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(げん) (げつ)
Gengetsu in Lotus Land Story
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Gengetsu (幻月) is the second Extra Stage boss of Lotus Land Story and an inhabitant of the mysterious dream world. She's the older sister of Mugetsu.

Character Basis


Her name's Gengetsu (幻月), which means "illusory moon" when the kanji are read separately; read together they mean "paraselene" or "moondog", which is a type of optical illusion. It's interesting that Gengetsu is the only character in the whole series to use the kanji (Gen, lit. illusory) in a name with Gensokyo (幻想郷) also using the same kanji. The word "Gensokyo" appears in Lotus Land Story's title name.


Gengetsu has yellow eyes, medium-length yellow hair, a red bow in her hair, wears a pink and white dress and a red vest. She also has white wings that resemble an angel's wings.


Gengetsu in the Trial Version of the game
Lotus Land Story

After the final events of Lotus Land Story the heroine stumbles upon another strange world which Gengetsu's younger sister Mugetsu claims to be her world. Once Mugetsu is defeated Gengetsu comes to her aid, even while admitting she doesn't even know why the heroine is there. Little is known about either her or her sister and they appear to have no importance to the story.

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It's only known that Gengetsu lives with her younger sister, Mugetsu. Both are relatively young characters as Gengetsu brags (somewhat embarassingly) in Reimu's extra that the duo together are almost as scary as an adult.

Additional Information

  • The final events of Lotus Land Story occurred in a "dream world". The place Mugetsu and Gengetsu reside in appears to be yet another dream world.
  • Gengetsu is able to fire a laser similar in appearance to the Master Spark.
  • Her theme "Cute Devil ~ Innocence" contains a short segment (specifically the intro) of Yuuka Kazami's Stage 5 boss theme, "Sleeping Terror".


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