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Fandom/Ten Desires

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters or other objects that originally appeared in Ten Desires.

Divine spirit

  • Due to the appearance of the first stage midboss of Ten Desires, some western fans call the midboss the "Nameless Midboss Divine Spirit", following the naming pattern of PC-98 midbosses such as the "Nameless Midboss Angel" and the "Nameless Midboss Youkai".
  • The midboss has been noted by many to be the most notable midboss in the whole series without a name, since it's the first stage midboss of Ten Desires, which itself is a popular Windows game.

Kyouko Kasodani

  • Because of her ears, portraying her as a canine, with the addition of a tail and/or other dog attributes, is common (the tail has become canon, as she is described as having one in Symposium of Post-mysticism. This is despite the fact that a Yamabiko isn't a dog.
    • This has caused her to be sometimes paired with Momiji Inubashiri, another dog-ish youkai (Wolf Tengu to be exact).
  • She's sometimes paired with Yoshika Miyako due to both of them appearing in the demo version, though this became less common after the full version of Ten Desires was released, and again once her relationship with Mystia Lorelei was established.
  • A common gag is for characters to shout something crude while Kyouko's about, so that she'll be forced to repeat it. Sometimes Kyouko will even claim it's why she gave up on her old job as an echo.
  • Byakuren Hijiri is usually shown to be a motherly figure to her, often petting her head while she rests on Byakuren's lap.
  • She's sometimes shown with Kogasa Tatara, being the types who likes to surprise people and as modern "youkai moe's".
  • She's sometimes associated with Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku, since they share the exact given name Kyouko (響子), and are often depicted holding bamboo brooms.

Yoshika Miyako

  • She's also sometimes depicted with blue or bluish green skin.
  • For pairings (see Relationshipping), it's most commonly with Seiga Kaku. In a group, she's most commonly associated one of the five in the Ten Desires group. With Seiga allied with Toyosatomimi no Miko, Mononobe no Futo, and Soga no Tojiko, she commonly takes the form of clinging to Seiga.
  • Some Western fans have noticed that Yoshika's hands moving as if she was driving an invisible car. Combined with her cap, this has led to memes of her as a cab driver.
  • Since her ability is "eating anything", she has sometimes been compared to Rumia and Yuyuko Saigyouji, with the latter being an infamous omnivore in the fanbase, where she's at a higher status than Yuyuko who even tries to eat her in some fanart; this may also indirectly link to the fact that Yuyuko was only a stage 1 boss in Ten Desires.
  • Because Yoshika's a guard, she has sometimes been compared to Hong Meiling since she's also a guard. She's also a Chinese girl, and both of them are 3rd stage bosses.
  • Many fans draw the characters on the seal as "勅令 随身保命" (Emperor Rescript: Comply & Live), the format used in a film series Mr. Vampire, which is one of the most famous Jiang Shi movies.
    • Some also draw other things on it reflecting the situation she's in.

Seiga Kaku

  • Some fans assume Seiga's hair stick is a chisel-shaped magical digging tool that appeared in the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.[1][2] In the original text, it was called (simplified: , traditional: ). It means a type of ancient spade or a herb digging tool. (See also the baidu pedia)
  • Ironically, Seiga's fondness for Yoshika isn't that big of an exaggeration compared to most things.
  • She's often shown in conflict with Kasen Ibaraki, who behaves like a proper hermit.
  • The pronunciation of her name allows her to become a target for SEGA parodies.
  • Due to what's been revealed in Symposium of Post-mysticism, some fans have come to see Seiga as an outright evil character. The acts revealed are stealing from people on Christmas and then selling their items back to them, and in particular the implications of how she got Yoshika as a servant. This is supported by Miko's wariness of her in Symposium of Post-mysticism and the fact in chapter 12 of Wild and Horned Hermit, she had the Kishin chief after her.

