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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in the third PC-98 game Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream.

Rikako Asakura

  • Rikako looks similar and has a similar name to Rika. These two are speculated be the same character, or related.
  • Due to her interest in science she is commonly depicted alongside Yumemi Okazaki and, rarely, Nitori Kawashiro.

Kana Anaberal

  • She is often portrayed in fan works holding a stop sign. This is due to ZUN's statement about originally drawing her with one before her debut [1].


  • She is sometimes depicted wielding a jitte, an enforcement weapon from the Edo period of Japan, though her image of a police officer is much more modern by Gensokyo's standards.

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa

Yumemi Okazaki

  • Even though Yumemi's sprite shows her having long hair tied in a single braid, she is more commonly drawn with short, shoulder length hair.
  • Due to the shape of her Danmaku, it's become a minor meme in fan art to portray her wielding a weapon that looks like a punisher, a crucifix shaped weapon from the manga Trigun most famously used by Nicholas D. Wolfwood.
  • When Double Dealing Character was first announced, some fans speculated that Sekibanki was Yumemi due to only seeing a small screenshot of her when revealed.
  • Due to her theme name (Strawberry Crisis), she's often seen with them or having them as her favorite food.
  • Yumemi is sometimes associated with darkness or portrayed with an antagonistic personality.
  • Because of her former occupation as a physics professor in what may be the outside world, she and Chiyuri are sometimes depicted knowing characters who are native to the outside world like Sanae or the Secret Sealing Club.


  • Some fans draw Mimi-Chan together with Ruukoto because they are both machines made by the same creator.
  • Mimi-chan has been depicted to have a character riding on top of her. This is because of Marisa who first rode her, and because Mimi was ridden in the original manga as well.