Frantically Forbidden Fruit/Story/Prologue

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The Hakurei Shrine. A shrine built on a frontier far from the Human Village.

August had already passed, and a hot summer was coming to Gensokyo once again this year.
Seeking the cool, the humans and youkai would be flying high in the skies this season. least, they were supposed to. If there hadn't been a tremendous heat wave for over two months.

 霊夢 「おかしい」 Reimu "This is weird."
 魔理沙「おう、ついに暑さにやられたのか?」 Marisa "Oh, did the heat finally get to ya?"
 霊夢 「もう神無月(10月)になるのよ。


Reimu "It's going to be October soon!

Normally, it shouldn't be so excited out."

 魔理沙「たまによくあるんじゃないか?」 Marisa "Ain't this all right once in a while?"


Perhaps due to the heat, most of Gensokyo's residents had lost their drive.

It was only natural. On top of the temperature, the air was sickly sweet-- everywhere you went.
The cause was a massive appearance of various fruits, all at the same time.
It was hard to imagine that they appeared just because of the boiling heat.



Marisa "Here, have some magical banana juice. Fresh from the Forest a' Magic.

...although it's gone kinda lukewarm."

 霊夢 「…氷魔法使えなかったっけ?魔理沙って」 Reimu "...can't you just use ice magic, Marisa?"


Marisa "Wha? No way. I ran right out of the ice chunks

that I stockpiled last winter."



On top of the Forest of Magic's original humidity, the heat wave

had turned its atmosphere into that of a tropical jungle.
The ecosystem was still just about intact, but it wouldn't last for very long.

 霊夢 「やっぱりいつもより夏が永いからじゃないの?ソレって」 Reimu "That must be because the summer's longer than usual, right? The ice thing."
 魔理沙「一応八卦炉の冷房機能とジュースに使う分は取っておいてあるがな」 Marisa "Although I did keep enough for the Hakkero's coolin' unit and for juice-making."
 霊夢 「それ水筒に入れてきなさいよ」 Reimu "You ought to put those in a canteen!"
 魔理沙「もったいないぜ。空の上は涼しいからな」 Marisa "That'd be a waste. It's still cool up in the sky, after all."
 霊夢 「あっそう。もういいや、ちょっとぬるくても」 Reimu "Is it now. Anyway, just hand it over, even if it's lukewarm."


Normally, they would have suspected an incident

as soon as fruits started growing all over the place.
However, this was a shrine maiden who would leave her possessed purification rod alone because it was convenient.
She was also exhausted from her struggles during the lunar invasion incident, and didn't pay it any heed.

 霊夢 「ぶはー。ぬるい、あまい、うまい。」 Reimu "Pheeew. Lukewarm. Sweet. Delicious."


Marisa "What kinda three-step word usage is that?

...geeze, you're completely out of it."



As Marisa looked away from Reimu lazily flopping around,

she saw four familiar figures heading towards them.



Marisa "'Ey, it's Sakuya and Sanae. And Reisen an' Youmu...

Pretty rare pairs we got here. What's up?"

 咲夜 「さっきそこでバッタリとね。ブドウジュースはいかが?」 Sakuya "We just bumped into each other a ways back. Would you like some grape juice?"
 早苗 「こんにちは。うちで取れたメロンをジュースにしたので


Sanae "Good morning. I made juice from the melons at our place,

so I came to share it. And have a chat, too."

 霊夢 「こんなに暑いのに、良く飛んでくる元気があるわね」 Reimu "You must be doing pretty well to fly here in this heat."
 魔理沙「戸棚にアリスから貰ったクッキーがあるから、食べて良いぜ」 Marisa "There's some cookies from Alice in the cupboard, so have 'em if ya want."
 鈴仙 「あんたのじゃないでしょソレって」 Reisen "Those aren't yours, you know?"
 妖夢 「切った西瓜や桃もありますけど」 Youmu "We have some sliced watermelon and peaches, too."
 霊夢 「おっ、いいわね。それじゃ座布団持ってくるわ」 Reimu "Oh, nice. I'll go get the cushions, then."


The six gathered around the table shared the juice and fruit they brought,

and discussed the incident.

 霊夢 「やっぱりさー。この暑さと果物の大量発生って


Reimu "Oh, I knew it. This heat and the fruit oubreak have gotta

to be connected. And then everyone's excited because of that too, I guess?"



Marisa "You already said that a while ago. Well, I guess

I did think it was strange too, at first..."

 咲夜 「身構えても何も起きなかったからね。手掛かりも特にないし


Sakuya "Nothing dangerous happened even when we were on guard, after all.

Plus there's no other clues, and incidents are usually more active than this."

 早苗 「結局、みんな果物に釣られちゃったんですよね。


Sanae "Everyone was taken in by the fruit, in the end.

An incident this delicious would be cause for celebration."

