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The English transcript of Frantically Forbidden Fruit for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]



Other Translations[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

A list of translations of the spell cards appearing in Frantically Forbidden Fruit.

In-Game Manual[edit]

Intro Screen[edit]

This game is a derivative work. All characters and organizations that appear have passed into fantasy.

Difficulty Levels[edit]

Like most official Windows games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

スプラウト級 Easy Mode 新芽を慈しむ難易度です。まずはここから
Sprout Level Easy Mode A difficulty level that cares for new sprouts. Try starting from here.
リーフ級 Normal Mode 優しく揉んでくる難易度です。葉のように柔軟に
Leaf Level Normal Mode A gently-crinkled difficulty level. Pliant, like leaves.
バッド級 Hard Mode すこし厳しめの難易度です。蕾だろうと容赦無し
Bud Level Hard Mode A somewhat-severe difficulty level. No mercy, even for buds.
ブロッサム級 Lunatic Mode 画面が華やかになる難易度です。華麗なる無慈悲
Blossom Level Lunatic Mode A difficulty level where the screen bursts into bloom. Beautiful and merciless.
クリーパー級 Extra Mode 危険と狂気が伝わってくる難易度です。取扱注意
Creeper Level Extra Mode A difficulty level where danger and madness come creeping up. Handle with care.
パラダイス級 Harvest Mode 残機を収穫してくる難易度です。やられる前にやれ
Paradise Level Harvest Mode A difficulty level where your remaining lives will be harvested. Get 'em before they get you!

Stage Titles[edit]

The game features six stages and one extra stage.

Stage 1 「紅蓮色の宵闇 Evening Twilight」 Crimson Twilight ~ Evening Twilight
Stage 2 「浅縹色の梅雨 Fleeting Swimmer」 Indigo Monsoon ~ Fleeting Swimmer
Stage 3 「萌葱色の疾風 Closing Chaser」 Fresh Green Gale ~ Closing Chaser
Stage 4A 「紅緋色の雲路 Uncanny Shaman」 Scarlet Cloud Route ~ Uncanny Shaman
Stage 4B 「黄金色の星雲 Powerful Fomalhaut」 Golden Nebula ~ Powerful Fomalhaut
Stage 4C 「菫色の小夜嵐 Flowering Night」 Violet Night Gale ~ Flowering Night
Stage 4D 「翡翠色の夕凪 Fruity Theurgyst」 Jade-colored Evening Calm ~ Fruity Theurgyst
Stage 4E 「常磐色の碧天 Skyward Blade」 Evergreen-colored Blue Sky ~ Skyward Blade
Stage 4F 「向日葵色の霞 Sleepless Flower」 Sunflower-colored Haze ~ Sleepless Flower
Stage 4G 「紫苑色の叢雲 Skeptical Eyes」 Aster-colored Gathering Clouds ~ Skeptical Eyes
Stage 5 「夢心地の有頂天 Wonderful Heaven」 Dreamy Bhavaagra ~ Wonderful Heaven
Stage 6 「湖は浄めの月を映して Frantically Paradise」 The Lake Reflects the Cleansed Moonlight ~ Frantically Paradise
Extra Stage 「紅魔色の弾幕地獄 Scarlet Pierrot」 A Scarlet Devil-colored Danmaku Hell ~ Scarlet Pierrot
Harvest Stage 「真夏色に染まる秋天 Romantic Fallspot」 Midsummer-dyed Autumn Sky ~ Romantic Fallspot

Main Game[edit]


  1. Pun on "barrier" (バリア) and "variable" (バリアブル)