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Frantically Forbidden Fruit/Story/Extra Story

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 Story   Reimu's Paradise Extra
 Reimu's Legacy Extra
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 Marisa's Legacy Extra
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 Sakuya's Legacy Extra
 Sanae's Paradise Extra
 Sanae's Legacy Extra
 Youmu's Paradise Extra
 Youmu's Legacy Extra
 Yuuka's Paradise Extra
 Yuuka's Legacy Extra
 Reisen's Paradise Extra
 Reisen's Legacy Extra


■1.エキストラストーリー 1. Extra Story







Reimu and co. had finally been released from the scent of fruits once the Heavenly Flower Tower,
a floating island that'd been suspended in mid-air, was brought back under the vicinity of Heaven.

However, according to Reisen's investigations, several incidents were occurring at the same time.
She asked Ringo to explain the whole story, but nothing she said seemed to make any sense.
With an overwhelming lack of information, the group decided to start investigating again.

Meanwhile, a great commotion was occurring at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the very place that once bore scarlet mist.
That girl who should have been living below ground was once again igniting the flames of destruction.

Remilia Scarlet, the head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, was working alongside her close friend Patchouli Knowledge
to prevent a violent outbreak for the sake of protecting the mansion and her younger sister. The sister's power had
increased more than expected, which would allow her to blow up the mansion.
She had been stalled thanks to Patchouli's magical rain, but if things were to go on like this...

―The thread of cause and effect was already being twisted into chaos.
A danmaku game, maddened by lunatic flames, was about to begin.

■3.ハーベストストーリー 3. Harvest Story




It's been a few weeks since the defeat of the mastermind Clownpiece,

the fruit-scattering prankster who had been hiding out in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
The air of autumn was supposed to have finally enveloped Gensokyo, but...

Instead of waning away, the fierce heat was showing signs of a further increase in activity.
Could it be that someone was trying to stop the coming of autumn? Or was this a new incident...?

――A group of splendid girls could be seen flying in the tropical blue skies of summer.