Forbidden Scrollery/Volume 1

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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 1
Forbidden Scrollery Vol.1

Comp Ace


March 26, 2013






Moe Harukawa





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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 2




Chapter One: The Rare Book of Illusion (October 26, 2012)

Summary: Marisa Kirisame runs into Hieda no Akyuu on her way through the Human Village, and notices that she's carrying a strange book - a youma book, said to be indecipherable. Afterwards she makes her way to the Hakurei Shrine to ask Reimu Hakurei about them, but she doesn't know much on the subject. Marisa explains their dark and mysterious nature, and the two decide to take a visit to Suzunaan to talk to Kosuzu Motoori about it. She reveals her collection of demon books, as well as her recently-awakened powers that allow her to decipher any sort of script. Reimu worries that it might be dangerous, but Kosuzu is not very concerned.

Chapter Two: December Youkai Extermination (Part 1) (November 26, 2012)

Summary: As winter is beginning to descend on Gensokyo, Hieda no Akyuu summons Kosuzu to her mansion to show her a strange phenomenon - the letters of some of Suzunaan's material appear to be being eaten away. As it is only the letters that are disappearing, and not the paper itself, Kosuzu speculates that a kind of word-eating bug youkai may be responsible. At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu and Marisa notice large amounts of smoke rising from the Human Village. Concerned, they hurry there, only to find that there is no fire to be seen. Kosuzu runs into them and explains that the smoke they saw might be from when she tried to "smoke out" the bugs, but Reimu and Marisa aren't quite convinced. As they go back to the shrine, a shadow appears to attack Reimu, but when she turns around, nothing is there. Later that day, as Reimu sits down to eat lunch, Marisa barges in and throws water on Reimu, and the shrine maiden kicks her out. Marisa, then cleaning up the mess, explains that she saw smoke rising from the shrine and thought it was on fire. After investigating, though, they don't see any trace of fire around the shrine grounds. At the end, Kosuzu appears at the shrine.

Chapter Three: December Youkai Extermination (Part 2) (December 26, 2012)

Summary: When Reimu assumes Kosuzu came to the shrine because she thought there was a fire, Kosuzu doesn't have any idea what she was talking about, and then leaves. Reimu and Marisa discuss all this, and both suddenly realize that the smoke must be due to some kind of youkai. Marisa rushes off to Suzunaan and asks Kosuzu about it. She admits she knows what the smoke is, and explains that the page in the book that was "eaten away" was the passage on a youkai smoke called Enenra. Reimu has gone straight to Marisa's house, where she finds the smoke and battles it. Kosuzu tells Marisa that because Enenra's page was the only one that was missing, she went out to find it. She says that if Enenra can't start up a fire itself, then it will "jump" to someone else and follow them. Reimu arrives as Marisa is about to leave to go to her house, saying she already exterminated it. Kosuzu repeats her explanation to Reimu, but when they look back in the book, the words are still not on the page. All three instantly realize that Reimu must not have sealed it properly and Enenra must have gone back to the shrine, and they all head back there. Kosuzu tells Reimu that she should deal with Enenra by purifying it with "sacred" smoke. Sakuya suddenly arrives as well, asking as to the smoke; Reimu grabs her and thus begins a wild goose chase. After a long few days, Reimu and Marisa finally corner it in a soba shop and manage to seal it away. Kosuzu rewards them, but it's revealed to the reader that Kosuzu had actually released Enenra in the first place - in order to get rid of the word-eating youkai. After it had done its job, though, Kosuzu couldn't re-seal it in the book.

Chapter Four: Privately Published Night Parade Scroll (Part 1) (January 26, 2013)

Summary: Winter is in full force in Gensokyo as Letty Whiterock spreads snow all over the place. The first pages show various household supplies having grown legs, walking all in a line at night. The next day, Marisa visits the Hakurei Shrine and tells Reimu that there's been a lot of reports of fox-fire about the Human Village. Reimu suggests that it is a simple will-o-wisp, but this smoky phenomenon seems to be traveling in a line, and is the wrong color. Worried that it is fox-fire, Reimu goes to the Human Village to investigate. Meanwhile, someone visits Suzunaan and finds an imported book on the subject of the Night Parade Scroll, and asks Kosuzu if they happen to have the original scroll. Later, as Reimu is walking down the street, she passes that person, who reveals herself as Mamizou Futatsuiwa and tells her the fox-fire is Suzunaan's fault, before disappearing.

Chapter Five: Privately Published Night Parade Scroll (Part 2) (February 26, 2013)

Summary: Reimu goes to the Suzunaan to question Kosuzu about the incident, but all she says is that a lot of random objects have been gathering in her store every night. Later, Marisa manages to find all the objects, and is surprised to see that they are actually tsukumogami, all parading in a line towards the foxfire. When she approaches the foxfire, everything - including a couple of tanuki that had gathered there - disappears, and Mamizou reveals herself from the flame. She was apparently trying to raise some powerful youkai by using the good compatibility between tsukumogami and bakedanuki, but she wasn't the one creating the tsukumogami out of household objects in the first place. Reimu and Marisa later barge into Suzunaan looking for the reason. Kosuzu shows them the scroll that Mamizou had looked at the last time she was here. It turns out it was a sequel to the Night Parade Scroll, which contains vast amounts of youkai energy, which caused the household objects to become tsukumogami. After warning her not to open it or sell it to anyone ever again, Mamizou comes to buy it. Kosuzu turns her down, and the bakedanuki reluctantly leaves with a warning not to open the scroll any more than once a month or so. She ends up using it every night of a full moon.

Volume One Bonus Chapter - A Youkai Fairy Tale

Summary: Kosuzu reads a story to some children from the Human Village about a shamisen-loving monk who accidentally killed some tanuki by getting into a music battle with them and unwillingly became hero of the village. Reimu and Marisa had come there to check up on her, but Mamizou arrives afterwards, wanting to sell a hand-drawn book about a tanuki that repaid a favor to a human that was kind to it (in order to get the kids to stop being mean to tanuki). Reimu has no choice but to go along with it, as she fears revealing Mamizou is a youkai will further damage her own reputation.