Gensou Shoujo Taisen/Story Mode (Kou)

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The Reimu and Marisa routes are available from the start. The Sakuya route is unlocked by completing both routes in version 1.10 or later, and serves as an epilogue.

Stage Flowchart[edit]

Stage Reimu Route Marisa Route Sakuya Route
1 Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise Departure The Moon, the Sun and the Servant
2 A Visitor to the Human Village Magicians and Lies The Wavering Luna Dial
3 Silver Servant The Knife on her Palm
4 Battle Amidst the Mist Magicannon! Master Spark The Perfect and Elegant Maid
5 Shippu! Senpuu! Shameimaru! Daiyousei SOS
6 Turmoil on the Lake (Part One)
7 Turmoil on the Lake (Part Two)
8 Scarlet Boundary
9 Trap in the Great Library
10 Humans and Youkai
11 Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
12 The Summer Villa
13 The Echoing Bell of the Wind God Sister of Scarlet
14 Into the Depths of Maddening Darkness
15 Scarlets

Difficulty Modifiers[edit]

Each difficulty level changes the enemies' stats as following:

Difficulty Enemy HP Enemy MP Enemy Armor Attack Power Point Acquirement Starting Power
Easy -10% -20% -10% -200 +15% 100
Normal ±0 ±0 ±0 ±0 ±0 100
Hard +10% +20% +10% +200 -15% 105
Lunatic +25% +50% +25% +500 -30% 110
  • Other Differences:
    • On Easy, enemies do not carry Equipment.
    • On Hard and Lunatic, certain enemies do not have Bombs.
    • Bosses on Hard and Lunatic use the Dodge or Defend command when convenient.
    • Bosses on Lunatic are able to use Seishin commands.