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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 4
Forbidden Scrollery Vol.4

Comp Ace


August 10, 2015






Moe Harukawa





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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 5




Chapter Twenty Two: Tobacco, the Tanuki, and the Dine-and-Dasher (Part 1) (October 26, 2014)

Summary: Kosuzu is talking to Mamizou, thanking her for bringing some books from the Outside World to her. One is a news magazine that talks about "Ebola being on a rampage", making her wondering if Ebola is a kind of youkai, the other appears to be just filled with lies, with the name "Slenderman" readable on it, and has an article about a giant snake devouring a whole man in India. Kosuzu says that the whole magazine is overly exaggerated and thinks such big snakes can't possibly exist, but the tanuki claims one should exist in Gensokyo, "deep in the forest" (likely the Forest of Magic).

Mamizou then talks about the snake attacks that have happened that year, scaring Kosuzu. She leaves Suzunaan, still wondering about the giant snake and saying to herself that the really scary part is what comes after it eats a whole man. She then notices a suspicious human passing near her. Meanwhile, Reimu is talking to Sanae about the snake attacks, suspecting that she is involved with it since the Moriya Shrine has a snake god. Sanae denies having anything to do with it, saying that doing such things would hurt their reputation. Since not even Sanae seems to be able to do something about it, Reimu decides that they can only going the hard way. Changing the subject, Sanae starts talking about another problem in the village: apparently, there have been many cases of dine-and-dashing in taverns and pubs, but no one knows who the suspect is.

While thinking how to ward the snakes off, Kosuzu hears someone screaming for help in stopping a man that is running away after not having paid his bill. She tries to stop him as he runs towards her, but fails at it and the suspect just vanishes at a dead end, leaving the girl confused. The same man who asked for help, the owner of a tavern, explains that it is how always goes: after running away for a bit, the dine-and-dasher just vanishes without trace. It also appears that it's more than one person doing it.

Chapter Twenty Three: Tobacco, the Tanuki, and the Dine-and-Dasher (Part 2) (December 26, 2014)

Summary: Sanae is talking to the villagers about how snakes can be messengers of gods or even gods themselves, asking the humans to not slay them recklessly. After a man says that it is dangerous to leave them be, Sanae admits that it is true, and that while they might be sacred not everything sacred is an ally of mankind, but also reminds that various aspects of nature like mountains or lakes show their wrath as well. She then claims that giving some food offerings will keep the snakes away. Reimu, who is listening to Sanae with Kosuzu, is jealous of how easily the other shrine maiden can evangelize, and even warns Kosuzu to not be fooled by evangelists and such. Kosuzu finds it funny that a shrine maiden like her, in the same businness as Sanae, would say something like that.

Sanae, after hearing that, says that she's not doing anything wrong, and that she just wanted to gather some faith, even claiming that it could really help with the snakes. When accused by Reimu of just wanting to earn something to eat, she answers that it's just standard businness practice. Kosuzu asks if it really works, but Sanae tells her that her true goal was to teach people fearing snakes. Kosuzu admits that she is scared of snakes after she read the new about the giant snake outside Gensokyo, but Reimu thinks that a snake so large is probably a youkai. Meanwhile, Mamizou is visiting one of the branch shrines erected by the Moriyas. Talking to herself, she says that the offerings left there are pointless, and that any beast that eats a human or youkai, becomes a youkai itself that wouldn't know of Gensokyo's rules. Inside a tavern, a woman is busy serving a man that is apparently eating really much. Mamizou sits near him, then makes him know that she has discovered his true form: a snake youkai. He tries to deny that, but Mamizou claims that as a tanuki leader master of transformations, she can clearly see through his disguises. He was, in fact, both the suspicious-looking human she noticed before, and the eat-and-run guy that Kosuzu couldn't stop. Cornered, the youkai tells her the disguises serve him to eat for free in the village, and how he found himself in Gensokyo after he ate a guy in the Outside World. Mamizou tells him about the rules that protect humans in Gensokyo, then dissolves his disguise by smoking some tobacco and pays his bill. Some time later, Sanae finds Reimu at one of the branch shrines. As the-eat-and-run incident stopped, Sanae firmly believes that she was the one able to stop it by restoring human morality, while Reimu thinks that it's only because the food offering were taken by beggars that didn't need to eat-and-run anymore. However, neither of them actually knows the truth about it.

Kosuzu, still fearing snakes, comes running and gives a slug-looking offering to the shrine. Reimu recommends to call her if there's some youkai snake to be dealt with, but says that it's better going asking the Moriyas for snake bites, since they created an antidote for it.

