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Gates in Banshiryuu



45 years old as of Kioh Gyoku


Career Soldier, Assassin


Seihou World (Earth)

Music Themes
Official Games
  • Shuusou Gyoku (Cover, Stage 3 Boss)
  • Kioh Gyoku (Cover, Playable Character, Possible Opponent)
  • Banshiryuu
    • C67 (Music Room Background cameo)
    • C74 (Stage 1 Midboss?, Stage 1 Support Boss?, Extra Stage Boss #4)
    • v3.000 (Stage 1 Midboss?, Stage 1 Support Boss?, Extra Stage Boss #4)
Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

Gates (ゲイツ Geitsu) is an hot-blooded 45-year-old military commanding officer. He's currently in charge of keeping an eye on Erich's private army on behalf of the Earth's military, but he sometimes works on Erich's behalf[Ref. Needed]. He has showed up in all three Seihou Project games.

General Information

Gates first appeared as the Stage 3 boss in Shuusou Gyoku, then as a playable character in Kioh Gyoku, and the fourth Extra boss in Banshiryuu (in which the Extra stage of that game was a boss rush). He also officially appeared in the first Project Blank game Samidare by RebRank as the first Extra boss. Because of this appearance, he's the only character in the Seihou Project to officially appear in more games than anyone else.

The army that Gates serves for as a commanding officer was, when all vegetation except the cactus went extinct 30 Years ago and riots occurred around the world, the army formed to suppress these riots.

In Shuusou Gyoku's third stage, he doesn't have an eye patch. In the ending and Kioh Gyoku onwards, he does. It appears that VIVIT damaged his eye during their battle.


He has an eye patch on his right eye and a stern face that would seem fitting for a soldier, but compared to other Seihou characters, he's an extraordinarily sultry and honourable character. Perhaps due to this, it's also recommended that "if someone is honourable, it should be him."[1] Perhaps since his personality came to ruin: in Shuusou Gyoku, VIVIT ended up saying, "Truly, it did not seem to have the scent of Gates♪"; In the continuation of Kioh Gyoku, Marie said "Really, didn't somebody say... Truly, it did not seem to be a person who had the scent of Gates??"; and furthermore in Samidare, C23 said "Truly, it did not seem to have the scent of Gates..."

Although Gates is like this, he also has a cute side such as liking the colour pink, and he hates dogs,[1] but loves penguins.[2] It was also shown that ZUN has often joked about Gates been a male and having a theme song that's more fitting for a female. Despite this feminine side, he appears bloodthursty during his battle in Banshiryuu (see Gallery section for images related to this).

He appears to like wars and battles and he only looks up to "the strong", as well as having strong feelings for women who are strong (but apparently not beautiful). On most of his expressions if he wins in Kioh Gyoku, he acknowledges that he likes the girl who he wins and asks if they can share their power by joining his army.


Since he knows the dreadfulness of the rampage of the powerful cactus energy in what is called the "Other Dimension", he's fully armed with the huge aircraft that he rides in, powered by cactus energy. Perhaps due to its considerable size, its attack power is higher than that of other characters, but its maneuvering speed is slow.

His aircraft in Kioh Gyoku was "Gate's personal SB-00 Custom". As an attack-defense-oriented type of aircraft, its image color is "pink". It's unknown what aircraft he flies in Banshiryuu.

Character Design


His name is Gates (ゲイツ). It could be a reference to Greg Gates, a character from the manga series Area 88.


Gates' design in Shuusou Gyoku, Kioh Gyoku and Samidare shows that he has thin black hair and a red military hat with a "V" on it where he wears a plain green soldier outfit with yellow buttons going down it. He also has blue eyes, a faint beard and an eye patch. In Kioh Gyoku, he isn't shown with a beard.

His design has changed a little in Banshiryuu's as he now wears black rubber gloves and a thick light brown belt where he has his beard once again that's slightly bigger and he has a lighter with a cigarette in his mouth. He has what appears to be an "E" on his hat and not a "V". On one image, his body is shown to be rather muscular.


Gates as he appears in SGG.


Shuusou Gyoku

In Shuusou Gyoku, Gates was sent out for an attack order and merely came across VIVIT. He said he wishes VIVIT to fight him and to show him her true strength. After being defeated by VIVIT, he acknowledge VIVIT's strength, and made an offer to join his army.

Kioh Gyoku

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Judging from the theory said on the Additional Information section, Gates appeared on Stage 1 of Banshiryuu in the Forest of Great Regression and attacked the heroine, who moments later is seen supporting Erich attacking the heroine, but was defeated. Later on in the Extra Stage, Gates appears in what appears to be the same forest in a more vigourous aircraft and appears as one of the many "evil beings". He expects the best out of the heroine and appears more bloodthirsty than usual, but was eventually defeated.

Project Blank Games

Note: This section is part of Project Blank by the Doujin circle RebRank.
Gates as he appears in Samidare.

Gates made a guest appearance in the game Samidare as the first Extra stage boss. His appearance was added by Yoko (blankvision), one of the members of "Shunsatsu sare do?" and RebRank. He wanted to make Gates, along with VIVIT, appear as the Extra stage bosses of this game, whose request was permitted. His theme was "Meets The Gates", which is an arrangement of "Firmament Army" (天空アーミー), the stage three boss theme of Shuusou Gyoku.

Following right after the Extra stage of Shuusou Gyoku, Gates was sent out for an attack order with "some expectations", but instead encounters C23. He wants her to fight him, but he was defeated.


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Erich (Surveillance Target)


Additional Information

  • There's a possibility that Gates was the 1st stage midboss of the C74 version of Banshiryuu, but this is unknown. This theory is backed up by the fact that a script image of all the main scenario characters appear on the same image in the data, along with Gates.[3] This also makes it possible that this is unused data because Gates didn't have any dialogue during the main scenario. Also, the stage 1 midboss is the only midboss that hasn't been specified on who was actually flying the aircraft.
  • A silhouette of him appears on the cover of Shuusou Gyoku, as well with other characters, he appears on the cover of Kioh Gyoku. On the latter's cover, it has the phrase "Gates again!" (ゲイツ再び!).


Official Profiles

Kioh Gyoku - Manual
Gates Kioh Gyoku.jpg ◆ ゲイツ ◆


☆ 機体名 ☆
・ゲイツ専用 SB-00 カスタム

☆ 特徴 ☆

◆ Gates ◆

・30 years ago, when all plants other than cactus went extinct, riots occurred worldwide, and an army was formed to suppress them. At that time, Gates enlisted in the army, and is currently a 45-year old commanding officer.
・Since he knows the deadliness of the cactus energy rampage in the Other Dimension, he's completely armed with a huge aircraft.

☆ Aircraft name ☆
・Gate's Personal SB-00 Custom

☆ Characteristics ☆
・He is slow. His attack strength is high.
・If it is an honorable man, it is him.
・His image color is "pink".
・He hates dogs.
・Attack-defense-oriented type

Official Sources

Official sources