same world. However, for Nue Houjuu to be speculated as the Mysterious Ball is a more popular alternative.

Gengetsu & Mugetsu

  • It's common to depict Gengetsu and Mugetsu together since they're sisters. They're even depicted with other characters from Lotus Land Story, such as Yuuka Kazami, Elly and Kurumi, despite not showing any relations in the game.
  • Gengetsu is believed to be one of the hardest bosses in the entire series, which is sometimes combined with Mugetsu. Even ZUN has referred to her as "the most terrible, most fearful boss" in the music comments. ZUN's remarks were made before Mystic Square and the Windows games, but considering how bullets were harder to see in the PC-98 and other player-unfriendly quirks, this claim may remain uncontested.
    • The optional timeout phase of her last attack pattern has been given the nickname "Gengetsu Rape Time" by western players because of its extremely fast and very-hard to dodge bullets.
  • In some instances, the sisters have been shown with Nue Houjuu from Undefined Fantastic Object due to Nue being theorised to also be the Extra Stage midboss Mysterious Orb.
  • Being the maid she is, Mugetsu is usually depicted with other maid characters, such as Yumeko and Sakuya Izayoi.
  • For some reasons, fans depicted Gengetsu with an insane and bloody personality. Many fans compare her with Flandre Scarlet for this fact, and in some Fanworks are seen together, sometimes also with Mugetsu. However, Mugetsu is shown more to be a caring type of character.