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Fandom/Undefined Fantastic Object

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that originally appeared in Undefined Fantastic Object.


  • As she's a mouse youkai, fans believe she'll be chased after by Chen and/or Rin Kaenbyou, which became common in fanworks.
  • Some fans compare the prisms of her last spell card with Ramiel from "Neon Genesis Evangelion".[1]
  • Some fans call her the Chen of Undefined Fantastic Object, due to her coming back as a stronger midboss to another, more powerful animal youkai.
    • Unlike Chen, she isn't a cutesy servant to Shou, but closer to a put upon servant (due to Shou's antics/chronically losing things) in fanon.
  • As she's the only member of Minamitsu's crew who doesn't have any specific reason for being devoted to Byakuren Hijiri, fanon occasionally portrays her as disliking, or even despising, her. The most common reason is the thought that Shou likes Byakuren more than her, which leads to a jealous Nazrin considering her a nemesis of some sort.
  • In World of Warcraft, a quest called "A Tiny Clever Commander" involves killing "Commander" Nazrim [2], a reference to Nazrin and her theme name.
  • There's a Japanese URL shortener called nazr.in, which is named after her and contains images of her.

Kogasa Tatara

  • Due to Reimu A's scenario in Undefined Fantastic Object, where Kogasa utters the word "sadism" (even though Reimu points out that it should be the opposite) the phrase "sadism" (さでずむ sadezumu) has become a meme associated with Kogasa.
  • She's also often depicted as bullied by Sanae Kochiya, possibly because of Sanae's cold words in her dialogue in Undefined Fantastic Object (although Reimu's dialogue with her was a lot colder in comparison).
  • Because she's the only character who's not involved in the main plot of Undefined Fantastic Object, many fanworks include her with Nue Houjuu because of her appearance in the extra stage.
  • Fans have noticed she looks similar to Yuuka Kazami in style. Both have short hair, and also wields an umbrella. Since that, most fans think she's the new "youkai moe", in which Yuuka was originally described as by ZUN in Kioh Gyoku.
  • There has been some question as to which is the actual Kogasa: the girl or the umbrella. A number of people have expressed their opinion that the girl is merely a spiritual extension of the true karakasa obake. This opinion is supported by the fact that her umbrella has geta at the bottom. However, this debate was answered by Symposium of Post-mysticism, clarifying that both the girl and the umbrella are Kogasa, and the two can't be separated (presumably not without what'd basically be the equivalent of chopping or ripping off a limb or head for a normal person).
  • She's similar to Chen in Perfect Cherry Blossom in that she has a similar ability and that she appears as both bosses of stage two and an extra stage midboss. But unlike Chen, she has no relation to the boss of the extra stage.
  • She is often depicted in fan art with her blue eye closed or concealed behind her hair, to further emphasize the one-eyed effect depicted in her official art. Similarly, she is frequently depicted standing on one leg.

Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan

  • Some fans have begun calling her Ichirin Kujo, a reference to Jotaro Kujo of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, from Unzan's appearance with Ichirin and fights with her (emphasis on fists). With her appearance in Hopeless Masquerade, it has only intensified with her fighting style (or at least, appearance of Unzan in fights).
  • Ichirin's presence tends to be overshadowed by Unzan. Even ZUN himself says she's nothing more than "Unzan's hit box".[3] This is a shift from the popularity she enjoyed when the demo first came out.
  • Even though Unzan never speaks to anyone but to only Ichirin, he's shown be more confident in conversation and have a dialogue with other characters in many fanworks.
  • Some people interpret her title of Undefined Fantastic Object as Ichirin's origin — look at the word "大輪" (Big Flower: lit. "Big Wheel"), the part of her title "守り守られし大輪" (The Big Wheel, Having Guarded and Been Guarded). When it loses " (human), it becomes "一輪" (Ichirin): 大輪 = 一輪. When she abandoned being human, she was reborn from the moment as youkai, as what Ichirin is now.
  • Western fans have given the nickname "BRO FIST" for when Unzan attempts to punch his opponent, likely as a reference to Pewdiepie.
  • A mild trend in fanart is that Ichirin may appear plain but upon changing her outfit, reveals she's actually quite attractive.
  • In Hopeless Masquerade One of Ichirin's starting poses is very similar to starting pose of Jin Saotome's in Marvel vs Capcom series. Yet some of her attacks are very similar to Jin's attack. It's probably same thing as was used with Utsuho Reiuji similarity to Souther.

Minamitsu Murasa

  • Perhaps due to her music theme "Captain Murasa", she tends to be referred to by her last name more often in the Western fanbase. It's also sometimes mistaken to treat it as her first name, sort of like "Hong" for Hong Meiling, which is properly rendered as "Meiling Hong" if using western name order.
  • Due to her outfit and occupation as a sailor, fans have made connections between her and PC-98 character Chiyuri Kitashirakawa.
  • According to fans, she has similarities to Kagome from the anime series Inuyasha.
  • During the time of Undefined Fantastic Object, there was confusion among the fanbase whether she wears a short pants or a skirt, due to the way her art is depicted. Though, ZUN indirectly stated she wears a skirt and was later shown in recent works that she does. [citation needed]
  • She has been shown wielding her anchor as a weapon, and this has been the source of parody images comparing Minamitsu to May from the Guilty Gear series. This was also shown to be the case in Hopeless Masquerade.
  • In the popular web browser game "Kantai Collection", there is a character that bears similarity to Murasa which is the Light Cruiser, Kiso. According to her character designer, UGUME, the artist once considered Murasa as his waifu.

