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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 2
Forbidden Scrollery Vol.2

Comp Ace


February 20, 2014






Moe Harukawa





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Compilation Version[edit]

FS Vol 2 Complete

Compilation of Volume 2



Chapter Six: The Requirements for Raising a Rare Beast (Part 1) (April 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: Hieda no Akyuu returns to Suzunaan to drop off some books she had borrowed, along with the news that there's an incident in the Human Village - sake is being stolen out of people's homes at night. Kosuzu is skeptical, but Akyuu points out that the casks holding the sake weren't stolen; the sake is being drunk right out of the casks, meaning that it has to be the doing of a youkai. Meanwhile at the shrine, Marisa, Remilia, Sakuya, and a few others are visiting for a flower viewing (the same one depicted in Wild and Horned Hermit chapter 16). Remilia tells Reimu about some sort of "rare pet" from the human world that she managed to finally get her hands on: a tupai, a creature that can drink sake like no other. Later on, Akyuu brings a trap that she made to catch the youkai - a cocktail that will knock it out after a single sip, styled after the drink fed to Yamata no Orochi to put it to sleep. A few days later, Sakuya comes to the Hakurei Shrine looking for Remilia's new pet, which seems to have disappeared. Reimu manages to remember the vampire mentioning it through the drunken mist clouding her memory of the last couple of days, and Sakuya goes on to describe its appearance...

Chapter Seven: The Requirements for Raising a Rare Beast (Part 2) (May 25, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: After describing Remilia's pet to Reimu, Sakuya goes to Suzunaan along with the Shrine Maiden to research the Tupai. However, after she sees a picture representing it, Sakuya says that their pet is a lot different from that one. Meanwhile, thanks to the trap she set before, Hieda no Akyuu manages to capture a strange beast that is supposed to be the sake-stealing youkai. Marisa, who just arrived, asks her what kind of monster it might be, but Akyuu says she doesn't know it. Mamizou Futatsuiwa, disguised among the villagers, suggests that it's probably a Chupacabra, a vampiric beast that sucks blood from livestock, and it's not a youkai but a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal).
After the brief discussion, Kosuzu remembers Akyuu's trap and suggests that Remilia's pet might be the sake thief and goes to see her friend, followed by Reimu and Sakuya. After Reimu opens the pot in which Mamizou sealed the Chupacabra, the beast tries to escape but is captured again by Sakuya and returned to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The chapter ends with Reimu and Marisa searching for something similar to a Tupai in the Forest of Magic, while Kosuzu seems more interested in the fact that there are plants capable of producing alcohol.

Chapter Eight: The Inari's Hood (Part 1) (June 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: In the Human Village Kosuzu comes across Akyuu and a group of villagers gathered around the local Inari Shrine - the cloth hood normally placed on the statue has gone missing. In private, Akyuu tells Kosuzu that it's a "listening hood" that lets the wearer understand the speech of plants and animals, which Kosuzu recognises from a fairytale. The real hood was switched with a fake some time ago, but lost its power while in storage, leading Akyuu to deduce that any hood worn by the statue will become temporarily enchanted. They conclude that even if a listening hood was stolen, it's not a very useful power in real life so it's not worth worrying about.
Marisa arrives at her house, carrying a white snake (a rare and powerful catalyst for magic) in a rag. The snake gestures for her to wear the rag on her head, and she seems to hear from it that Reimu is in danger. She arrives at the shrine to find a bedridden Reimu, who is surprised that Marisa knew she was sick. Marisa responds that she's going to cure her.

Chapter Nine: The Inari's Hood (Part 2) (July 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: Marisa explains that the white snake told her about Reimu's illness - one of its friends became trapped in Reimu's roof when she repaired it yesterday, and its negative feelings have been leaking out to make her sick. When this snake is freed, Reimu's sickness disappears instantly. Marisa reveals the hood's properties, explaining that she had seen the snake apparently praying at the Inari Shrine, and took the hood to carry it with. Reimu begs to have the hood as a shrine attraction, but Marisa refuses, saying she already has a way to make money from it herself.
Marisa arrives at Suzunaan, convincing Kosuzu to show her the Night Parade Picture Scroll. As she searches through it the white snake bursts from her hat, now pitch-black and floating before her with batlike wings; the section of the scroll Marisa was reading has turned blank. The snake, in normal speech, reveals that it is actually a dragon who built the village's Inari Shrine long ago, and was using Marisa to get to the scroll where its power was sealed. It does, however, plan to reward Marisa for her help. Kosuzu identifies it as an evil dragon (which the dragon admits, though it insists that as a newborn it's no danger to anyone) and demands that she get a reward as well, for the damage to her scroll. The dragon flies off to its home above the clouds, leaving behind a dragon claw for Marisa and a fish print of itself for Kosuzu (signed "Evil Dragon").

Chapter Ten: Traditional Performing Arts of Darkness (Part 1) (August 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: At the Hakurei Shrine, Kosuzu attends a Noh play performed by Hata no Kokoro, where she comments to Marisa that she didn't understand anything of it, since it was too abstract. After a brief discussion with Reimu and Marisa about the recent religious war and the new event, Kosuzu goes back to Suzunaan to research the Noh theater in order to understand it. She is helped by Hieda no Akyuu, who remembers Noh theater from one of her previous reincarnations, and tells her a long story about everything she knows on that matter. When she is almost giving up, Kosuzu discovers a Demon book written for fun by youkai that is based on Noh plays and seems to describe what Kokoro is doing at the shrine; according to the scroll, she isn't doing a simple dance performance but a "Noh of Darkness" which is said to absorb the emotions of those who see it.

