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Forbidden Scrollery/Volume 5

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Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 5
Forbidden Scrollery Vol.5

Comp Ace


April 26, 2016






Moe Harukawa





Followed by

Forbidden Scrollery Vol. 6




Chapter Thirty: Is the Bull's Head Somewhere Out There? (Part 1) (July 26, 2015)

Summary: In the village there are rumors about a story called "The bull's head", which supposedly makes anyone hearing it die. However, the story itself is unknown to anyone, just like the one responsible for spreading such rumors.

Chapter Thirty One: Is the Bull's Head Somewhere Out There? (Part 2) (August 26, 2015)

Summary: It is revealed that the culprits behind The Bull's Head story are Nue Houjuu, who thought of a plan to instill fear in humans without having to harm anyone, and Mamizou, that used her tanuki friends to make humans see the bullmen. However, Reimu manages to turn the tables, making the villager believe the subject of the "Bull's Head" story is actually the god Gozu-Tennoh, the bull-headed emperor.

Chapter Thirty Two: Rulers of the Truth (Part 1) (September 26, 2015)

Summary: Marisa finds a letter that seems to be written by tengu, and brings it to Kosuzu to know what it says. Later, Marisa meets a disguised Aya Shameimaru wandering the village, and learns that while the village seems to be protected by the youkai, various factions among them are actually fighting for its control. However, Aya also says that youkai as a whole have a common interest in preventing a ruler from inside the village from coming to power, since they believe the humans would surely start breaking Gensokyo's rules if that happened. At the end, Aya (still disguised) goes to Suzunaan to talk about selling her newspaper.

Chapter Thirty Three: Rulers of the Truth (Part 2) (October 26, 2015)

Summary: Aya begins negotiating with Kosuzu about selling her newspaper at Suzunaan. Kosuzu is sceptical at first, which quickly turns to fear when Aya reveals her identity as a tengu and begins to make subtle threats. Kosuzu travels to the Hakurei Shrine, where Reimu advises her to go along with it since the tengu are unlikely to use the newspaper to cause trouble. The "Bunbunmaru Newspaper: Human Village Edition" soon becomes a roaring success, with Reimu noting that it's been tailored well to human audiences and has very little "tengu-ness" compared to Aya's usual work. Reimu, Marisa and Kosuzu discuss how tengu love to distribute newspapers because they are dealers in truths, but at the same time there are always motives behind which truths they choose to spread, and being a source of reliable information is a form of power in itself.

Chapter Thirty Four: Who's Spreading Demagogy? (Part 1) (November 26, 2015)

Summary: The chapter opens with Reimu reminiscing on the incidents she's had to deal with this year, including trips to the Outside World and to the Lunar Capital. She then encounters a nervous man who has come to the shrine to pray - according to rumours spreading around the village, the Age of Maitreya will come at year's end, and with it the end of the world as everything is wiped clean. Meanwhile, at Suzunaan, Kosuzu comments that a lot of people have been reading imported science magazines lately. Suspecting involvement from Myouren Temple or the Lunarians, Reimu and Marisa set off to investigate the rumours, fearing that the effects of the Urban Legend Incident have not yet faded and may cause them to become true. Byakuren Hijiri denies involvement, claiming that the rumours have little to do with Maitreya as described in Buddhist doctrine, and suggests that they were started by someone who learned of the effects of the Occult Balls and the damage they inflicted on the Great Hakurei Barrier. Reisen says that Eientei have nothing to do with the rumours, and admits that she wouldn't put it past the Lunar Capital to "purify" Earth, but that if they were really up to something then Eirin would have found out by now. The chapter ends with Kosuzu receiving a delivery of the newest edition of the Bunbunmaru, which appears to outline how the world will end in detail.

Chapter Thirty Five: Who's Spreading Demagogy? (Part 2) (December 26, 2015)

Summary: Marisa comes to the Hakurei Shrine to alert Reimu to the story on the Bunbunmaru front page - a prophecy telling that the apocalypse will come at the end of the year. Reimu fights her way up Youkai Mountain to confront Aya and force her to retract the article. However, Aya merely scolds her for not reading the article properly - it's an explanation of why readers shouldn't believe the prophecy, which had already been circulating the village before the paper was published, and has existed in the Outside World for over 150 years. Back at Suzunaan, Kosuzu mentions the recent boom in imported science magazines, to which Marisa responds that they're really just occult magazines with little grounding in fact, and were probably the source of the rumours in the first place. Wandering the human village, Mamizou notes that many youkai have benefited from the rumours, and wonders if someone could have created this situation on purpose, to reinvigorate both humans and youkai. She begins to picture an aloof youkai (heavily implied to be Yukari Yakumo) who could "toss a stone without anyone noticing, and with it move the entire world", but then shudders and decides not to think on it any further.

Chapter Thirty Six: The Drunken Horse Bush Appearing in the Human Village (Part 1) (January 26, 2016)

Chapter Thirty Seven: The Drunken Horse Bush Appearing in the Human Village (Part 2) (February 26, 2016)

Volume Five Bonus Material

Summary: Contains extra pictures of Nue Houjuu, Byakuren Hijiri, Aya Shameimaru with Hatate Himekaidou and Momiji Inubashiri, and a parade of tsukumogami.