Genbu Ravine

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玄武 (げんぶ) (さわ)
Genbu Ravine
ɡẽ̞mbɯᵝ no̞ sa̠ɰᵝa̠
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Near the Forest of Magic and Youkai Mountain

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Genbu Ravine (玄武の沢 Genbu no Sawa) is a ravine named after the legendary tortoise Genbu (玄武). Formed when Youkai Mountain was still an active volcano. The bottom is covered with hexagonal cracks so it looks like a turtle shell, and it is surrounded by six-sided cliffs. This bizarre rock formation was made when lava flowing from Youkai Mountain cooled and hardened.[4] According to Symposium of Post-mysticism, it is home to some of the kappa, including Nitori Kawashiro. Recently, pipes have been shown to be running though the walls of the ravine.

Genbu Ravine's Appearances


The ravine made an appearance as stage location in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, making it a location for many characters to fight. If connecting Touhou Hisoutensoku to this game, then the stage can be selectable on arcade mode. It then re-appeared again in Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo as a stage location dedicated to Nitori Kawashiro, having a complete different appearance from the previous games.