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These are miscellaneous information about the game.

There are spoilers below for Achievements.

Title Screen[edit]

When you start the game, you arrive at the title screen with four options:

  • Begin Exploring!: Brings you to the selection of saved data. There are three slots for saved data, and the Erase option to delete a slot and turn it into a new game slot. Click on one to load the saved game (or start a new game, if there isn't one in that slot). Beware that there's no confirmation step for Erase!
  • Settings: Controls and other settings for the game. Also displays the total amount of time played. You should configure your controls to suit your needs. See here for information on the controls.
  • Extra: The list of achievements you have unlocked in the game. There are 10 total. These are saved globally, separate from the three save files for the game. See below for the details of achievements (spoiler warning!).
  • Quit Expedition: Exits the game.

Collect all (26) UFOs and present them to Nue to change the background of the title screen, and turn the background of Settings to a variant of the original background of the title screen.

Saved Data[edit]

The game allows three slots for saved data, but you can make more copies of save files.

In your Nitroid directory, there is a subfolder called save. This is where your saved data is saved. The data for slots 1, 2, and 3 are named save00.dat, save01.dat, and save02.dat, respectively. The game recognizes only these file names.

This means you can copy or rename one of these files to something else, and the game will not read that file, but you can keep it as backup in the same folder. It is suggested that you rename a save00-based backup file "save00 (<relevant description>).dat", to both properly identify the save and to link it to which run of the game you were doing.

When you need to use a backup save file, copy it. Use the copy and leave the original intact, so you don't overwrite the original.

The globalsave.dat file is the file that has your achievements (and presumably your options, not tested yet). Deleting the globalsave file clears your achievement list. The game creates a new one upon exiting the game program.

English Patch[edit]

English Patch

Installing this patch allows you to play the game with all of the text translated in English. After installing, there will be two .exe files: nitroid.exe and nitroid_en.exe, which are Japanese and English, respectively.

The English patch is designed for version 1.10 of the game, so be sure to have that version when you install the game.

Glitches and Oddities[edit]

Below is a list of odd effects, possibly glitches. Click on a link to read about the oddity in detail. Spoiler warning: some of these use a late-game tool.


The text is based on the English patched version of the game. Spoilers below.

  • "Beat the game! Congratulations!"

Beat Utsuho (and thus World 4).

  • "Beat Alice sans exploding. How nice!"

Beat Alice (obtain the Shiriko Bombs) without stunning her. You can't just go straight for the Shiriko Bombs with the Jet as soon as you enter 1-6; you have to activate the boss fight first and then do so, for the achievement to count. This means you will have to maneuver carefully as the dolls crash into you.

  • "Beat an angered Tewi!"

Defeat Tewi after trying to trick her (attempt to pay more than what you have). Tewi is very difficult in this case, and unfortunately, tends to glitch out more easily. She is much faster and her attacks are very aggressive. Bringing additional tools is highly recommended; it helps to set up things in advance so that Tewi's attacks do not overwhelm you as you try to lure her.

If you have too many mushrooms to trigger this (300+), you can go to Marisa to spend them. It is recommended that you make a separate save file for this purpose, since you only need to beat berserk Tewi once in any file.

  • "Beat Aya/Hatate without Earthkeeper!"

Get past Aya and Hatate without using the Earthkeeper, which prevents Aya's wind attack from pushing you. The tool is somewhat helpful, but you shouldn't need it. Instead, practice dodging the attack and using your other tools to help you, particularly the Drill.

  • "Beat Okuu flawlessly!"

Beat Utsuho flawlessly, as in, without getting hit. Only the first battle (in the Underground Geyser Center) needs to be beaten this way. The second battle (in the sky) doesn't count for this.

Learn to dodge the attacks. Switch to Earthkeeper to protect yourself from the air dash attack at a moment's notice.

If you aim to defeat her the normal way, it helps to finish her off quickly (as in, before the water fully rises) when you have the chance. Once she is defeated, you can concentrate on the stage alone. Use the appropriate weapon at the right time to attack effectively. Stinky Ball is your standard weapon for wearing her down at a range. Drill is good for finishing her off (but otherwise, you risk colliding with her). Shiriko Bombs don't hit her easily, but great for doing substantial damage if you can anticipate Utsuho's placement (such as when she is supercharging), so prepare them when you can. Take advantage of moments in which you can attack freely.

You may also want to use the alternate method to obtain this achievement. Basically, lure Utsuho high enough so that she is aligned with caution blocks; then wait for her air dash attack to clear those blocks. Keeping her in phase 1 is recommended for this (for a couple of reasons, as described in the linked page). With this method, you can just dodge her attacks as you pave your way to the top.

  • "Shot everyone in the credits! So mean!"

Shoot and clear all of the credits. This includes "Thank you for playing!" message, so shoot everything. If you do this successfully, you will hear a chime as the epilogue cutscene starts.

  • "Maxed out energy! It just keeps going and going!"

Collect enough energy and save the game. Unlike what it seems to say, you don't need to collect every cucumber. You need to get the equivalent of 16 cucumbers, which is all cucumbers in Worlds 1 through 4, to unlock the achievement. Nue's reward for 5 UFOs counts as one cucumber.

  • "Got tons of mushrooms! Show Marisa!"

Collect 1000 mushrooms. The achievement is unlocked when you collect a mushroom and your mushroom count is 1000 or higher. You do not need to save the game.

  • "Extra cleared! YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!"

Beat Suika (and thus World 5).

  • "Total domination! Thanks a bunch!"

Unlock all of the above achievements. This one is unlocked simultaneously with whatever remaining achievement(s) you unlock in the above list.