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There are 6 places in the world selection screen, with more worlds becoming available as you clear the previous worlds. Nitroid has 5 worlds, the 5th being the extra world, and Marisa's House, where you can purchase items and other things.

Spoilers will follow. Important spoilers, including those involving items from later worlds, are in spoiler tags. However, general information up to the end of the current world (includes the boss) are not in spoiler tags.

Marisa's House page explains the functions of the NPCs in the place. The other pages contain various information specific to the respective worlds. The page for each of the 5 worlds contains three sections:

  • Worlds, containing general information about how to proceed and hints for certain parts.
  • Boss, with behavior of the world's boss and strategies to beat the boss.
  • Item Locations, for locations of permanent collectibles and other notable objects, with a brief description of how to get each.

There is also a Foreword section for World 5, the extra world, to warn you before you enter it.

List of Worlds[edit]

Marisa's House
World 1 - Forest of Magic
World 2 - Bamboo Forest of the Lost
World 3 - Youkai Mountain
World 4 - Underground Geyser Center
World 5 (Extra) - Phantom Village