Chapter Twenty Four: Unattributed Words Are Easily Stolen (Part 1) (January 26, 2015)

Summary: Since it's a cold day, Kosuzu decides to read a book about divination to kill some time, but notices some notes written in it and understands that they are not mere scribbles but actual theories and techniques of the previous owner of the book. While examining the book, a menacing shadow appears behind her, but she doesn't notice it. She then decides to test the techniques on someone, and also grabs Akyuu's attention, explaining her how the notes make easy to do fortune-telling. Shortly after, rumors about Kosuzu and "her own" accurate divination techniques begin to spread, making Mamizou interested as well. The tanuki goes to Suzunaan and learns how Kosuzu didn't actually create the techniques she uses, but is just following the book's instructions. However, Kosuzu claims that she didn't really mean to take credit for that, and that people just made assumptions about it, then she feels a presence behind her. Mamizou explains that looking "behind the veil of our world" by reading fate might cause her to abandon the path of humanity, as it means looking at things that shouldn't be seen and not many besides shrine maidens can do fortune-telling without suffering consequences, then warns Kosuzu about the dangers of becoming too accurate saying that she might attract some kind of magical power, but also finds strange how the book is not a Demon book but has both scribbles and actual useful informations on it. Suddenly, a dark misty shape appears behind Mamizou, disappearing shortly after but not before Kosuzu notices it.

Chapter Twenty Five: Unattributed Words Are Easily Stolen (Part 2) (February 26, 2015)

Summary: Kosuzu is doing divination for Marisa, anticipating that that same day or the day after her luck would be at its lowest. Marisa then goes to the Hakurei Shrine, planning to stay there for a while until her anticipated bad luck runs out. She also remembers having seen Kosuzu's divination techniques before, saying that they are the same used by a student fortune-teller, that was kicked out for the use of magic and that had died under weird circumstances almost half a year before the current events. After hearing the story, Reimu realizes there's probably a youkai involved in Kosuzu's new divination abilities and the death of someone unrelated, and rushes to Suzunaan followed by an unwilling Marisa. Reaching the place, they see some scared humans running away, claiming there's a youkai inside and run inside, discovering a mysterious cloaked person behind Kosuzu, who had fainted for the shock. After blocking some of Reimu's ofuda with a curtain, the figure runs away chased by Reimu, who leaves Marisa to take care of Kosuzu. Immediatly after, Akyuu also comes inside and explains to Marisa that Kosuzu angered the spirit of the author of the divination book by claiming the techniques as her own. Meanwhile, the fugitive stops running and faces Reimu, asking her to let him go and saying that he chose to become a youkai because a human's life under the yoke of youkai is miserable. He then explains the details on how he was able to resurrect after he had taken his own life, and says that since he doesn't mean any harm, a "youkai shrine maiden" like Reimu has no reason to be his enemy and kill him, but Reimu exterminates him without warning saying that she is a human shrine maiden and that in Gensokyo a human villager becoming a youkai is "the greatest sin". She then burns the divination book since it isn't safe to leave it around. It is then explained that humans that become youkai or have a youkai-like nature are called jinyou, and that since Reimu believes they'd destroy Gensokyo's balance, she keeps an eye on certain humans, and on Suzunaan.

Chapter Twenty Six: Kokkuri Scatters with the Cherry Blossoms (Part 1) (March 26, 2015)

Summary: Kosuzu wants to know more about the urban legend of "Kokkuri-san", and under Marisa's suggestion brings to Rinnosuke Morichika a ouija board belonging to her family, so that she may learn more about it since it seems to be just like Kokkuri-san.

Chapter Twenty Seven: Kokkuri Scatters with the Cherry Blossoms (Part 2) (April 26, 2015)

Summary: After learning some informations about the ouija board from Rinnosuke, Kosuzu tries to use it with Marisa. Meanwhile, Reimu is bothered by Kokkuri-san being so popular since it might hurt her businness, and after showing off a bit with the ouija board she makes Kosuzu spread rumors about the uselessness of Kokkuri-san.

Chapter Twenty Eight: The Kappa's Grimoire (Part 1) (May 26, 2015)

Summary: Marisa talks with Kosuzu about the printing service at Suzunaan, but gives up on trying it after she learns how expensive it would be. Meanwhile, Mamizou tricks Reimu in handing down some magazines from the Outside World, and sells them to Kosuzu, then learns that someone used Suzunaan's printing service for a big order. As a master of disguises, Mamizou has no doubts that the one she saw was a kappa, and wonders why they would want to print a book. At the Youkai Mountain, Nitori and others kappa seem up to something and made preparations.

Chapter Twenty Nine: The Kappa's Grimoire (Part 2) (June 26, 2015)

Summary: Marisa is talking with Reimu about the kappa being weird lately, when Mamizou approaches and tells them a kappa made a big printing order at Suzunaan, but also saying she doesn't know what kind of book will be printed. Intrigued, the two humans go at the shop to ask Kosuzu about it. Mamizou visits what seems to be a garden of cucumbers made by the kappa, and learn the truth about the book being printed at Suzunaan. After Kosuzu finished the printing job, she thinks she might write her own book.

Volume Four Bonus Material

Summary: Contains extra pictures of Sanae Kochiya, Rinnosuke Morichika, and the place where Akyuu held the ceremony in chapter 26.