Shou Toramaru

  • Some fans have compared her and Nazrin's relationship to Ran Yakumo and Chen's, as all four of them are animal youkai, and Nazrin comes back much more powerful as Shou's midboss, much like how Chen comes back more powerful as Ran's midboss.
  • Due to the fact she lost the pagoda long ago, fanwork portray her as a very distracted and/or forgetful person, frequently losing things she has or forgetting where they are, sometimes to Nazrin's great annoyance.
    • There are various other gags involving the pagoda, from it shooting beams to it exploding for no good reason.
  • Some fans have speculated Shou involves a reference to Shigechi from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, whose stand "Harvest" (which bears patterns similar to Shou's tiger stripes) gathered things at his request. The most notable case of this was lottery tickets, one of which was a winner—i.e., a treasure.
  • When Shou was first introduced, her name (Shou is usually masculine, while -maru is masculine when used in a given name) and outfit, combined with being an avatar of a male god, led some fans to mistake her for male.
  • Despite numerous fanworks applying "darker and edgier" interpretations to the rest of Myouren Temple, Shou is almost never depicted villainously.
  • Shou is sometimes paired with Rin Kaenbyou, not only because of their feline characteristics, but due to the fact that both are stage 5 bosses who have not been playable characters, and every other stage 5 boss up to Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom has been a playable character in some fashion. This leads to them being depicted as feeling sad or annoyed that they will never be playable in a game.

Byakuren Hijiri

  • Similar to how Yukari is called "Yukarin", it has become common to call her "Hijirin" (ひじりん).
  • Because of her and Minamitsu Murasa's relationships, some fans have described them as modern versions of the PC-98 characters Yumemi Okazaki and Chiyuri Kitashirakawa.
  • Because she's a bit more mature-acting, and possibly due to been a final boss like Eirin Yagokoro and Kanako Yasaka (who are often portrayed as much older than the norm for the Touhou girls), some fan artists portray her as being an "old lady", or lumped into the same grouping as such. This is perhaps a bit ironic in Byakuren's case, considering how her profile states that she became a Magician to retain her youth.
    • Though in various fanarts, she's shown to have a mix of youthfulness and motherliness (including figure).
  • She's often shown as a mother figure to various temple residents and a few others.
  • Since Urban Legend in Limbo, a reccurring meme is having Byakuren riding a bike, or her becoming a biker of sort.
  • Some fans have suggested that Byakuren's clothes are similar to Rozen Maiden's Suigintou's.
  • She's considered something of a saint amongst some fans, especially when compared to the ruthless and self-centered nature of the heroines, who reject her ideals for peace. Other fans have argued that, from the point of view of someone from a world where humans are oppressed, her appeals for human-youkai equality wouldn't make much sense. Others insist that Gensokyo is very close to if not exactly like her dream of a co-existence between humans and Youkai.
    • There's the fact that things were just a misunderstanding, and that she ends up building a temple (perhaps with helps from the heroines) afterwards, which is sometimes said to be very popular with humans and Youkai alike.
  • Some western Touhou fans compare her to Jesus Christ because she fought for youkai but got sealed away for their sins. Because of this, fans have affectionately dubbed her "Youkai Christ" or "Youkai Jesus".
  • Before Byakuren's gradient hair color was confirmed to be natural, it was somewhat up in the air. Most fans depicted it as it appears (purple on the top, fading to brown), but other fans believed her hair is – which because official – entirely brown, and it was the lighting of the stage or her scroll glowing that made it appear purple.
  • Some fans didn't take her usage of Shinki's attack pattern very well at all, most expecting Mima or Shinki to make an appearance in the Windows games after being practically forgotten about. The sight of Byakuren filling Shinki's attack stroked these fans the wrong way. Whether it was from the attack pattern or being in Makai, some fans however speculate she has a relationship or acquaintance with Shinki and is shown in artwork, sometimes suggesting that Shinki taught Byakuren some of her attacks.
  • Likely due to her using strength-enhancing magic, fans sometime portray her as being a bit too eager to use force and violence to resolve things and punish people.

Nue Houjuu

  • Due to her character design, theme song, and the fact she's an Extra stage boss, some fans have compared her to Flandre Scarlet. This has led to her fan nickname, "U.F.O-wen." She sometimes shows up with her and Koishi Komeiji (Both also Extra bosses).
  • She's generally drawn in fanart as being more slim-figured compared to some of the other characters (Ichirin Kumoi, Shou Toramaru, Byakuren Hijiri).
  • She's often shown with a mischievous, if not, seductive nature, though there are some innocent Nue portrayals.
  • Due to her "Danmaku X from a Wandering Star" spell card in Double Spoiler, she's occasionally featured with the PlayStation button shapes. (×, ○, ∆ and □)
  • Nue's often theorised to be the Mysterious Orb in Lotus Land Story due to similarities. The fact that no-one can know Nue's true form makes this a possible case. A more stronger reason is that UFO had the idea to reference the PC-98 era, hence the return of Makai.
  • After an ASCII art depicting her in tears and then getting silenced by a shrimp tempura thrown into her mouth, it has become common to associate her with said food.
  • She's often paired with Kogasa in fanart, due to said youkai both appearing in the Extra stage as the boss and midboss respectively, and their similar association with surprising or scaring humans.

Myouren Hijiri

  • Instead of what's mentioned on the main page, some fans draw him as a young man with gradient hair, with an overall appearance similar to Byakuren. This is likely to be false, however, as he's a monk who has their hair shaved.


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