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This page is a glossary of items and objects that appear in this game. Blocks, enemies, and intangibles are also included here.

Objects are sorted into categories. Within a category, the objects are generally presented in the order they appear in the game.

Note: This page contains some spoilers in regards to tools.

Ordinary Collectibles[edit]

The following are desirable items that reappear when you exit and reenter a room or reload a save.


Nitroid Mushroom.png

Many mushrooms are scattered around the worlds. Collect them to purchase items from Marisa.

The number of mushrooms you currently have accumulated is displayed in the top-right corner.

Life Orb[edit]

Life Orb.png

The life orb restores two hit points when you collect one.

Green Cucumber[edit]

Green Cucumber.png

This cucumber restores some of your energy. It's mainly there for convenience; you usually don't need it since the energy recharges by itself anyway.

Permanent Collectibles[edit]

Once you collect one of these items and save the game, it will not reappear, and its effect is permanent.


A tool is an item that empowers Nitori once she collects it and equips it. The first tool, Dashoes, is a special tool and can always be used without manually equipping it. A tool is found as a large hexagonal icon.

For more information about tools, consult the Tools section.

Key & Keyhole Door[edit]

Key.png Keyhole Door.png

Collect keys to open keyhole doors and unlock further areas of the world. The keyhole door is a semi-solid object that Nitori can't pass through. When you touch a keyhole door while you have one or more keys, the door disappears, and your key count decreases by one.

Open the item selection menu to see how many keys you have. Each world has its own set of keys, so the keys do not cross over from one world to another.

Golden Cucumber[edit]

Golden Cucumber.PNG

Collect a golden cucumber to increase your maximum energy. They are hidden (not invisible, just placed cleverly) and generally require side challenges, some requiring you to come back later with more advanced tools.

Compared to the stars above the energy bar, each cucumber raises energy by a little more than about a third of a length of a star.



Collect UFOs and present them to Nue, and she will reward you. Like golden cucumbers, they are hidden and generally require side challenges, some requiring you to come back later with more advanced tools.

Open the item selection menu to see how many UFOs you have collected.

Blocks and Platforms[edit]

These objects are stationary blocks of different effects. Unless otherwise stated, they are all solid, meaning that they block Nitori, enemies, tools, and most of the game effects.

Solid Platform[edit]

Solid Platform.png Solid Wall.png

These are basic solid platforms and walls. They have different textures, depending on the world.

Some platforms and walls are made of colored checkered blocks of blue, yellow, or red. Sometimes these blocks are used as indicators.

Thin Platform[edit]

Thin Platform 1.png Thin Platform 2.png

These are not solid, so Nitori jumps through these platforms, but she can land on them. As with solid platforms and walls, these thin platforms have varying textures.

Item Block[edit]

Item Block 1.png Item Block 2.png

This block has a star on it when it has an item inside. Hit one from below with a jump and an item will pop out. The block then turns into a solid brown one.

Usually, the item is a mushroom, which slowly moves to the right. This mushroom is affected by gravity, and will turn around whenever it meets a wall.

Glass Block[edit]

Glass Block.png

This blue, broken block cracks even further when Nitori lands on one, and a few seconds later, it shatters and disappears. Earthkeeper statue immediately shatters a glass block that it lands on, so it can plummet through them.

Red Spike[edit]

Red Spike.png

These obstacles hurt Nitori if she lands on or even touches them. They are oriented horizontally or vertically. Enemies and objects can land or walk on the red spikes, so use them to safely get across.

Arrow Block[edit]

Arrow Block 1.png Arrow Block 2.png

These blocks only show up in a couple of places, and they don't significantly affect the gameplay. Landing on one makes Nitori move to the direction displayed on it, but she can easily move in the other direction, so these are basically useless.


Brick 1.png Brick 2.png

These are basic obstacles. Multiple tools work on them.