Chapter Eleven: Traditional Performing Arts of Darkness (Part 2) (September 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste

Summary: After the discovery, Kosuzu goes to the Hakurei Shrine once again because she has to tell someone what she knows, suspecting that Kokoro might not be human. She avoids confronting Reimu since she was the one who organized the event, and Kosuzu thinks she might be an accomplice. Instead, she calls Marisa and explains her what she learned about the "Noh of Darkness". Marisa confirms that Kokoro isn't human and they already knew that, but she also says that it will be not good to say it it public. When Kosuzu wonders what Reimu might be planning by gathering so many people, Marisa reassures her saying that she just wants to get some worshippers. Later, Mamizou Futatsuiwa disguises herself and visits Kosuzu after hearing the conversation. They chat about the recent religious festival, then Kosuzu asks Mamizou for advice about the "Noh of Darkness". The tanuki agrees on helping, then borrows the Demon book about Noh and has a monologue in which is explained that the scroll is just a joking imitation written by tengu, and that Kokoro's performances were started to stabilize her mind. After thinking about it, Mamizou decides to reassure Kosuzu by feeding her a made up story about Kokoro wanting to steal people's emotions and Reimu punishing her. Mamizou also explains that menreiki can perform many things other than the "Noh of Darkness", and that Kokoro is now going to perform a new modern play called "Shinkirou" that is based on the religious war and is easier to understand.

Chapter Twelve: The Aftermath of the Miracle Mallet (Part 1) (October 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste, N-Forza

Summary: After the events of Double Dealing Character, Marisa goes to Suzunaan and asks Kosuzu for books about tsukumogami. While reading a modern book that describes them, she discovers that some of the books in the shop have been moving on their own for a while, but Kosuzu doesn't seem to be bothered by them since they are not harming anyone. Marisa tells Reimu what she has seen, saying that the cause is probably the same that made their weapons acting strangely some time before. Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, now living at the Hakurei Shrine, confirms that it is probably because of the Miracle Mallet, saying that the books would come back to normal like all the other tsukumogami and that they are just making it slower. However, after hearing that most of the books at Suzunaan are still acting weird, she changes her mind and explains that they are most likely influenced by some other magical power. Reimu and Marisa go at Kosuzu's place and ask her what are the most violent books, discovering that it is the Demon books. Reimu deduces that the alternate source of magic of which Shinmyoumaru was speaking are the Demon books themselves. After she picks up on of them, many tsukumogami come out of it, but the shrine maiden quickly seals the tools using some ofuda. The girls argue if it's not the books themselves that are becoming tsukumogami but the objects inside them. Reimu decides that they need to exorcise the books, but admits that the magic of the Demon books is out of her league and that she can only seal them.

Chapter Thirteen: The Aftermath of the Miracle Mallet (Part 2) (November 26, 2013)

Translated by Clarste, edited by Clarste, N-Forza

Summary: Kosuzu's shoes are missing. At the same time, Reimu is visiting the Human Village to check if some of the magic of the Demon books is leaking out Suzunaan and asks Marisa if she is really investigating the small incident at Suzunaan, but a suspicious-looking Kosuzu that passes near them catches her attention. Kosuzu appears immediatly after, confusing both Reimu and Marisa, then has a conversation with Hieda no Akyuu about what's happening in the shop. Akyuu then shows one of Kosuzu's shoes that was found in Akyuu's garden, and tells that some melons have been stolen in the same place and at the same time in which the shoe was found. Marisa, who heard their conversation from outside, remembers having read something about melons and shoes in the modern book about tsukumogami that she borrowed from Kosuzu. She goes where the melons are being stolen and finds a Kutsutsura, a youkai tsukumogami that originates from the chinese proverb "Don't leave your shoe in a melon patch, or straighten your crown under a plum tree". Marisa deduces that this youkai started to steal melons and plums to become a full youkai, but she stops it from completing the process since it would have been bad if a new youkai was born in the village, then kills it by squashing it with her foot. The magician goes to Suzunaan and shows to Kosuzu the shoe she retrieved from the Kutsutsura, but Kosuzu denies that it belongs to her, so that she would not be linked with the melon incident. Seeing how filthy the shoe is, Reimu wonders if it was stolen by a youkai, but Marisa says to not worry about it and that the culprit has already been exterminated.

Volume Two Bonus Material

Translated by Clarste, N-Forza, edited by Clarste, N-Forza

First 4koma: Sakuya gives Kosuzu a letter by Remilia in which she expresses her gratitude about the Tupai affair. Kosuzu can read it even if it is in english, but she has a hard time in responding using said language. Meanwhile, Remilia has apparently called the Tupai Chupa, as in Chupacabra. She asks it to give her a hand, but has Patchouli doing it instead (Chupa -> Pachu). Second 4koma: Kosuzu compliments Kokoro for her performance, but she get startled when the menreiki expresses her emotions through her masks. Marisa explains that she always does like this. Third 4koma: Some small incidents occur at the Hakurei shrine and Shinmyoumaru gives all the blame to the after-effects of the Miracle Mallet, until half a biscuit gets eaten and Reimu stops tolerating the excuses. Fourth 4koma: Shinmyoumaru makes a kimono for Reimu, matching her own, but it's sized for a inchling's body. Reimu wears it anyway, putting it on her head.
It also contains some extra pictures of Remilia, Shinmyoumaru and Kokoro.