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Fandom/Subterranean Animism

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in Subterranean Animism.


  • Upon the release of the demo of Subterranean Animism, fans immediately dubbed Kisume "Bucket Ranka" (バケットランカ), named after Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier, due to their similarity in appearance.
  • Western fans dubbed her "Bucket Loli".
  • Fan artists interpret the clothes (before they were revealed) she's wearing inside the bucket as either a white collared blouse or a gi.
  • Perhaps due to her sharing the same stage as Yamame Kurodani, fanworks with her and Yamame and, somehow, Parsee Mizuhashi, are common.
  • Another recent meme has Kisume depicted in fan art with her bucket humorously containing everything she needs to stay alive as well as numerous luxuries such as having a home bigger on the inside, thus making sure she never has to leave it. This parallels the character Sheldon from Jim Davis's U.S. Acres comic strip (also animated as part of Garfield and Friends), a baby chick who refuses (and unsuccessfully tried) to hatch out of his egg but has everything he needs inside of it, though the similarities may be coincidental.
  • Some fans tend to portray her inside of other objects, such as a stroller being pushed by Satori, a basket in a flash video, and a bed, still not showing her full outfit.
  • Fans upon seeing ZUN's rather joking remark about her being fond of cutting off heads in Symposium of Post-mysticism, took it awfully seriously and started to work it into some recent fanarts, depicting her as horribly vicious. While this trend has died down, this has become a sore spot for a portion of fans. However, some artists have taken to drawing her with yukkuri as an alternative.

Yamame Kurodani

  • Because of Yamame being upside-down on the demo CD, it didn't take long for fan-art of her hanging upside down to come up. Fans were disappointed when she didn't do this in the actual game.
  • Because she's a spider youkai, pairings of her with Wriggle Nightbug are common (see also Relationshipping) because spiders eat bugs.
  • Since Kisume has no known relationships, but appears as a mid-boss in Yamame's stage, the two, sometimes along with Parsee Mizuhashi and Yuugi Hoshiguma are often depicted as knowing one another in fanworks.

Parsee Mizuhashi

  • Due to her picture in Subterranean Animism, she is often depicted having elfin-like ears.
  • Because of her jealous nature, Parsee has joined Alice Margatroid as a fanon-designated tsundere.
  • Sometimes, fans refer to her as "ParuParu" (sometimes with more "Paru"s added to it), such as in popular videos like ぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱるぱる.
  • Parsee is frequently paired in fan works with Yuugi Hoshiguma, despite there being no official indication that they've even met.
  • Some fans tend to think of her as lonely because her theme (The Bridge People No Longer Cross) and also the fact she is a bridge princess, which, in folklore, is waiting for her lover, making it obvious that some fans tend portray her waiting for said lover to return.
  • One artist created a version of Parsee known as Purusee, a jiggling cat-chibi version of Parsee that's generally shown doing various things. Said artist has since made a few similar versions of other characters.
    • Its popularity is mixed as some like it while others are mainly annoyed by how the sudden mass uploads interfere with surfing.
  • Due to her appearance in Hopeless Masquerade, she has been frequently associated with the soon meme by Westerners.

Yuugi Hoshiguma

  • For some reason, she is commonly called "sister" (姐さん nee-san or ane-san) by fans. It may be related to how she comes off as a big sister figure to many other smaller characters in fanworks.
  • There was once a post on the Touhou Imageboard explaining why one can't judge characters's power levels from how powerful they are in game. The whole post was quite humorous because of its fairly bad grammar and typos, but the most amusing and memorable line was "SA : Yuugi only playing around woth[sic] you, her sake NOT EVEN DROP". This became a meme among Western fans.
  • Yuugi is frequently portrayed as having a large bust size due to an unofficial promotional flyer by alphes before the release of Subterranean Animism. Ironically, the rest of alphes's official art isn't anywhere as shapely as that picture. The trend may have been inspired by the desire for contrast with Suika Ibuki or, later on, Parsee Mizuhashi... that or the desire for a powerful/shapely Oni.
  • Yuugi is frequently paired in fan works with Parsee despite there being no official indication that they've even met.
  • Fans often depict her in a gym outfit that swaps her skirt for school gym shorts.
  • Another common depiction of her is as an extremely muscular woman, which is in tune with her great physical strength, or to some extend, having a masculine form.

Satori Komeiji

  • Because of how her hands are coming out of her sleeves only at her waist in her portrait, some fans believe that Satori has very short arms, and draw her as such. However, most artists draw her arms at normal length.
  • A common nickname for Satori is さとりん (Satorin), similar to how Yukari Yakumo is called "Yukarin."
  • Due to her ability to read minds, and the similarity of her "third eye" to Backbeard of "You damned dirty lolicon!" fame, a growing joke among fan artists depicts Satori as cognizant of (and disgusted by) lolicon.
  • Similarly, it has become common in fan art to break down the kanji of "Satori" () into its component radicals (小五口) and add the katakana , spelling out "shougorori", read as "fifth-grade elementary student loli". Her apparently small stature in her portrait seems to add to this. It is thus not uncommon to see her depicted wearing a Japanese elementary-schooler's book satchel on her back.
  • Western Touhou fans have noticed a similarity between Satori's design and an image making fun of ZUN's drawing style. It is unknown if this is a coincidence or if ZUN is aware of the image.
  • Satori's third eye is frequently portrayed in fan works as if it has a mind of its own, reflected by expressions that do not match Komeiji's facial expressions and body language.
  • Satori's portrait and the smug face depicted on it are popular among fans for unknown reasons.

Rin Kaenbyou


Rin is most commonly shown with Satori Komeiji, Koishi Komeiji and Utsuho Reiuji. She is also sometimes depicted in fanart fighting with Chen. Also, a Zombie Fairy can usually be seen with Rin in fanart.

