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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in the spin-off Touhou Project games, namely Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Touhou Hisoutensoku, Double Spoiler, Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo, Antinomy of Common Flowers, Gold Rush and, despite not being a Touhou game, Uwabami Breakers.

Immaterial and Missing Power

Suika Ibuki

  • Suika is the focus of the popular meme "We are Japanese Goblin", based on the song Broken Moon (Koko and Satsuki ga Tenkomori's Work Disruption Remix).
  • Suika is widely considered to be the flattest character in all of the characters of the Touhou Project. Following this are things about her giving herself breasts or in some cases, stealing them from others in fanart ([1], NSFW). She has created a small meme in western circles due to a Morino Hon 4koma ([2], NSFW), due to the last line she says in it; resulting in it coming up in other danbooru pictures and western fanworks in regards to other shapely characters.
    • Alternatively, she's portrayed as manipulating density to make her breasts larger, if not otherwise having the ability but not doing so.
  • She's sometimes depicted as a "Moon Buster" due the fact that she made the Moon explode in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.
  • Suika, just like in official works, is highly treated as a very heavy drinker, taken to an advantage level to the extent that she gets serious hangovers, or even no hangovers because she drinks that much alcohol, making her a very hard opponent to beat in drinking.
  • She's often shown living at the Hakurei Shrine.
  • She's on occasion compared to the Goliath Doll, either comparing height or shown in battle.
  • Fanart of her was involved in a particular case. The picture, a parody of a technical difficulties (featuring a drunk cameraman) was aired on Keith Olbermann in a similar light as its basis (pointing out "difficulties" in showing something). The picture effectively upstaged the contents of the clip. The clip can be seen here.
  • In the Chinese community, she often is referred to by the nickname 西瓜, "watermelon", since the pronunciation "shee-gwah" is similar to that of her Japanese name. Similarly, in Japanese, her name is pronounced identical to the word for watermelon, suika (西瓜), so art depicting her with or even as a watermelon exist in the Japanese fandom as well. The joke has even made its way to the English-speaking fandom, despite relying on non-English wordplay.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Iku Nagae

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Disco pose

Due to her spell card declaration pose, many doujin works make fun of by linking her to disco dancing. This has made some connections to Amakasu Barley Tenji. Also, the phrase "Kyāikusān" (キャーイクサーン, in half-width kana) has become a meme relating to Iku, which originated from another meme, "Kyāryūsān" (キャーリューサーン) in response to dragoons in Final Fantasy XI. In addition to both games having elements of fighting, the word "Iku" sounds nice as a replacement for "Ryuu," and in addition to the feeling that they're both Saturday Night Fever-like idols, many have thus commented in response to Iku, "Kyāikusān". This originated from the shift JIS art shown on the right.

  • Her character may be an homage to Rose, a fortune teller from the Street Fighter video game series. Both heavily rely on premonitions for their occupations and sense an approaching "Doomsday" at hand. Iku and Rose also make extensive use of their shawls in combat by lashing out with extreme range, using drill-bit formations around their arms, and even reflecting projectiles.
  • She's often presented as the nanny or the personal teacher of Tenshi Hinanawi, due to the facts that they know each other before Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and also because Iku sent people to put Tenshi down.
  • Recently, there's been a trend in fanart and doujins of Iku showing that she's a slob at home, the full reasons for this is unknown but some believe it's due to "trying to make her more interesting" as while one of the more even tempered characters, she may seem dull to some.
  • Some fandom might compare Iku to Kamen Rider Ixa due to the fact that Iku-san in goroawase is 1-9-3, which is also the code to activate Rising Ixa. This eventually leads to crossovers with Kamen Rider Kiva where Iku becomes Ixa, because 1-9-3 can be read as either "i-ku-sa" or "i-ku-san".

Tenshi Hinanawi

Tenshi, like many other characters, is very popular amongst the Touhou Project fanbase, with having many illustrations of fanart. She's most associated with Heaven-based or occasionally themes of Christianity and is often treated as an antagonist in various fangames, such as Touhou Mother. She's commonly associated with peaches, of which she's also compared with Watatsuki no Toyohime in deviated works.


Tenshi's first name can also be read as "Tenko": when the fans were speculating about new characters on the Touhou Genso Board (東方幻想板)'s Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Strategy Chat and Mispost Thread No.21 (東方緋想天 攻略・雑談・誤爆スレ21) before the release of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, an anonymous poster jokingly uploaded an image that supposedly listed all the names of the characters including that of an unknown character, "Tenko Hisou" (緋想天子) in the middle. This name was too obvious; adding the most common Japanese suffix for girls' names, "-ko" (-子), after the Japanese main title "Hisouten" (緋想). The name was from then on adopted as a tentative name for the final boss, because such an obvious name sounded very funny.

