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Although official English translations are available in the game's Steam release, this page seeks to provide more accurate translations of the original Chinese transcripts.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]


Other Translations[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

A list of spell cards appearing in Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II and their translated names.

Intro Screen[edit]

Team Shanghai Alice

Difficulty Levels[edit]

Like most official Touhou games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

Easy 白雪纷飞的程度 香甜欢品尝,飘飘白雪落地上,蓬松又绵软——小林一茶
Easy Fluttering Snowflakes Looking delicious
the snow flitting softly
——Kobayashi Issa
Normal 漫天风霜的程度 忽闻悉索声,窗外竹影婆娑动,夜雪扰清梦——正冈子规
Normal Frosty, Snow-Filled Sky Rustling softly
over the bamboo—
snow in the night
——Masaoka Shiki
Hard 暴雪蔽日的程度 客叩雪中门,不闻匆匆应答声,心焦避寒风——向井去来
Hard Sun-Obscuring Snowstorm "Yes, yes!" I answered,
but someone still knocked
at the snow-mantled gate[3]

——Mukai Kyorai
Lunatic 雪虐风饕餮的程度 雪霁初晴日,茫茫银原掩不住,新芽初露紫——松尾芭蕉
Lunatic Great Blizzard From under the snow,
delicate violet—
an Udo sprout
——Matsuo Bashō
Extra 波谲云诡的程度 若问深闺中,山岩锐可断蛇身,寒渊冷气涌——夏目漱石
Extra Formless, Shifting Clouds How frigid the gorge seems
after hearing that a snake
was slain upon its rocks

——Natsume Sōseki
Phantasm 樱花烂漫的程度 此间盛开者,樱花缤纷胜仙境,不似人间景——土方岁三
Phantasm Vibrant Cherry Blossoms These cherry blossoms—
a sight one cannot believe
to be of this world

——Hijikata Toshizō

Stage Titles[edit]

Playable Characters[edit]

Reimu Hakurei[edit]

Marisa Kirisame[edit]

Sanae Kochiya[edit]

Youmu Konpaku[edit]


This manual was published by tester LYX here. Last translated version 1.02.


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