Rin's dance

The dance she does in Hopeless Masquerade has become a meme in the Western fanbase. It involves an animated gif of her dancing, and it's usually placed on images that are either depressing (especially in the case of death), exciting, or involving a party. The gif may also be seen in compilations of gifs depicting dancing.


Rin is commonly referred to as just "Orin" instead of her full name because that is her in-game boss title in Subterranean Animism. The name "OrinRin" (おりんりん) has also been a standard way of referring to her.

Cat vs Human

Careful observers will notice that Rin has both human ears and cat ears. This has led to some fanart where she takes her cat ears off. Or in a few rare cases, the other way around. She is often depicted acting extremely cat-like when in human form, or vice versa when in cat form. Also, fans usually depict Rin as retaining her cat tails in her humanoid form, despite them not appearing in official artwork until Hopeless Masquerade.

Shou Toramaru

Rin is sometimes paired with Shou, not only because of their feline characteristics, but due to the fact that both are stage 5 bosses who have not been playable characters, and every other stage 5 boss up to Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom has been a playable character in some fashion. This leads to them being depicted as feeling sad or annoyed that they will never be playable in a game.

Zombie Fairy

  • Despite The Grimoire of Marisa confirming that the zombie fairies are merely normal fairies pretending to be dead, they're sometimes depicted as actually being dead. Some artists draw them as zombies or ghosts.
  • A zombie fairy can usually be seen with Rin Kaenbyou in fanart.

Utsuho Reiuji

Similarities between Souther's and Utsuho's sprites.
  • Her right foot is supposed to be encased in concrete (representing either the concrete sarcophagus that was built to contain the Chernobyl reactor or the cement-like corium found inside), but is often depicted in fan art as a gray ruffled legwarmer or an armored greave. The electrons orbiting her other leg are also often omitted in fanart, and sometimes the control rod on her arm is too.
    • Alternatively, the control rod on her arm is directly portrayed as removable, which is a matter of debate, since she has been displayed without it in canon.
  • Because of her likely homage to Souther of Hokuto no Ken, fans sometimes call his signature technique Nanto Hō-Ōkuu Ken Ougi: Tenshou Juuji Hou.
  • Because Utsuho is manipulated by Kanako, seems to have a simple and boastful personality, and is called a "birdbrain" (鳥頭 toriatama, interestingly the phrase "bird's brain" means "idiot" in both English and Japanese) by Orin, she's often considered an idiot by fans. ZUN also indirectly calls her an idiot in her theme song's description. This leads to comparisons with Cirno (or pairings, with inevitable "Cold Fusion" jokes), and Utsuho is sometimes called お⑨ (read "okuu," since one reading for the number 9 is "ku"). She is also sometimes called (an inverted ) since she is a Stage 6 boss and her powers are somewhat the opposite of Cirno's.
  • In addition to her tall stature, fans tend to give her large breasts and a striking figure, which seems to contrast her simpleminded (and sometimes childish) personality.
  • "Unyu?" (うにゅ?) has become her catchphrase in fanon, after she said it once in the Extra Stage prologue.
  • In the Japanese fan community, the pairing of Tenshi Hinanawi and her is called the tenkuu (天空, lit. "firmament/sky") pair; from Tenshi () + Okuu ().
  • Some fans in the Japanese community associate Utsuho with association football, because the symbol of the Japan Football Association is the Yatagarasu.
  • In the online action RPG Path of Exile, an item exists called the Infernal Mantle which closely resembles Utsuho's outfit.
  • Many fans think of Utsuho's theme "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion" as referencing Yumemi Okazaki's theme "Strawberry Crisis!!", and Kanako Yasaka's theme "The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field". This can symbolize Utsuho receiving the power of the gods from Kanako, which takes the form of a power based in physics, itself a form of magic from the outside world like Yumemi's.

Koishi Komeiji

  • Koishi is occasionally drawn with some sort of connection to Flandre Scarlet, since both are extra bosses who are the younger sisters of the owners of the mansions in their respective games, as well as being explicitly noted as stronger than their siblings and being isolated from them.
    • Depictions of her with Nue Houjuu are also common. The latter is also often associated with Flandre, due to them both having similar-sounding themes.
  • Koishi in fanon is usually kooky, sometimes overly affectionately so (particularly to her sister). Otherwise, she might be merely zany, or an utterly unrepentant sadist (most infamously so in the "Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure" video series).
    • Said video series, combined with her genuinely horrifying Last Word spell in Urban Legend in Limbo, are widely believed to have caused a massive jump in her popularity.
  • Since many aspects of Koishi are references to psychology, there's a running joke that her "Embers of Love" spell card is a reference to the phallic obsession of Freudian psychology. For those that do not get the hint, look closely at the shape of the bullets.
  • Some jokes have been made about the Hartmann in her theme title referring to the infamous drill sergeant from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
    • Though not as common, some jokes have been made about it referring to the cartoonist Butch Hartman instead.
  • Koishi is commonly shown to wander around Gensokyo without being noticed. She's sometimes shown standing next to other characters, in plain sight, and watching what they're doing without being acknowledged.
  • Her ability to manipulate the unconscious minds of those around her (removing herself from others' perception) has been described as a Somebody Else's Problem Field.
  • As in the Frida Kahlo painting "The Two Fridas", some fan works display the cords attached to her third eye as having been severed, while Satori's remain intact.
  • Some fans believe that her name and her hat are references to Doraemon's gadget Ishikoro Boushi (石ころぼうし, lit. "rock hat"), which makes its wearer "unnoticeable", just as Koishi's ability does.
  • Sometimes fans compare her to Bill Cipher (from Gravity Falls) due to them both having similar abilities, being considered insane, being extremely power yet mysterious, and having an association with eyes.