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Five Magic Stones

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Five Magic Stones
Sprite of the Five Magic Stones in Story of Eastern Wonderland.



World of Fantasies

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These mysterious group of spheres can be found in the World of Fantasies where they seem to have been blocking Reimu Hakurei's way in the Story of Eastern Wonderland, so she must fight them to get past. They are believed to be a gatekeeper of some sort and are able to change their physical appearance. Since they have no profile, no official names, and exchange no dialogue with Reimu, little is known about them. It is unclear if they are even living beings, a material made of stones, or some kind of machine.

Character Design


The name "Five Magic Stones" or "The 5 Magic Stones" is often used by the western community, due to their appearance. The name maybe abbreviated to "FMS". However, the Japanese fans rarely use this name, simply referring to them as SoEW 3rd Stage Boss (封魔録三面ボス). If "Five Magic Stones" was to be translated to Japanese literally, it could be translated to "5つの魔法石" (Itsutsu no Mahou-seki), "5つの魔石" (Itsutsu no maseki) or "五魔石" (GoMaSeki).

Another notable name regarding the Five Magic Stones amongst the Japanese community is "Cannon" (砲台 Houdai), since it's able to use cannons.


Five Magic Stones (1st, 2nd, and 3rd form from top to bottom.)

In the Story of Eastern Wonderland, the Five Magic Stones are 5 grey spherical orbs on stands which have red wiggly lines around them. They are on a grey platform, which is known to be on the same body of the spheres because it contains 24 laser cannons that can fire. There seems to be the hiragana character ro () on the covers that are visible when the laser cannons aren't in use. When the boss battle starts, their appearances change by the following:

Form #1: Sphere 2 and 4 turn white.
Form #2: 3 spheres remaining. Sphere 1 and 5 turn red.
Form #3: 1 remaining sphere. Lasers cannons are used. Its colour changes to ice-blue which bears the image of what appears to be a mountain.

Additional Information

  • The Five Magic Stones have the most hit boxes in the Touhou Project that affect individual health bars in the same boss fight, followed by the Three Fairies of Light in Fairy Wars.
  • They are the only boss in the whole series to not have a name, not even an identity; characters such as the Giant Toad and the Giant Catfish have a form of identity in canon, and therefore the latter is not included in this trivial fact. They are also the only nameless character in the series to have a theme song.
  • Their theme name "Bet on Death" would suggest that you are risking death when you come near them.
  • They're the first characters to use green coloured bullets.
  • It's the only character in the whole series that shoots constant bullets at the player when the player comes near the boss. More specifically, it's the middle sphere that shoots bullets at Reimu when she's in the region of the grey platform.
  • The books in Patchouli Knowledge's spell card, Five Elements Sign "Philosopher's Stone", are arranged in a similar way to the spheres.
  • Reimu Hakurei seems to be scared before and after the boss battle with the Five Magic Stones, thus making this the only ever time that Reimu was scared and/or afraid of a boss before and after the battle.


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