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Fandom/Mystic Square

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters or other objects that originally appeared in the fifth PC-98 game Mystic Square.

Wheel Demon

  • Despite the fact that the Wheel Demon looks just like a mere stage enemy that resembles other demons, she it still treated to be as popular in fanart as other PC-98 midbosses such as Noroiko and Hikariko, where she's also compared to these midbosses, especially the Spirit Mirror.

Spirit Mirror

  • Whether the Spirit Mirror is really classed as a "character" or just another object can be debatable, but various Japanese websites such as Pixiv and Nicopedia insists that it's a character.
  • It's occasionally compared with Sara and the Dark Mirror, along with other PC-98 characters.


  • In fanworks, Louise has been shown trying to escape Makai to get to Gensokyo.
    • This also leads to fanart of her carrying her luggage.

Alice Margatroid

Despite being mistreated often in fanworks (or perhaps due to this), Alice is one of the most popular characters in the Touhou Project. She may appear as an icon for the Touhou Project and has appeared in many fangames as an alternative-playable character or a boss, along with been on music albums, anime, illustrations.

(see also: Relationshipping)

While the most obvious and common pairing for Alice is her Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism team-mate Marisa Kirisame, Alice has a tremendous amount of fan pairings and may sometimes seduce them, mostly with other popular characters like Reimu Hakurei, Patchouli Knowledge and Sakuya Izayoi (once summed up as "A Human-like Youkai and a Youkai-like Human"). She also has a surprisingly common pairing with Yuuka Kazami, who's usually shown teasing or tormenting Alice, probably due to their PC-98 appearance.

At the time when the video Marisa Stole the Precious Thing became popular as a Marisa and Alice pairing meme, many related videos were made, and among them were severe memes that tended toward perverted actions. Due to works like this, Alice is shown to have a crush on Marisa (but unable to express her feeling), to the extent that she'll put her life at risk to save Marisa's.


In Imperishable Night's character settings.txt, since it said "she spends most of her time alone"; it's easy to link it with the image that she surrounds herself with moving dolls, "distracting her loneliness with dolls." In derivative works this has sometimes been taken to the extreme, and she's sometimes portrayed as left out or bullied by other characters. Likewise in fanworks, because of her perceived cold exterior and cowardly true persona, she's frequently depicted as a down-on-her-luck tsundere, where in other cases, she's been depicted as a yandere, to which extent her personality becomes very complex for others to understand.

On other fanworks however, she can be shown to have an antagonistic personality, going to the extent of getting her hands bloody and killing other characters, filled with horror. However, she may just show to have hatred to others and to only be with herself (and sometimes Marisa).

Connection with the PC-98

The Japanese nickname (and Pixiv tag) for the PC-98 version of Alice is "Lolice" (ロリス); a blend of "loli" (ロリ) + "Alice" (アリス). This is due to the fact that she appears much younger in Mystic Square, which has become very common amongst the Japanese community. Comparisons are common between the PC-98 and Windows versions of Alice, often shown next to each other, or that the modern Alice may summon Lolice as a familiar in battle.

Because of Shinki's dialog in Mystic Square where she mentions that everything in Makai is her creation, it's thought that Alice is Shinki's daughter (although this definition would also extend to the other Makai residents). However, there's been no further mention of this since then, and Alice was once a human who became a youkai magician.[1] It's unknown whether this is a retroactive change of continuity, merely a mistake by Hieda no Akyuu, or if fans were mistaken from the beginning when thinking Alice was Shinki's daughter. Since there has yet to be any official statement by ZUN, this is merely speculation.

However, the modern Alice would be shown to go and "re-visit" Makai or for Shinki to enter Gensokyo to visit Alice, commonly shown as a mother-daughter relationship. There are many illustrations and videos that pays a tribute with having a nostalgic feeling to Alice remembering the times of the PC-98, mainly remixed with both the Grimoire of Alice and Doll Judgement ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes.

