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GIL's appearance in Moedan

GIL (short for Gilgamesh) was one of the first well known Touhou players. However, in recent years, he has been accused multiple times of cheating, and these claims - which have substantial evidence to them - have not been disproven since. After these accusations, he went inactive.

He became known after winning the Lunatic section of LunaBlade's PCB Score Trials in 2004, outperforming ASAPIN and HS参謀 by a large margin with a score of 2,548,706,100. It stayed the highest known record for over a year, but was eventually beaten by ASAPIN with a score of 2,569,613,890.

Despite such an achievement, GIL did not typically concentrate on scoring; instead, his focus was to come up with various gameplay challenges or handicap runs.

GIL is the basis for the character GIL-kun in the practice shmup Moedan, who offers helpful advice for many stages. His appearance is a parody of the player ship from Ikaruga.


One of GIL's best known challenge runs is a clear of PCB's Phantasm stage without ever moving vertically. Not only does he complete the stage with spare lives and bombs, but also allows Yukari's Spell Card 140 to purposefully run out of time, demonstrating that he can dodge the hardest barrage in the game while only moving in a single dimension, without bombing or getting hit. This part of the run is a main source of the controversy surrounding the player, as his movement during this attack is erratic, leading many high-ranking players to consider the run as having been cheated.[1] The run has since been widely discredited.[citation needed]

Sometimes, GIL would voluntarily exaggerate the handicap (for instance, by using the fastest available character in a no-focus run), but otherwise would try to use the most optimal characters to succeed in each particular goal. That being said, some of these goals would likely not even be possible to achieve with any other character.

List of challenges attempted so far

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil:

Perfect Cherry Blossom: