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Frantically Forbidden Fruit/Story/Reisen's Paradise Ending

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The Heavenly Flower Tower, a multi-storied building floating in the heavens.

The Hinanawi residence, which was a part of Heaven,
had been renovated by Ringo and co. into a fruit tree testing ground.
Since then, it's been reduced to a mere dwarf continent floating in mid-air.
Currently, Reisen was located in a corridor so long it could be seen from the outside.

鈴仙 「改めて驚くけど、まさかこんな場所を借りて


Reisen: "Once again, I'm surprised. I can't believe you rented out a place
like this for your fruit cultivation experiments."
鈴瑚 「こっちもビックリしたっての。


Ringo: "I'm as surprised as you are.
It's amazing how you were able to craft such pinpoint countermeasure items."
鈴仙 「ま、まぁ幻想郷のピンチだから、この位はね?」 Reisen: "Well, Gensokyo was in a crisis. That's pretty much the amount of it, right?"
鈴仙 「で、例のフルーツの原木はどこに?」 Reisen: "So...Where are they? The progenitors for those fruit cultivars."
鈴瑚 「こっちこっち。中庭の方」 Ringo: "Right this way, in the courtyard."
鈴仙 「…へぇ。これはまた何とも」 Reisen: "Wait. This is also..."
鈴瑚 「見事な物でしょ?」 Ringo: "Pretty neat, right?"
鈴仙 「まぁ、ねぇ…。」 Reisen: "Well, I think..."


Ringo gave Reisen a tour of the Heavenly Flower Tower's interior.

Fruit trees that resembled contemporary art pieces were lined up as far as the eye can see.
Reisen's eyes, accustomed to the earth, noticed wavelengths that were distorted to an unnatural degree.
These wavelengths would deter fairies from approaching the trees, and the trees would die out as a result.
At that moment, Reisen had realized why Yuuka had sounded her warnings.

鈴仙 「樹のことは判った。でも肝心の動機が判らないのよね…


Reisen: "I finally understand the trees. But I still don't understand the key motives behind them...
I think Reimu and Lady Yagokoro said something about it, but I can't seem to remember it yet."
鈴瑚 「変な妖精の事?私も特に意識してなかったしなぁ…」 Ringo: "Are you talking about that strange fairy? I didn't really notice her, either..."
鈴仙 「困るのよねぇ、手掛かりそれしかないし。


Reisen: "If that's the only clue, then I'm in trouble.
There's also something else that I don't understand..."
鈴仙 「どうも弾幕に狂気が込められてるみたいなのよね


Reisen: "It seems that the danmaku here also has lunacy in it.
There are times when getting hit by those bullets may cause you to hallucinate having a health condition.
Using a shaker or a shock can help you recover."
鈴瑚 「フルーツの所為かな。でも紺珠の薬にそんな効果って…」 Ringo: "Maybe it's because of the fruits. But it could also be an effect of the Ultramarine Orb Elixer..."
鈴仙 「ええ、無かった筈。何か知らないかと思ってここに来たけど…」 Reisen: "No, I don't think that's it. I had come here to see if you knew anything, but..."
鈴瑚 「悪いけど、これ以上のものはないよ。


Ringo: "I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything beyond that.
I've already given the seeds to Lady Yagokoro."
鈴仙 「…ふーむ。となると実際に当たってみるしかないか


Reisen: "Hmm...I guess I'll just have to see for myself, then.
I'll let Reimu and the others know."
鈴瑚 「んー、あんまり無茶しちゃ駄目だよー?」 Ringo: "Eh? Don't you think that's a bit rash?"

  Ending No.13  霊夢も帰って来たばかりなんだけど…

Reisen took to the skies to investigate the lunacy contained in the bullets.

She still hasn't found the whereabouts of the hell fairy that drove Ringo mad.
Things weren't so great at the moment...The impatient Reisen decided to head to the Hakurei Shrine first and foremost.

Ending No. 13 - Reimu Just Got Home, Too...
Congratulations on clearing Paradise Mode!