Usage of Dolls

Alice is often portrayed as having an obsession for dolls. In some doujin works, she's often depicted making or playing with dolls. It's also widely assumed that she makes dolls of other characters for fun (such as putting on a puppet show with them). This might be somewhat official, as she has at least made dolls representing the Three Fairies of Light and used those to mock them in Strange and Bright Nature Deity. She has also used them, in some doujin, like voodoo dolls in a more sadistic manner.

Her dolls may also act independent and have the ability to talk without Alice's occurrence, in which she'll use them as slave, which is somewhat official. She uses them in battle and may be surrounded in nothing but her dolls. There's one instance with the Fan-made character Maybell, who's an independent doll that's often shown to be her friend. She'll get angry with Marisa if she attempts to steal any of her dolls.

  • Alice is also known to be associated ("coupled") with Mobile Suit Gundam's Zaku II model in some fan works. The established coupling name is "Zaku-Alice is my justice" (ザクアリが俺のジャスティス zaku ari ga ore no zyasutisu). It became popular in a Touhou comic on pixiv drawn by Kopo (コーポ).[2]
  • There have also been comparisons between Alice and the Ex-S Gundam, mainly the colors, its ALICE system (with the final goal having it pilot a suit on its own), and its incoms (which offer all-range attacks). There's some fanart highlighting this.


  • She is mostly paired up with Mai in fanworks due to them being partners.
  • She is also depicted as being childish, but in a quiet, cute way.


  • Mai has been depicted with Cirno on the occasion, perhaps due to their shared ice affinity.


  • Yumeko's mistress, Shinki, is compared to Satan. As a blade throwing maid, maybe she and Yumeko were the first ideas for the Sakuya/Remilia pair.
  • A few Sakuya vs. Yumeko artworks and memes can be found scattered about the internet. One of them being who has the better mistress while another is Yumeko proudly declaring that she has no need to pad her chest (making Sakuya incredibly jealous).


Shinki is one of the most popular PC-98-only characters, possibly second only to Mima. Like Mima, her fans hope she'll return in a future Windows game, and rumors of this often surround upcoming games. These hopes were toyed with in Undefined Fantastic Object when it was revealed in stage 4 that their destination was Makai. However, the only hints of Shinki's existence were the colored fairies and Byakuren's spellcard mentioned above.

Alice's mother

Because Shinki states that she created everything in Makai, there's a popular theory that Alice Margatroid is Shinki's daughter (with portrayals of Shinki and Alice Margatroid often in a mother-daughter relationship), most likely due to her young age at the time, since technically all of the Makai characters would be Shinki's "daughters".

Windows-era Alice is sometimes shown going back to Makai to visit Shinki, or Shinki may leave Makai to see Alice. Since Hieda no Akyuu states that Alice is a former human, these fanworks assume that either Akyuu is mistaken or Alice is adopted.

Fuantei is particularly infamous for portraying Alice and Shinki in a terribly dysfunctional relationship.

Relationship with Byakuren

Some fans speculated that Shinki has a relationship or acquaintance with Byakuren Hijiri as suggested in fanart, sometimes suggesting that Shinki taught Byakuren some of her attacks like this spell card. The resemblance between Byakuren's and Shinki's danmaku (See above) could be explained by Shinki teaching her the pattern while she was in Makai.

  • Due to her angelic and demonic elements, Shinki is sometimes considered to be a fallen angel, in particular an analogue to Lucifer or Satan (who was described as bright and beautiful, matching Shinki's name). Pandæmonium, the capital of Makai, was the capital of Hell in Paradise Lost.
  • Fans have interpreted her side-ponytail as an ahoge ("idiot hair"), which influences fanon portrayals.

Unnamed Makai residents in Reimu's Ending of MS

  • Japanese fans may use the term "Makai person who appears in Reimu's Ending" (靈夢EDに出てくる魔界人 Reimu ED ni detekuru makai hito).
  • Some Western fans –especially fan artists on DeviantArt– have referred to the fairy-looking character as Mika (美香) and to the devil-looking character as Senkou (鮮紅).

Trump King

  • Fanart often shows the Trump King to either be a Jack or a King with any form of suit.