Surprisingly, it turned out that she has those same characters in her first name, "天子", but a different pronunciation, "Tenshi". As a result of this, "Tenko" (specifically written in hiragana てんこ to refer to this usage) has become an extremely famous fan nickname - perhaps even more used then her real name - for her. Incidentally, the file name of a jpg image in one of the blog post by Twilight Frontier was named "tenko.jpg". In regard to the nickname Tenko, there's a famous Internet meme "Tenko aishiteru" (てんこあいしてる, English: "Tenko I love you")[1] known in the Japanese community. Simply used to express the passion to Tenshi.

Also, quite rarely in the Japanese community, she's sometimes called by the nickname Bamiyan (バーミヤン): A common known Chinese restaurant that has a "peach" in its logo.[2]


Because of the reference of the keyword "uchouten" (有頂天, Bhavaagra), she often gets connected with the Buront-san (ブロントさん) meme[3]: A popular Final Fantasy XI meme known in the Japanese Internet community. Due to the popularity of Buront-san meme in the Touhou fandom, an official reference was even made parodying the meme in one of her spell card in Hisoutensoku - Swordplay "Sword of Swagger" (剣技「気炎万丈の剣」).


Due to her apparent eagerness to be beaten up by the other characters in SWR's story mode (with dialogue lines such as "Yes, get angry! Because if you don't punish me, Gensokyo shall be no more!"), she has gained a reputation as a masochist (どM do-emu). As a result, she often appears along with Yuuka Kazami in some fanworks. Also, this combined with her toughness has resulted in Tenshi having high defenses in various fan games.


In many fanwork, Tenshi is referred/described/drew as flat chested, mostly due to the drawing in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody by alphes, which her breast were depicted considerably flat even though she looks to be in her mid-teen in the image. This might be due to her sometimes bratty nature. In Labyrinth of Touhou, her stats reflect this as while she has the highest defenses (which she can buff), she has the least HP. This is in contrast with Komachi Onozuka (infamously busty) who has the highest HP but the lowest defenses.

2011 Tōhoku earthquake

Along with Utsuho, Tenshi had received serious (absurd) criticism by some people due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake by being associated with the earthquakes and the nuclear incident. However, such criticism ceased shortly and fortunately, their reputation wasn't negatively affected that much.


Uwabami Breakers

Amakasu Barley Tenji

  • Iku Nagae does some disco poses on her spell cards. Because of this, Amakasu has been compared to her.
  • There's a little joke that Amakasu may have had too much UV rays.
  • In Twilight Bar's story mode in Touhou Unreal Mahjong, Amakasu is shown playing Mahjong with ZUN. This has got some fans thinking that he's a good friend with ZUN.

Touhou Hisoutensoku

Goliath Doll

  • Due to her size, she's compared with Suika Ibuki, either in battle or height comparisons.

Giant Catfish

  • Most Japanese fans call it "Master Big Catfish" (大ナマズ様 Oo Namazu sama), as the catfish did it in the dialogue of Meiling's Scenario of Touhou Hisoutensoku. Western fans may refer to the catfish as the "Unnamed Giant Catfish".
  • The giant catfish has been nicknamed "Primeus" by some western fans. This is due to some similarities between the catfish and a MUGEN joke character named Primeus, who's a giant floating salmon who shot laser beams. Said MUGEN character has since been modified so he sometimes uses the giant catfish's sprites during his introduction to battle. Some people find it funnier because of the fact he was first created as a prank character called "SSB?? Yukari???" (Question marks intended).
    • Its creator joked that ZUN was inspired by Primeus to make the giant catfish boss.
  • "Giant catfish" has been a recurring joke or theme in the English Touhou community since Scarlet Weather Rhapsody when Reimu seemingly brought up the subject out of nowhere (no such associations between catfish and earthquakes are commonly known outside of Japan), and when Sakuya caught one for a banquet.
  • Sometimes in fanart, the catfish and Taisui Xingjun are depicted as the same entity, which can cause confusion to other fans.


  • Many fanworks treat Hisoutensoku as an actual giant robot and that he does typical poses and attacks as if he was from a mecha anime series, presumably because (like Sanae Kochiya) they find it more exciting that way. This has lead some new fans to mistake it as such.
  • Amongst the fandom, Hisoutensoku's "theme music" is generally regarded as Our Hisoutensoku (ぼくらの非想天則) from the game named for him.
  • Fans speculate that Nitori Kawashiro was one of the kappa involved in the construction of Hisoutensoku.

Taisui Xingjun

  • Sometimes in fanart, Taisui Xingjun and the Giant Catfish are depicted as the same thing, which can cause confusion to some fans.

