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Fandom/Story of Eastern Wonderland

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters and other various objects that originally appeared in the second PC-98 game Story of Eastern Wonderland.


Despite been a PC-98 character, Genjii is still shown to commonly be around the Hakurei Shrine in modern Gensokyo with Reimu Hakurei in a good number of fanworks. Although Reimu is able to fly independently, she is still shown in a number of fanworks to still be sitting on Genjii, presumably either to be a show off or to have "extra power". The most notable fanwork to feature this is Touhou Soccer Moushuuden.


Similar to the kedama, despite being a PC-98 enemy, the Bakebake are most popular in fangames as a generic enemy. Many western fans call these Bakebake "Tongue Ghosts" or "Mr. Ghostly", the latter thanks to Touhou Mother. Some fans misspell it as "Mr. Ghosty" because of the game.


Shrine Tank

  • Fanart often depicts the tank to be an actual shrine of some sort. They may also depict it to be a more realistic tank.
  • It's sometimes compared to other tanks such as the Flower-Tank and the Evil Eye Σ, along with Rika sitting on it.


  • Although her sprite appears vaguely in Stage 1, fans who draw her commonly depict her wearing brown pants/trousers.
  • Rika looks similar and has a similar name to Rikako Asakura. These two are compared and speculated be the same character, being related or just being friends.
  • It's also common to depict Rika being friends with Nitori Kawashiro, both being engineers and that they both construct tanks.
  • Some fans associate Rika with Rika Furude, as they share the pronunciation of their name as well as their mannerisms of speech.
  • It is considered by many for Rika and the Evil Eye Σ to be the most difficult Extra boss in the Touhou Project.

Evil Eye


  • Noroiko is often compared to other midboss-only characters such as Matenshi and Daiyousei.
  • Her species is thought to be a Youkai. Because of this, some western fans call her the "Nameless Midboss Youkai".
  • In some fanart, she is drawn with either green or red eyes. The aura around her are often drawn as cloths that float.
  • She is sometimes compared with Parsee Mizuhashi due to similarities of "negative energy".


  • Possibly due to Meira and Reimu Hakurei's conversation in Stage 2, there is some fanart pairing these two, especially with PC-98 version of Reimu.
  • She's a target for jokes where she's a male, due to her conversation with Reimu.

Two Red Dots

  • It's sometimes speculated that Mima or Rika created these things, them been associated with them. They may also be compared to other non-humanoids such as the Five Magic Stones.
  • The auras around them are sometimes treated as tentacles.
  • They may be called the "SoEW 3rd Stage Midboss" (封魔録三面中ボス).

Five Magic Stones

  • Some fans speculate that these spheres will only attack if there is any form of magic energy nearby.
  • It is speculated that they were created by Mima due to the spheres been outside Reimaden, where Mima was at the time.
    • There are also other speculations that they were created by Rika due to Rika wanting revenge on Reimu Hakurei or because the spheres act like a machine, but this is unlikely because Rika wanted Reimu to follow her, and Reimu headed towards the World of Fantasies.
  • It's sometimes speculated that the spheres are indeed gatekeepers of Reimaden.
  • Some fanart depicts a random character sitting on top of one of the spheres.


  • Matenshi is often compared to other midboss-only characters such as Noroiko and Daiyousei.
  • Due to her looks, some western fans call her the "Nameless Midboss Angel".
  • She is often drawn with blue eyes in fanart.


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Evil Eye Σ

  • It is considered by many for the Evil Eye Σ, along with Rika, to be the most difficult Extra boss in the Touhou Project.
  • Some fans tend to see the Evil Eye Σ as the "king" of all the Evil Eyes.
  • Fanart often views the tank with a rather cute appearance, while some other go the opposite and give the tank a more dark side.
  • The tank is often compared with its counterparts: the Shrine Tank and the Flower-Tank, only as well with other machinery such as Mimi-chan.