Use the Drill from the side or the Shiriko Bombs from above or next to the bricks to destroy them. Extending Arm can latch onto them. In addition, Nitori can climb them with the Wall-Walk Shoes.



This will propel Nitori upwards if she lands on top of it. Some enemies landing on springboards are likewise propelled.

Invisible Block[edit]

Invisible Block.png

The only invisible object in the game. While the block is solid, until it appears, the block does not obstruct Nitori or anything else. Hit one from below to make the solid block appear. Do not hit it when you need to drop from above it.

Grapple Block[edit]

Latch-On Block.png

These are rigid blocks there to allow Nitori to latch onto them with the Extending Arm.

Yellow Spike[edit]

Yellow Spike.png

These spikes only face upward. Landing on the yellow spike instantly kills Nitori (with 10 damage), unless she is in the invincibility frame.

Unlike red spikes, yellow spikes normally only affect her if she lands on them. However, they can also affect her if she hits their lower corners at a sufficiently high speed. Otherwise, they act as solid blocks.

Enemies and objects can land or walk on them safely, so use them to avoid landing on the spikes. You can also just touch the enemies to get hit and use the invincibility frame to survive landing on the spikes.

Ice Block[edit]

Nitroid IceBlock.png

These blocks are slippery; when Nitori is on them, controlling her is more difficult because she continues to move on her own. She changes her velocity more slowly while on ice blocks.

Caution Block[edit]

Nitroid CautionBlock.png

These blocks are normally only destroyed by using Hyper DaShoes directly. Extending Arm can latch onto them.

The caution blocks are semi-solid. Nitori herself cannot move through them, but enemies and certain objects can. The Wall-Walk Shoes do not work on these blocks.

Translucent Block[edit]

Transparent Block.PNG

Found in World 5, translucent blocks become less and less clear as Nitori moves away from them. They are invisible if you are too far away from them.

Otherwise, they act mostly like regular solid blocks. Nitori can walk on them with the Wall-Walk Shoes.

Barrier Block[edit]

Barrier Block (Closed).PNG Barrier Block.PNG

A special variant of translucent blocks, found in only one room in World 5, 5-15. Each barrier is accompanied by a puzzle involving On-Off switches. Solving the puzzle allows Nitori to walk through with no effect. If you do not solve the puzzle correctly, you get hurt upon touching the blocks. There is no visual indication for whether or not the puzzle was correctly solved.


There are several different types of switches that toggle corresponding blocks. Most switches turn the blocks from solid to transparent or vice versa. Transparent blocks are intangible and thus have no effect.

On-Off Switch[edit]

On-Off Switch (Blue) (Off).png On-Off Switch (Blue) (On).png

On-Off Block (Yellow) (Off).png On-Off Block (Red) (On).png

There are three colors for these: yellow, blue, and red. Stepping on an On-Off Switch of a specific color will toggle the ! blocks of that color in the world (solid for on, transparent for off). The switch is slightly darker when it is set to on.

Whereas most objects reset when you leave and reenter a room or reload from last save, these do not reset as long as you stay in the world. Therefore, the configuration is preserved when you move from room to room (and when you save the game in the world). This makes these switches and blocks a key focus and importance of the world.

Button Switch[edit]

Button switches come in different colors, each with different effects. Press a switch to activate its effect; it becomes unpressed when the effect ends. You can press a switch by jumping on it, or indirectly by using an appropriate tool (Drill, Stinky Ball, Shiriko Bombs, Extending Arm). Shiriko Bombs, in particular, can give you a few extra seconds to react before the switch activates.

Blue Button Switch & Yellow Button Switch[edit]

Button Switch (Blue).png Button Switch (Blue) (Activated).png Button Switch (Yellow).png Button Switch (Yellow) (Activated).png

Button-Activated Block (Yellow) (Solid).png Button-Activated Block (Blue).png

Blue switch changes blue solid blocks into transparent blocks when activated. Yellow switch is in reverse; it changes yellow transparent blocks into solid blocks.