Soga no Tojiko

  • Tojiko's phrase "Yatteyanyo!" (やってやんよ!) during Toyosatomimi no Miko's spell card has become her catchphrase in many fanworks.
  • She's often compared to Mima due to the ghost tail.
  • Some fans anagrammatized her name to 自らを古(いにしえ)に屠る亡霊 (The ghost who buried herself in antiquity). It's related to this setting: "She had no use for a human body, which would break down so quickly".
  • Tojiko is commonly paired with Mononobe no Futo (who works under her) or Toyosatomimi no Miko (their historical bases were romantically involved). With the latter, some fanworks create more close relationship between the two.
  • Tojiko's ghost tails are often depicted as transitioning into skin aound the upper thigh. Some even show her to have legs.

Mononobe no Futo

  • For a short period after she was introduced, many fans seemed to mistake her for a male for some reason, seriously or jokingly (maybe because her clothes resemble a uniform usually worn by men, similar to SinGyoku's "male" form).
  • Due to her unusual pose in her portrait, fanart often depicts her in this pose or in similar ones.
  • Because many fans think her expression looks smug, Futo is often depicted in fan works with a doyagao (ドヤ顔), best described as a "smugface" in English.
  • Her archaic speaking patterns in Japanese are often translated to Early Modern English by English-speaking fans in order to keep constant archaic speaking patterns of dialogue, using words such as "thee", "wouldst" and "‛twas".
    • This has been turned into a moe point with some fans as various artists play up her naïve curious aspects, making her a sort of 'Hermit Moe', placing Yuuka Kazami's 'Youkai Moe' phrase.
    • Even her temple/statue burning tendencies hasn't lessened this effect, though a few pictures focus on this aspect of her.
  • In some fanart, Futo is depicted wrapped in rice and seaweed like a Makizushi, a pun on "Futo" and "futo-maki" (太巻き, lit. "large rolled-sushi").

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Miko has worked her way up in the fandom and has become very popular amongst fans.

  • Masuda Kousuke's work Gag Manga Biyori (ギャグマンガ日和) is a major source for fandom, as Prince Shoutoku appears in it.
  • Because of her known birthdate, a lot of fans stated that they'd celebrate Miko's birthday every year on the 7th of February.
  • Due to her headphones and her rather modern looking outfit, she's sometimes compared with vocaloids despite not showing any ability to sing.
  • One of her alternate palettes in Hopeless Masquerade resembles Neku Sakuraba of The World Ends With You fame.
  • Japanese fans use "Miko-tan in shitao!" (みこたんインしたお!). As there was already the precedent of Mokou's "Moko-tan in shitao!", and as there's also the influence of the endings of Ten Desires, this is something that one can comparatively quickly catch sight of.
  • She's generally considered slim figured but unlike say Sakuya or Tenshi in fanon, she's shown to be very confident in herself.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

  • Many fans have depicted her in situations similar to those experienced by Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This is due to both series' popularity, similar character names, and Mami's own association with tanuki from her line about the "Law of Cycles" (the kanji resembles "Tanuki of Cycles").
  • Some fans depict her as Mamio, referencing Mario, who could wear a Tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros. 3. This also extends to Mario cosplaying as Mamizou.
  • Since her profile says she dislikes foxes and may cause trouble with the foxes of Gensokyo, fans depict her as having an antagonistic relationship with the kitsune Ran Yakumo.
  • Fans theorise that Mamizou's name was actually based on Mima's, simply being a reverse of the Kanji to show mami (魔魅, lit. "deceiving spirit") then changing the characters to show Mamizou's current name. Fans even go further stating that Mamizou is simply a character mocking Mima and that ZUN's trolling the fans who strongly advocate Mima, saying that he's aware of this theory.
  • Bake-danuki are famous for having large testicles, and they're often depicted in art prominently. Since Mamizou is a female, many fans depict her with large breasts to compensate for that, aside from a few artists who have drawn Mamizou as a male.
  • There have been various fanart of her using her transformations to tease the original person, sometimes with an obvious chest difference; this often leads to breast envy in the original girl.
  • She's been shown to be an older sister figure to Nue and some other characters in fanart.
  • Since she was shown to be an increasingly regular customer in Forbidden Scrollery, she's been paired with Kosuzu Motoori in some fanart with Mamizou in her disguise. This raises the question of if the bells on her leaf hat in Hopeless Masquerade came from Kosuzu or reference her.


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