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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated with characters that originally appeared in Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Touhou Sangetsusei, Touhou Bougetsushou, Wild and Horned Hermit, and Forbidden Scrollery.

Curiosities of Lotus Asia[edit]

Rinnosuke Morichika[edit]

  • Kourin is also a standard nickname for Rinnosuke amongst fans.
  • As one of the few depicted humanoid males in a land surrounded by girls, he is a popular option for heterosexual pairings, and has been shipped with much of the rest of the cast.
  • Other fanworks persistently depict Rinnosuke in a few different humorous, but somewhat derogatory ways. In the following depictions, he is commonly called Kourin (こーりん) in Japanese and sometimes MANnosuke in the western fanbase:
    • As a lecher or pervert who runs around in a fundoshi and harasses the girls, receiving painful retribution from them for his antics in the end.
    • Some fans have jokingly stated and depicted Rinnosuke as gay. One reason would be because of the "Fundoshi Barrier" Erich uses in Touhou Soccer Moushuuden.
    • Another common scenario in fan depictions is for various members of the cast to sexually harass Rinnosuke, only to have him react with indifference and/or fear.
    • He is just as often, if not more so seen in fan depictions as extraordinarily masculine and muscular, sometimes, though rarely, possessing power equal to or greater than that of the rest of the cast. This form of his is the one most commonly referred to as MANnosuke.


  • She's often shown hanging around Kourindou in fanworks, usually arguing with Rinnosuke Morichika about taking her books back, or taking a liking to the store.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense[edit]

Hieda no Akyuu[edit]

  • A common nickname for Akyuu is "Akkyun" (あっきゅん) similar to "Yukarin" for "Yukari." However, its resemblance to the "dokyun" of "DQN", which means "trolling and/or being stupid" (due to a popular TV game show in Japan), has led many to joke that it is "AQN".
    • This may reference Akyuu's slight tendency to troll people via her descriptions of them in the Gensokyo Chronicle. An example would be what she writes about Marisa Kirisame at the end of the "Memorizable Gensokyo" comic.
  • Although it's considered preposterous in academic terms, there is a theory that Hieda no Are (Akyuu's ancestor and previous incarnation) was the same person as Fujiwara no Fuhito (Fujiwara no Mokou's father). Hence why some fanworks will pair Akyuu with Mokou.
  • Akyuu is sometimes depicted with PC-98-only characters due to her album collection Akyuu's Untouched Score of original PC-98 music.
  • She has a tendency for being shown as physically mature for her age, though fanart is moving on to an older rendition as seen in Forbidden Scrollery.
  • In the yukkuri fandom, she is often portrayed as being sadistic and obsessed with abusing yukkuris.

Touhou Sangetsusei[edit]

Three Fairies of Light[edit]

  • Around and after the time Fairy Wars was released, Sunny Milk, Luna Child and Star Sapphire have started to appear in more fan games as bosses of considerable power/difficulty, with New Super Marisa Land being the first game.
  • Sunny's name has caused her to become the butt of various breast and/or lactation gags.
  • In the Japanese community, Luna is usually referred to as Runacha (ルナチャ) or Runa (ルナ), nicknames made by simply abbreviating her full name. There's also a nickname of her in this regard, read same but written differently - Runacha (ルナ, "cha" means "tea").
  • Due to the unique shape of Luna's mouth drawn in the comic, a meme of referring to her when she takes the shape by the phrase "Why you having a chestnut like a mouth" (口みたいな栗しやがって kuchi mitai na kuri shiyagatte) has become insanely famous in the Japanese community, where various fanarts have her mouth shaped like that as a running gag. The origin of the meme is from Futaba: It was born when they were modifying a drawing of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star with a line saying "Why she has a mouth like an ass..." (ケツみてえな口しやがって…っ).[1]
    • The logically correct version "Why you having a mouth like a chestnut" (栗みたいな口しやがって kuri mitai na kuchi shiyagatte) is also used but less frequently.
  • Luna is sometimes depicted as a klutz, often tripping or failing especially when she is running. This trait is adapted by various artists, includes Hirasaka Makoto in his doujinshi fanwork.
  • Another famous meme in the Japanese community referring Luna's "Huh, suck it? Damn you! You suck it!" (しゃぶれだァ?コノヤロウ!てめぇがしゃぶれよ!) or the short version "suck it" (しゃぶれよ shabureyo), also born in Futaba[2].
  • There has been various jokes based on how Star and Kaguya look similar.
  • Despite fanart making Sunny the possibly shapely fairy, a splash page of Eastern and Little Nature Deity shows Star in a costume which highlights some curves. A few artists have run with this.

Unnamed bake-danuki[edit]

  • In Japan, this bake-danuki is known as Marisa (). is the kanji for "tanuki" and can be read as "ri" as well, making the pun, since she transformed into an appearance similar to Marisa Kirisame, although she still had tanuki ears and tails.
    • "Monster Tanuki" is a rather notable name in the western fanbase to refer to this bake-danuki.
  • In some fanwork she's seem copying Marisa or a few others with sometimes Mamizou joining in on the hijinks.

Touhou Bougetsushou[edit]

Watatsuki Sisters[edit]

  • Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime are derisively known as Moonbitch in the Western fandom. This is mostly due to their seemingly snobbish, holier-than-thou attitude regarding the Earth and its people, and their one-sided battles depicted in Silent Sinner in Blue.
  • Because of Toyohime's liking of peaches, she's depicted with Tenshi Hinanawi in derivative works.
  • Due to the story involving a journey to the Moon, there was speculation that the sisters may make a first-time game appearance in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, presumably as bosses. There is also other theories that they're the ones behind the incident of purifying the Earth. All this turned out to be false, however.


Wild and Horned Hermit[edit]

Kasen Ibaraki[edit]

  • Because of the advantages of being a hermit, Kasen is not required to eat that much, suggesting that she could be potentially very thin in return. Fans picked that up, drawing her very skinny to the extent that you can see her ribs under her skin. It is a pun on "Rib-kasen" (肋華仙 Abarakasen). Though in contrast, most arts give her a moderate frame and figure, sometimes more so.
  • For some reason, Kasen is sometimes portrayed with a sign in her hand, which was featured in Chapter 2 of Wild and Horned Hermit.
  • Many fans expected Kasen to appear in Ten Desires. Due to this, there exists a fanmade Phantasm Stage featuring her as the boss (with Minamitsu Murasa being the midboss).
  • Since the introduction of Seiga Kaku in Ten Desires, fans have frequently depicted Kasen and her together, very often on unfriendly terms as she is a proper Hermit while Seiga is a Wicked one. A few arts go with the scenario that the enmity is especially fierce as Yoshika Miyako (Seiga's servant) was actually the poet (that Kasen befriended in the past) that she poisoned.

Shirou Sendai[edit]

Forbidden Scrollery[edit]

Kosuzu Motoori[edit]


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