Each switch has its own timer. The currently pressed switch will stay pressed until the timer ends, and then it will pop back up. Timers for switches of the same color do not stack. In fact, these switches are independent of one another. If you press multiple switches of the same color, the blocks will revert when one of those is deactivated, even when other switched are still pressed.

Black Button Switch & Gray Button Switch[edit]

Button Switch (Black).png Button Switch (Gray).png

Button-Activated Block (Black) (Transparent).png Button-Activated Block (Black) (Solid).png

The black and gray button switches are complements with opposite effects.

A black switch turns black transparent blocks into solid blocks. What makes a black switch different from the blue or yellow is that there is no timer, so its effect remains as long as you do not reset the room.

To undo the effect, press a gray X switch, and the blocks will become transparent, again without a timer. This will unpress the black switch so that you can press it again, and once you press the black switch, the gray switch is unpressed. Pressing a gray switch when the blocks are transparent causes no change; it will keep them transparent.

Red Button Switch[edit]

Button Switch (Red).png Button-Activated Block (Red).png

This switch causes red blocks in the stage to move slowly in a direction, instead of making them transparent. Despite what is shown on the switch, the blocks do not always move to the right.

The direction and the timer depend on which switch is pressed. When the timer ends, the blocks stop. If you press multiple switches in succession, the timer of the last pressed switch applies.

Star Switch[edit]

Nitroid StarSwitch OFF.png Nitroid StarSwitch ON.png

Star Switch Blocks.PNG Star Switch Blocks (Toggled).PNG

This switch toggles black and white star blocks. It only stays on for as long as something is on top of the switch itself. This can be an enemy, a carry block or teleport block, or Nitori herself.

When the switch is on (white), white blocks are solid, while black blocks are transparent. This is reversed when the switch is off (black).

Mobile Objects[edit]

Unlike the stationary objects in the Blocks and Platforms section above, the following objects can move or be moved around, either on their own or by Nitori's actions.

Expanding Column[edit]


These are chiefly in World 1 to boost Nitori upwards. They expand from zero height to maximum height and shrink back to zero height in a cycle.


Nitroid WhiteLift.png

Lifts are solid platforms that Nitori can use. They come in a variety of colors, each one with different effects. Most types of lifts remain still until Nitori lands on one. Some only move if Earthkeeper Nitori stands on them.

Standard Lift[edit]

Lift (Lower).PNG

The lift of this color is found early in the game, but there are two types that look the same. The common type moves on its own, whether or not Nitori is on one. The movement is horizontal or vertical, back and forth.

The rare one shows up much later. This one is stationary when found and will lower when Nitori lands; when she jumps off of such a lift, it rises slowly, up to its original height.

Drop Lift[edit]

Lift (Drop).PNG

This lift will drop once Nitori lands on it, and will continue to drop even if she gets off. Don't stay on it longer than you need.

Earthkeeper Lift[edit]

Lift (Earthkeeper Lower).PNG

This red lift lowers at a steady rate when Nitori is on it while in Earthkeeper form. When Earthkeeper Nitori is no longer on it, the lift rises.

Earthkeeper Drop Lift[edit]

Lift (Earthkeeper Drop).PNG

This gray lift is the Earthkeeper version of the drop lift. Unlike the red lift, this one does not rise back up. It drops once Earthkeeper Nitori lands on it.

Wooden Box[edit]

Wooden Box.png

A large wooden box that you can slowly push from the sides. Hyperdashing using the Hyper DaShoes pushes it slightly. Use the Drill to push it faster. The box can be used as a large portable stepping stone for you and enemies.

The box is a semi-solid, so tools go through, although enemies still treat it as solid. The box has a height slightly lower than two blocks, so run before you jump if you want to jump from the box.

Hyper DaShoes Glitch[edit]

As of version 1.10, the Hyper DaShoes can cause interesting glitches to occur when used against the wooden box. When the box is against the wall and you hyperdash towards it, the box appears somewhere on the other side of the wall, and Nitori behind it.

