Garden of the Sun

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太陽 (たいよう) (はた)
Garden of the Sun
ta̠ijo̞ː no̞ ha̠ta̠
The Garden of the Sun, as seen in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Opposite side of a mountain, some distance from the Human Village, heart of Gensokyo

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The Garden of the Sun (太陽の畑 Taiyō no Hata) is a field full of sunflowers that is home to numerous fairies and youkai, including Yuuka Kazami and Eternity Larva.

General Information

The threat level to this location is 'medium' and fairies are easily encounterable. The garden is filled with dazzling yellow sunflowers, and it is said that it is located in the heart of Gensokyo, from the opposite side of a mountain. It's apparently shaped a bit like a south-facing bowl, so it's hard to find it from a distance. It is also located not far from the Human Village, where some humans may come here to look at its beauty. However, this field can become a concert venue for spirited youkai during the night. If a human carelessly got caught in one, you'll likely be surrounded by a great number of youkai; however, it might not be a big issues, but escaping would be difficult. The Prismriver Sisters often perform here.

The sunflowers seem quite ordinary, so the field is a popular sunbathing spot for fairies in the day. Even if humans came during the day, they'd be mocked by a great number of fairies. Therefore, Hieda no Akyuu says she hides somewhere whilst viewing the field. The sunflowers in this field rotate to always face the sun, but apparently fairies hide beneath them are playing around facing different directions to cause this, or if there is sound.

Yuuka Kazami can be found here due to the number of sunflowers, having it her most active area. An anonymous person stated that they saw her here with a terrifying smile, making them run away. However, it's unknown if she actually lives here. In the PC-98 canon, she lives in Mugenkan within the Fantasy World, located behind the Hakurei Shrine.

The Garden's Appearance

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

The Garden of the Sun appeared as a stage location in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, in which Yuuka Kazami is dedicated to this location. The location is generally dedicated to stage 7 on Medicine Melancholy and Komachi Onozuka's scenario, but on stage 8 (penultimate stage) on Cirno, Lunasa Prismriver and Mystia Lorelei's scenario. Most of the cast will come here looking for an area where they can enjoy themselves away from the incident where everyone is, but unfortunately end up being encountered by Yuuka. Usually, when the a character "defeats" Yuuka, it is instead that they flee from Yuuka for being too powerful.

Hidden Star in Four Seasons

This place is not referenced directly in the main game, but according to Kasen in Wild and Horned Hermit and Cirno in Visionary Fairies in Shrine this is the main location of the summer season during the Four Seasons incident and the location of Stage 1 should be in the surroundings.


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