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the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person

  • Episode 1 Patchouli slipped upon ice and losses her Philosopher's Stone card.
  • Episode 2 Remilia interviews Sakuya in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
  • Episode 3 A new game is invented as Alice offers Reimu some armpit spray.
  • Episode 4 Koakuma teaches Cirno how to 'fish'.
  • Episode 5 Remilia proposes a tongue twister contest and Patchouli, Sakuya, Hong Meiling, and Reimu join in.
  • Episode 6 Koakuma and Hong Meiling switch their work places, and Hong Meiling tries to find a book for Remilia.
  • Episode 7 (Continuation from Episode 6) Hong Meiling finally finds a book for Remilia, which is titled 'Five Tips On Raising Sakuya.'
  • Episode 8 (Continuation from Episode 7) Another book is found called 'All New! Five Tips On Raising Sakuya.'
  • Episode 9 Remilia leaves Reimu a yukkuri at her shrine, where it supposedly brings her to a destination she wishes.
  • Episode 10 Sakuya teaches Remilia some Kanji, which leads some dirty thoughts...

the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person EXTRA

  • Episode 11 Marisa is an organizer for the drinking parties and goes 'master sparking' everyone around her.
  • Episode 12 (Continuation from Episode 11) Marisa tries to organize another party, where Reimu refuses but Marisa talks her into it with what she acquired for it.
  • Episode 13 Marisa and Patchouli talk about how great danmaku is.
  • Episode 14 Marisa does a survey and asks what everyone thinks of Reimu Hakurei
  • Episode 15 (Continuation from Episode 14) Marisa continues her survey and asks what 'Patchouli' reminds them of.
  • Episode 16 (Continuation from Episode 15) The last question of surveying 100 danmaku users...