There are variations of the glitch, depending on the terrain and whether you were holding a direction while colliding against the box. Some can result in Nitori's death, so save the game and see that your progress is safe before testing out the glitch.

Since Hyper DaShoes are obtained late in the game and the wooden boxes are not found often, this is usually for amusement and not a practical exploit, but in World 5, this can be game-breaking for puzzles.

Arrow Lift[edit]

Nitroid ArrowLift.png Arrow Lift.png

A small yellow lift with an arrow on it. It stays stationary until Nitori jumps on top of it, and then moves upward, as indicated by the arrow. Once in motion, it will change its arrow and direction of movement every time she lands on it. The direction cycle is up, left, up, right, up, and so on. It does not move downward, so be careful not to let it ascend too high and crush Nitori.

When it moves, it leaves behind a transparent image of it. Touch its top to make it return to its original position.

Carry Block[edit]

Nitroid CarryBlock.png Carry Block 2.PNG

A blue block that Nitori can carry around. When Nitori is next to one, pick it up with the DASH button; hold the button to carry the block, and release the button to release the block. You can let go of the block when Nitori has more momentum to throw the block harder. It can also bounce off of walls if you throw it hard enough.

The carry block is a mobile solid block, so it can be used as a small stepping stone or a way to make some enemies turn around. When using Hyper DaShoes to hyperdash towards one, Nitori can simultaneously bounce off of it and pick it up.

It is possible to place the block on a higher ledge four blocks high, even though Nitori herself can't jump that high. You can also place a carry block on top of another block.

Teleport Block[edit]

Nitroid TeleporterBlock.png Teleporter Block 2.png

These are green with downward arrows on them, and are found in pairs. Like the carry block, you can pick up a teleport block and carry it.

In addition to being a small mobile solid block, press DOWN on top of one teleport block to appear above the other one (with a small jump in ducking form).

One difference to note between the normal carry block and a teleport block is that when you hyperdash into a teleport block, you cannot pick it up while simultaneously bouncing off of it.

No-Carry Glitch[edit]

As of 1.10, there is an unfortunate glitch teleport blocks and possibly also with carry blocks. Sometimes you won't be able to pick it up for some reason; so far, this has happened only from its right side. Try to always leave room on its left so that Nitori can pick it up from its left.

Special Objects[edit]

These are specialized objects, each with a unique purpose. They provide special gameplay functions and are mostly not solid. Some even completely intangible.



Displays a message when you get close to the sign, which generally contains a hint. Move away far enough and the message box closes. Note that the game does not pause while you read a sign.


Ladder 1.png Ladder 2.png

Press UP or DOWN while the ladder is within reach to grab onto it. Hold either of these buttons to climb in that direction. You can jump off the ladder.

Directional Arrow[edit]

Directional Arrow.png

A large red arrow pointing at a direction. While Nitori does not interact with it, it helps you know where to go next. Most passages to another room are marked with a directional arrow.

Save Point[edit]

Save Point.png

Allows you to save the game in a world by pressing the UP button at the save point. This heals Nitori as well.

One-Way Door[edit]

One-Way Door.png

These doors are made of a pair of flippers. They only open from one direction. They are mainly designed to allow a way back while preventing Nitori from skipping a challenge.

Warp Door[edit]

Warp Door.png

Warp Doors are warp points that send Nitori to a place in the same world. They are generally reset doors that take you back to the beginning of a room or an earlier room.

Press UP at a door to use it.


A large character about the size of Nitori. You can find two NPCs in Marisa's House and Marisa in 5-14. Press UP to talk to an NPC character.

For more information about the NPCs in Marisa's House, consult the subsection on it.

Return Portal[edit]

Return Portal.png

A Return Portal is a warp point that sends you to the world selection screen. Press UP at one to exit the current world, resetting it.