Double Spoiler

Hatate Himekaidou

  • Fans often joke that Hatate uses Google Image Search to get all her pictures instead of going outside like Aya Shameimaru does. Even ZUN himself has referred to Hatate's ability as working like Google, in his Symposium of Post-mysticism interview.
  • Hatate's purple clothing and thoughtography ability seem to all point to Joseph Joestar of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically his part 3 incarnation where he has the stand "Hermit Purple", which can project images of any target in the world onto paper by smashing a camera with it. Aya used to be pictured a lot with Joseph too.
  • Because of the purple colors she wears, an artist on Pixiv has created and popularized an emo version of Hatate called "hata-tan" (はたたん), who's usually seen with black hair, scars, and bags under the eyes.[4]
  • There's a rather notable catchphrase that western fans have created called "Hataters gonna Hatate", a word play on "Haters Gonna Hate". [5]
  • In the Japanese fanbase, she has been associated with scallops (たて hotate), due to the similarity with her name (たて).
  • Hatate's chequered skirt is identical to the "missing texture" pattern in Half-Life 2 and other Source-based games, which has lead to jokes among fans. This has also been loosely compared to graphical editors such as Adobe Photoshop, which uses the chequered pattern to show the transparency within an image.

Hopeless Masquerade

Hata no Kokoro

  • It's a popular gag in fanart to replace Kokoro's masks with masks from other franchises, such as Kamen Riders (particularly Wizard, who frequently talks about hope), The Stone Mask, or Majora's Mask. Another western meme occurring is that her masks are also replaced with rage comic faces.
    • She's sometimes seen with Miko's new hope mask on, suggesting the artist is unaware of its full effects.
  • Many fanworks play up the role of Toyosatomimi no Miko as Kokoro's "father", sometimes with Byakuren Hijiri appointing herself as Kokoro's mother.
  • Kokoro is often depicted alongside Koishi (her "arch-enemy") and/or Mamizou (who helped her find an identity).
    • Kokoro has also been paired with the likes of Satori Komeiji (due to similar color palettes and clothing styles), Kaguya Houraisan (due to having similar hairstyles) or Okina Matara (due to Hata no Kawakatsu being the former owner of the masks).
  • Fans have noticed similarities with expressionless but attractive characters such as Yuki Nagato or Rei Ayanami, though with the liveliness Kokoro shows, she ends up developing her own charm.
  • Due to the ambiguous situation with her either talking or the masks doing the talking, various artists have either Kokoro herself talking without masks, the masks doing the talking, or both.

Gold Rush

Because Gold Rush hasn't been released to the public, a Chinese programmer has created an unofficial replica of the game. Apparently, all the information in this remake comes from videos recorded at the Digital Game Expo and players' descriptions.[6]

Urban Legend in Limbo

Sumireko Usami

  • Due to her last name and resemblance, apparent connection to the Secret Sealing Club, and residence in the Outside World, there is speculation as to her relationship with Renko Usami. A prevailing theory is that she is Renko's ancestor of some past generation or some other kind of relative.
  • When Julia Chang was revealed as DLC for Tekken 7, many thought she looked like her. This is mostly because of her glasses, short hair, and the plaided purple on her jacket (similar to the pattern on Sumireko's outfit).
  • She is sometime shown having an interest in pandas, as one of her attacks has her summoning a mechanical panda ride.
  • Fan art often depicts her with an ahoge under her hat, despite not having one in any official art.
  • Sumireko's gloves are seen to be off in most fanworks.
  • Because of her wanting to take Shinmyoumaru Sukuna as a pet, many fanart depicts Shinmyoumaru running away from her.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Shion Yorigami

  • Shion has often been compared to Fujiwara no Mokou due to similarities in appearance.
  • Shion is occasionally shown begging other characters for money (or being shown with Reimu begging for money).

Joon Yorigami

  • Due to that fact that she is a pestilence god, many fans like to picture her as a boss in Unconnected Marketeers when the demo came out.

Sunken Fossil World

  • The game became quite infamous for its "Development Hell" (It was first announced to release during mid 2020, and was delayed all the way until late 2021).

Yuuma Toutetsu

  • Some fans had compared her to Ganyu from Genshin Impact due to them having similar traits in their designs (e.g red horns, similar hairstyles, exposed shoulders).
  • Yuuma's ability to eat anything, and turn it into her own power, has lead to comparisons to Kirby. This comparison is further supported by the fact that she inhales bullets during her final spell in Flandre's "C" route.
"Only a Spoonful"
  • Fans have been quick to draw a connection between Yuuma and King Bach's popular "Only a Spoonful" Vine, in which King Bach asks a friend for some ice cream, and is told he may have "only a spoonful", and then proceeds to pull out a comically large spoon.
    • Yuuma, much like King Bach in this vine, is shown to be exceptionally gluttonous (substituting ice cream for oil). Additionally, she also possesses unusually large silverware, particularly in the form of a spork (which may quite easily be mistaken with a spoon). This has led to multiple images and edits featuring Yuuma in the role of King Bach in his infamous vine.


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