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Sprite of the Flower-Tank in SoEW

The Flower-Tank (ふらわ~戦車 Furawa~ sensha) is a tank created by Rika. It was used on Stage 1 of Story of Eastern Wonderland to fight Reimu Hakurei and Genji, being the boss of the stage, where it moved left and right, shooting white danmaku at Reimu before it let out two lasers beams. Rika thought it was enough to defeat her, but instead she was defeated. With the Flower-Tank, Rika also created the Shrine Tank, the Evil Eye Σ, the bakebake, some shining objects and a few cannons.

Background Information

The name "Flower-Tank" (ふらわ~戦車) references its overall appearance. The tilde () is informally used as a long vowel mark () that marks a long vowel in katakana and less commonly in hiragana (when placed after a syllable). It's usually used in Japanese to indicate the starting point of a range (e.g. 1 to 5 (1~5)).

The tank has red caterpillar tracks with a grey turret; the turret is round with a taijitu mark painted on the top, resembling the Yin-Yang Orb, along with many leaves hanging out from the back of the turret. Vines also hang around the main cannon and two smaller cannons are shown emitting laser beams.

Additional Information

Official Sources

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