Boss Indicator[edit]

Boss Indicator.PNG

A large, transparent indicator that appears around Nitori when a boss character is in the stage, but is off-screen. This indicates the direction of the boss's location relative to Nitori, but not the distance.


Wind (Left).png

The wind is found beginning in World 3. Winds can be upward, downward, leftward, or rightward. Horizontal winds push Nitori left or right; her regular walk or dash is outmatched by the wind, but the wind allows her to duck and pass through narrow gaps of one block of height. Vertical winds propel Nitori upward, allowing her to get higher but preventing use of certain items, or push her downward, making it hard to jump.

The Earthkeeper tool is unaffected by winds, making the tool very useful when you need to stay still or drop straight down in the midst of the winds. The hyperdash using Hyper DaShoes can be used for overriding effects from horizontal winds, although it gets a marginal push from vertical winds.

Wind Orb[edit]

Nitroid WindOrb OFF.png Nitroid WindOrb ON.png

A wind orb is a wind generator that Nitori's tools can toggle on or off. The arrow on the orb indicates the direction of the wind it generates. There are upward, leftward, and rightward wind orbs.

Wind orbs start out as deactivated. Attacking them activates them, causing them to shoot out wind in the direction indicated by the arrow on the orb. A second attack deactivates them again.


This is a list of enemies found in the game. Most enemies hurt Nitori if she touches them. They are not solid unless stunned by the Stinky Ball (for those that can be stunned). Enemies that Nitori can touch do not hurt her during her invincibility frame, though a Bouncy pushes Nitori away regardless.


These fuzzies are the basic enemies. Sometimes they are there just as a hindrance, but more often than not, they're placed there to help Nitori somehow.

Normal FOE[edit]

Brown FOE.png White FOE.png

These walk around horizontally on a platform, and they drop straight down if the floor disappears below them. They have several uses, including jumping on them when stunned and having them activate star blocks for you.

Brown FOEs turn around at the edge of a platform, while white FOEs fall off instead.

Attacking FOE[edit]

Nitroid BallFOE.png

These are rare and are always white. Much like the normal FOE, the attacking FOE walks back and forth, but it also occasionally throws a beach ball projectile. The projectile flies straight forward and is not affected by gravity or walls. Hit the beach ball with a Stinky Ball to destroy it.

Revolving FOE[edit]

FOE (Revolving).png

These are rare and are always brown. A revolving FOE moves in a circle in the air, disregarding any blocks or obstructions in its path of movement. You can avoid it as it moves, or stun it to use it as a mid-air stepping stone.


Rabbits are found in various places. Some help Nitori jump higher; otherwise, they are common generic enemies.

Pogo Rabbit[edit]


These rabbits bounce on pogo sticks. Some are stationary, while others move horizontally as they hop. They are useful as stepping stones for jumping up higher.

Beach Ball Rabbit[edit]

Nitroid BallRabbit.png Rabbit Attack 2.PNG

These rabbits do not have a pogo stick and as such do not bounce. Instead, they occasionally throw beach ball projectiles either straight up or straight forward. Like with the attacking FOE's projectile, hit the beach ball with a Stinky Ball to destroy it.

A pink rabbit without a pogo stick walks horizontally while tossing a beach ball upwards periodically. The attack moves straight upwards (independent of the rabbit) and then slowly lowers, passing through solid objects.

A blue rabbit throws a beach ball to the side. This attack is affected by gravity and interacts with solid objects. Also, this rabbit tends to turn around randomly without warning, so be careful around it if Nitori is currently low on health. The blue rabbit's attack is not always destroyed with one Stinky Ball; this may be a glitch.

Mega Spike[edit]

Mega Spike.png

This spike appears primarily in World 1. Like the Expanding Columns, this expands from zero length to maximum length and retracts back in a cycle. There are also horizontal variations of it.

