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Certain items, called tools, empower Nitori with new abilities. Generally, the tool is found as a large hexagonal icon, while the currently equipped tool is shown at the octagonal icon in the upper-right corner.

There are 8 standard tools that can be selected from the item selection menu. This menu gives you the option to select from those 8 tools as well as Shirikodamas and Ariadne's Threads. There are also 2 special tools (the first and the last on the list of tools below) that are not used like normal tools.

Do not read anything you did not yet obtain if you do not want spoilers. Because World 5 is considered the extra level of the game, information pertaining to it are in spoiler tags. Information about the boss fight of World 4 are also in spoiler tags.

Screenshots are at the end of the page.

Item Selection Menu[edit]

Press the OPEN ITEMS button (default V) to open the list of items. This screen shows the list of items you can select and use (see screenshot below for a complete list). The text box below shows the description of the item. In the lower-right corner, you can see how many keys (for the current world) and UFOs you have collected.

Press the ITEM (confirm) button to select an item; press the JUMP (cancel) button to leave the item selection menu without changing your item. Selecting the item merely equips it; it does not actually use it until you press the ITEM button (for most of the tools).

List of Tools[edit]

For the standard tools, which you can access from the item selection menu, there are two buttons to scroll through them quickly. This does not apply to the two special tools.

Most tools cost energy to use.


Found in 1-2. A special tool.

Once you collect this item, Nitori is able to dash while moving on the ground for more mobility. This item does not appear in the item selection; rather, it enables the DASH button so that you can run.


Found in 1-4.

Retrieved in 5-13.

A basic but very important item. Use the Drill to move horizontally a short distance while drilling in the direction Nitori is facing. This is used to break bricks from the side and to activate button switches.

Nitori can also Drill mid-air (she stays airborne) to gain greater distance for her jumps. This is very valuable for aerial mobility. However, because there is a delay after a Drill use, there is a limit to how much this ability can be used. The Drill also costs a substantial amount of energy.

Using the the Drill resets your momentum, so use it to help stabilize control of Nitori's movements.

Stinky Ball[edit]

Found in 1-5.

Retrieved in 5-4.

A short-ranged weapon you can toss at a slight arc. Throw it at certain enemies to affect them, and at button switches to activate them. Some enemies are stunned when hit, while others are simply defeated or are immune.

Stunned enemies wake up after a few seconds. While stunned, they act as solid platforms you can use for jumping.

Shiriko Bombs[edit]

Found in 1-6.

Retrieved in 5-8.

A bomb with a timer. Place one, and after a few seconds, it explodes. The explosion can be used to activate button switches and break bricks. You can only place a bomb when you are standing on something.

The bomb is affected by the gravity, so it will drop if the block or platform disappears from underneath. Remember that you can place multiple bombs in a succession.

Exteending Aaarm[edit]

Found in 2-6.

Retrieved in 5-3.

This arm has a rather long reach. When you use it, a grappling arm from Nitori's backpack reaches out horizontally to whichever direction Nitori is facing. Nitori stays still (if mid-air, she stays airborne) when she uses the tool, and her momentum is reset upon use.

The Extending Arm has two main functions. First, you can latch onto certain kinds of blocks and pull Nitori towards those blocks. Second, you can collect certain collectibles by dragging it towards her.

In addition, the arm can hit button switches; use it to activate those that are far away.

Earthkeeper Nitori[edit]

Found in 2-11.

Retrieved in 5-1.

This item is rather underused, but it's quite helpful in places with wind. Press the ITEM button to turn into an Earthkeeper statue, and press it again (after a short delay) to turn back to normal form. When in Earthkeeper form, Nitori drops straight down, faster than her normal drop speed. Note that your energy does not recharge when you are in Earthkeeper form.

Nitori is immobile while in statue form. You can use it to stop your momentum and avoid slipping, such as when you're on ice. She is unaffected by wind in this form.

The Earthkeeper also shatters glass blocks on impact, making it useful for quickly smashing through them.

Wall-Walk Shoes[edit]

Found in 3-5.

Retrieved in 5-6.

When equipped, Nitori can walk on vertical walls (of most types of blocks) using the UP and DOWN buttons. She can only start climbing at a corner on which she can land. Depending on the types of the wall and floor, she might not actually touch the floor of the corner when she starts to climb.

This tool costs no energy to use, and because Nitori climbs up automatically when pressed against the wall at a corner, you do not need to press the ITEM button. This is very useful for finding items in previously inaccessible areas, since she can climb far higher than she can jump.

While climbing a wall, use the JUMP button to jump off the wall. If Nitori walks into the ceiling, she automatically lets go of the wall and falls. Keep in mind that switching tools or getting hit also makes Nitori fall.

Hyper DaShoes[edit]

Found in 4-8.

Retrieved in 5-3.

This tool is seemingly based on the Pegasus Boots from The Legend of Zelda series. It is quite a strange tool, and it works independently of the regular DaShoes for the most part.

Press the ITEM button to use the tool's primary function, the "hyperdash". When you press the button, Nitori charges up for about a second, and then hyperdashes at a very high speed. The hyperdash is unaffected by horizontal winds (even when charging up), but gets a slight push from vertical winds.

Nitori can only start dashing when she is standing on something. Once Nitori starts to dash, she cannot stop, jump, or switch tools until she either hits a wall or gets hurt. When Nitori runs into a wall, she bounces slightly and gets knocked back in the opposite direction.

The secondary function of the Hyper DaShoes is the residual momentum effect. When Nitori is knocked back after a collision, if you continue running in the direction of the knockback, she will maintain part of her momentum and can run faster. This is not as fast as the actual hyperdash, but is faster than her normal dash speed. Unlike with the hyperdash, Nitori is free to jump and use other tools with this effect.

Glitch Jump[edit]

The glitch jump allows Nitori to jump higher at the knockback caused by the Hyper DaShoes. This method, doable as of patch 1.10, is believed to be a glitch exploit.

Use the Hyper DaShoes to hyperdash towards a wall that Nitori can use. If you press jump at the right moment when she collides into the wall, she simultaneously jumps as she gets knocked back, so the bounce is much higher than normal. Because this combines the momentum from the bounce with a jump, this can allow her to jump across larger distances. This can be used for alternate solutions to some of the rooms in World 5.

The glitch jump also automatically triggers the momentum burst effect, though simply jumping after the recoil can also trigger it.

Water Jet[edit]

Found in 4-Core.

Retrieved in 5-13.

The Water Jet is the game-breaking item, at least for the previous worlds. As long as you hold the ITEM button, Nitori will fly using the Jet. The tool consumes some energy for activating the Jet, and then the energy continues to drain until it runs out or you let go. Use this tool to search rooms for items.

Nitori flies in a constant direction unless an obstruction changes it. To change direction, you need to let go of the Jet and restart it a few times. She always moves up while the Jet is used, but the angle depends on which way she was moving when the Jet was activated.

This item is highly susceptible to momentum issues. Nitori is prone to being blown away by the wind while flying with the Jet.


A special tool. Usable only during the final fight against Utsuho.

While this tool is active, you can fly with the directional buttons. Press and hold the ITEM button to shoot stars. Hold the JUMP button to focus, which makes Nitori move more slowly for more accurate movement. No energy is used up when you are using this tool.

While you have this, you cannot use any other tools, or even open the items selection menu. This means you cannot heal or exit the world until the battle is over. You can, however, open the pause menu and thus reset the game.


Stinky Ball
Shiriko Bombs
Extending Arm
Wall-Walk Shoes
Hyper DaShoes
Item Selection Menu