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Fandom/Unconnected Marketeers

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that will originally appear in Unconnected Marketeers.

Mike Goutokuji

  • Because of her name, some people made fun of her by making a photoshop of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. with her face.
  • As a maneki-neko, there was a conveniently made image of an actual (but buffed) maneki-neko that was photoshopped with Mike's face on it, as in being a joke of Mike in Lunatic Mode.
  • When Mike was first revealed on the game's demo CD, people were immediately confused on her gender due to her seemingly ambiguous design, along with the fact that a maneki-neko is known to be male if it raises its right paw.
    • Her name made people confused on her gender even more since Mike (as it is pronounced in English) is usually a name for males.
  • There is a running joke where people would say "This is Mike" whenever an image of Mike appears, which most likely originated from the This is Michael meme, where a standing kitten named Michael is in it.
    • A similar joke in Chinese which is 這寺豪德. Although meaningless when translated (which is "This Kuji Gotou"), it is a wordplay which roughly translates into "This is Gotou(kuji)". Because the Chinese pronunciations of 是 (shi, meaning "yes", "is" and everything of the same range) and 寺 (si) are similar.

Takane Yamashiro

  • Since Yamawaro are mountain kappa, she is being compared with Nitori Kawashiro.
    • Likewise, she is usually drawn with Nitori in fan works.
  • She is also compared with Koishi Komeiji due to the similar hair designs between both characters.

Sannyo Komakusa

  • People have commented on how her design looked like Watatsuki no Yorihime, Meira or Kotohime's alternate sprite and was used as a material of comparison.
  • Because she is seen smoking a tobacco, she has become one of the characters along with Fujiwara no Mokou to be associated with smoking jokes. The difference is that the former was actually smoking, while the latter did not.


  • This is the name given to the large midboss Wheel Ghost in stage 4, mostly within the western community, but it has slightly spread outwards. Its name comes from a deformation of the meme "Looks like you're going to the Shadow Realm, Jimbo", as it is notoriously hard for a midboss in a Touhou game.
  • Jimbo is subject to ironic memes about being "the best Touhou character", likely because of being predicted to not get much data on it.

Misumaru Tamatsukuri

  • Some fans have pointed the similarity of her design (more specifically her hairstyle) to Fiona's mother, from the Shrek franchise.

Tsukasa Kudamaki

  • She is sometimes confused by new players of being another cat girl.

Megumu Iizunamaru

  • Fans sometimes compare her to Sonic The Hedgehog because of her being blue, put alongside Tsukasa (being a yellow-like colored fox like Tails) and also because she's a Tengu, who are known for being fast in the Touhou project.
  • She is also called "Blue Aya" due to the characters both being Tengu and looking similar in design.
  • Some people thought she was Tenma due to the name appearing in her theme Starry Mountain of Tenma.
  • She is often seen in fanart alongside Aya, Hatate, sometimes Momiji and other Tengus.

Chimata Tenkyuu

  • Due to her design that assimilates to a rainbow and therefore possesses the primary colors of light and its variants, numerous fans have referred to her as the "RGB God". (Example)
  • Because of her dress design, many fans like to think she represents the LGBTQ+ community as it has the colors of the rainbow.
  • Chinese fans have jokingly compared Chimata to Jia Ling (賈玲), a Chinese xiangsheng performer, comedian and actress, due to their similar-looking hairstyles.

Momoyo Himemushi

  • Due to her carrying a shovel and pickaxe, fans have jokingly associated Momoyo with the sandbox video game Minecraft. (Example)
  • Due to her ability to eat dragons, fans have made artworks of her chewing, eating or even devouring Yachie Kicchou.
  • There is a running joke of Momoyo among Chinese fans which is 你工人爷爷来了, meaning "Your worker grandpa is here!". There is also an alternative which is 你蚣人爷爷来了. It's a wordplay on the words 工 and 蚣 as they have the same pronunciation (gōng), and 蚣 means centipede.