Curiously, the actual hitbox of the mega spike is deceptive. The top half (the tip) of it will hurt you, but the bottom half (the base when it is fully extended) will not.


A large character about the size of Nitori. When one is in the stage, but is off-screen, a directional boss indicator appears around Nitori to show the boss's location.

The behavior of a boss, including the effects of your tools on her, vary depending on the boss. Some have a health bar on top-right of the corner, indicating that you can damage her. Use the Drill, Stinky Ball, or Shiriko Bombs to damage such a boss.

For more information about individual bosses, consult the individual subsections of the Worlds section. Spoilers will follow in those subsections.



A red fairy flying horizontally. Some fly nonstop in a single direction; others move back and forth. Hit it with a Stinky Ball to defeat it.



Although they are electrically charged, they do not hurt Nitori upon contact. Instead, they make her bounce. The direction of bounce depends on where you touch the Bouncy. Nitori's momentum can increase from the bounce, depending on the direction.

You can jump on top of these to bounce upwards, but they are not very reliable for this purpose, and are usually not needed for it. If you do need to bounce on them, the Earthkeeper can help you land on them more accurately.

Be careful! They practically send you flying if you hit them from the sides, and can cause things to happen that do not occur under normal speed.

Hyper DaShoes Effects[edit]

If there is a narrow gap, one block high, below the Bouncy, you can use the Hyper DaShoes to pass through the gap. Normally, trying to walk underneath the Bouncy causes Nitori to be bounced away, but the hyperdash is fast enough to attempt to sprint through the gap.

If you use Hyper DaShoes and you collide with a Bouncy, the next time you touch a wall or a solid object, you do a slight hop. This may be a glitch.



Large Marisa head yukkuris act like Thwomps, and are immune to your tools. Some move horizontally, while others fall from above.

When you get close to one's range, it moves quickly in a direction, and then slowly retracts back to its original position. This range is not how close you get to the yukkuri itself, but how close you are parallel to its line of movement.

Ice FOE[edit]

Nitroid IceFOE.png

These blue FOEs turn the floor they move across into ice blocks. They do not hurt Nitori directly. You can stun them with the Stinky Ball like with a regular FOE, but otherwise, they are intangible.

Note that when the floor turns slippery, whether the platform was solid or thin will stay preserved. The appearance will be indistinguishable, but Nitori can still jump through thin ones.


Nitroid Crow.png

In upper portions of World 3, these black crows appear from one side of the stage and fly straight horizontally. Watch out for one when you jump, so that you do not collide with it mid-air. It wakes up in just a second after being stunned, so Stinky Balls are not effective against it.


Nitroid Gear.png

This enemy moves along any solid surface it touches. It is seen either as an annoyance (usually when orbiting single blocks), or as a help for Nitori to get over walls taller than she can normally jump. Use a Stinky Ball to freeze it and use it as a platform.

By altering the terrain with objects, such as switch-activated blocks, you can make the gear move to a new place. It is important to ensure that it does not get stuck in a loop disconnected from where you need it.

Flame Cannon[edit]

Flame Cannon 1.PNG Flame Cannon 2.PNG

Found starting in World 4, these shoot a bunch of fireballs (8 at a time), either linearly or in a circle. The direction and the speed of the fireballs depend on the cannon.

The cannon itself does not hurt Nitori. The fireballs pass through solid objects, and disappear a few seconds after appearing.

Zombie Fairy[edit]

Nitroid ZombieFairy.png

Like a regular fairy, a zombie fairy (with a halo above its head) moves horizontally or floats still in a position. However, it is immune to your tools.

Exploding FOE & Source[edit]

Red FOE & Source.png

Found only in 5-10. The red FOE is similar to another enemy appearing at a boss battle. A red FOE explodes when touched or attacked; if Nitori touches one, she takes damage and is sent sliding across.

The red FOEs spawn from a ball-shaped source, which is invulnerable to Nitori's tools. Touching it hurts Nitori.