 妖夢 「でも異変は異変なんですよね。幽々子様も言ってました」 Youmu "But an incident's still an incident. Lady Yuyuko said as much, too."
 鈴仙 「うちの師匠も異変じゃないかと言ってたし、


Reisen "My master also suspected that it was an incident.

How about we work together and search for the fruits' source?"



Marisa "Well, we sure don't need this awful heat wave.

I'm startin' to get sick of fruit too, so why don't we move out?"

 霊夢 「そうねぇ。涼しくなってきたら


Reimu "You're right. Once we've cooled off a bit,

we'll each head a different way and investigate things."

 鈴仙 「あ、その前にちょっと待って」 Reisen "Oh, just one moment before that."


Just as everyone began preparing for incident resolution on Reimu's command,

Reisen motioned for them to stop, and took something out of her pocket.
It was a bottle small enough to fit in one hand.

 鈴仙 「折角フルーツがあちこちに一杯あるんだから、


Reisen "Just about everywhere is full of fruit,

so why not use those to our advantage?
That's why we made this."

 霊夢 「あー?なによこれ」 Reimu "Ah? What's this."
 妖夢 「ただの水筒に見えるけど…」 Youmu "It just looks like a bottle, but..."


As they all peered at the bottle with mild curiosity,

Reisen began to explain with a triumphant look on her face.

 鈴仙 「これはね、師匠の製薬技術をちょっとだけ応用して


Reisen "This, you see, is a special juice-concentrating bottle made with a slight

application of my master's pharmaceutical techniques. It's called the "Dream Shaker".
If you put fruit in here and shake it, it'll automatically extract the juice and turn
it into a beautifully delicious medicinal drink. It even comes with three
sterilized storage bottles-- and for no additional price!"

 咲夜 「あらまぁお得なセット」 Youmu "Goodness, what a great deal."
 魔理沙「色んな意味で胡散臭いなソレ」 Marisa "This sounds sketchy in all kindsa ways."
 早苗 「大丈夫なんですかね?」 Sanae "Is this really all right?"
 鈴仙 「大丈夫よ。治験は既に私がやったわ。


Reisen "Don't worry. I already tested it out and everything.

There were no particular abnormalities, so it should be fine for Earth humans too."

 霊夢 「ふうん。つまりそれで果物の嵩を減らして


Reimu "Hmm. So you're saying we can use this both to reduce the bulk

of all this fruit, and collect them for the incident resolution?"

 魔理沙「どうする?永琳の奴が何か企んでないとも限らんぞ」 Marisa "What'll we do? We dunno if that Eirin's up to somethin' again?"
 早苗 「あぁ、紺珠の薬の件もありますしね…。


Sanae "Oh, yes, like with the Ultramarine Orb Medicine...

That did have side effects..."

 妖夢 「私はあまり気にしませんけど…」 Youmu "I don't particularly mind..."
 咲夜 「右に同じくですわ」 Sakuya "I'm of the same opinion."


The 3 humans who had unwittingly gone along with Eirin's plan before (in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

didn't particularly want to use it, but Reisen had already anticipated this.

 鈴仙 「使わなくてもいいから、一応手に持っててよ。


Reisen "It's fine if you don't use it, but just take one for now.

We made quite a few, so I'll leave the spares here."

 霊夢 「仕方ないわね…。じゃあ使用は任意って事で。


Reimu "Well, all right... so, whoever wants one can use it.

Anyway, we'll start out in the evening, not the middle of the day."

 魔理沙「昼間は暑いしなぁ。夜の方がいいか」 Marisa "It's real hot at noon an' all. Night fine with you guys?"
 咲夜 「無事に成果を持って来れればいいんだけどね」 Sakuya "As long as we can safely finish things in time, that is."
 早苗 「それじゃ、早速どこから行くか決めましょう!


Sanae "All right, let's decide where we'll search in advance!

If we try to search through the dark clouds, we'll just tire ourselves out, after all!"

 妖夢 「なんか楽しんでません…?」 Youmu "Um, are you actually enjoying this...?"


As the six girls gathered around the table and began drafting battle plans,

another person watched them with a meaningful smile.

 ?? 「やれやれ。やっと動いてくれたのね。


?? "Goodness. They finally got to work, did they?

If they'd gotten started sooner, my flowers wouldn't have had to suffer."



Yuuka Kazami. An old-timer who'd been in Gensokyo since long ago,

and a youkai who loved the flowers of the four seasons more than anything.

 幽香 「やっぱり人間達は頼りないわね。暑いからって適当なんだから…。


Yuuka "You really can't rely on humans, in the end. They just excuse themselves because "oh, it's too hot out"...

Using that bottle the rabbit brought doesn't exactly sit right with me,
but there's little else to do. I suppose I'll move out myself for once, then?"



---Later, in the evening.

The time when the heat wave settled, and the cool evening wind began to blow.
The six humans, plus one youkai in the shadows--
in total, seven girls at last set off.



At the time, they had no way of knowing that someone

in the heavens had awaited this action of theirs.

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