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鯢呑亭 (げいどんてい)
Geidontei, as depicted in Lotus Eaters

Human Village

Print Works

Geidontei (鯢呑亭, roughly "whale drink pavilion") is a traditional Japanese style bar located somewhere in the human village.


Geidontei makes reference to the Japanese word 鯨呑 (Geidon), with the kanji for male whales () replaced with the one for female whales (). "Geidon" refers to when a powerful existence swallows up a small creature in one gulp, like how a whale swallows up its prey. It is commonly used to describe powerful countries invading and taking smaller countries's land.

The Sanshoku (蚕食) in Sanshoku Geidontei is signify as "Encroaching". It can also be read as "three meals" or "three colors".

General information[edit]

The bar is owned by an old man. Although Miyoi Okunoda is the poster girl of Geidontei, she is also a Zashiki-warashi that lives and works there, something the owner doesn't seem to know about, and that Miyoi herself wants to keep a secret.[1] Accoring to Marisa Kirisame the owner is famous for the stewed vegetables he makes, but since it's mostly frequented by old men, it seems she has never been there prior to the events of Lotus Eaters.[2]

An agreement was made by Miyoi, Suika, and Mamizou to allow Geidontei to open to only Youkai on after-hours.[3] The late night gathering was named Sanshoku Geidontei. Its current members are Miyoi Okunoda, Suika Ibuki, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, and Aya Shameimaru, though Yukari Yakumo also knows about its secret activities.


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