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Map of Marisa's House. It does nothing!

The Stage[edit]

After you beat World 1, you arrive at the world selection screen. Along with Worlds 1 and 2, Marisa's House is now accessible.

This place works like a small stage. When you enter it, you will see Marisa and the Return Portal you can use to warp back to the world selection screen. Later, you can get out of the small structure, mainly to find Nue above it.

When you open the pause menu, there is no map. You can explore more of the stage as you get more tools, though there's not much. There is a random FOE that you can release, and some mushrooms at the top of the stage. There is also a mushroom in the small section to the left of Marisa.

Marisa Kirisame[edit]

Marisa is the NPC that sells you items for your mushrooms. When you talk to her, you are presented with several options:


Marisa makes a comment; it depends on the next world you need to play.


Opens the shop menu, where you can purchase several helpful items with your mushrooms. They're basically optional, but recommended; it makes sense, given the fact that the mushrooms are easy to find and accumulate.

  • Life Shirikodama
Cost: 100 mushrooms

This item fully restores your health upon use. Note that you cannot use it if your health is full. This is useful in a pinch when there are no nearby save points or life orbs.

Open the item selection, select the Shirikodama to equip it, and press the ITEM button to use the item.

  • Ariadne's Thread
Cost: 100 mushrooms

Using this returns you immediately to the map screen (after a short transition of fading out). This is mainly for convenience, since you can also exit a world in the first room. Use it when you want to leave the world without backtracking to the beginning.

Open the item selection, select the Ariadne's Thread to equip it, and press the ITEM button to use the item.

  • Mega-Vigor Mushroom
Cost: 999 mushrooms

This expensive item increases your maximum health by one hit point. It does not appear in the item selection menu; purchasing this immediately raises your health, represented by the stars at the top. You can have up to ten hit points via this item.

  • Save
Cost: 10 mushrooms

Use the save function here to make Marisa happy. There is no real need to pay her and save here, since you can just enter a world and save there instead. You can use this if you insist on spending your mushrooms and saving specifically in Marisa's house.

  • Smile
Cost: 0 mushrooms

Return to the main menu, obtaining a nice smile from Marisa.


Quit Marisa's menu to continue your adventure.

Nue Houjuu[edit]

Nue is sitting on top of the little hut-shaped block structure. To reach her, you need to have at least the Extending Arm.

Talk to Nue and she will reward you based on how many UFOs you collected. Instead of taking the UFOs from you, she just sees if you meet the minimum. Each time you talk to her, you get the next reward, provided that you have enough UFOs. She then tells you how many she wants you to have for the next reward. If you talk to her after you unlock World 5, she simply wonders how many there are left.

  • 1 UFO: For finding one or more UFOs, Nue gives you an Ariadne's Thread. Hold onto it.
  • 5 UFOs: Nue increases your energy bar a little bit, like with a Golden Cucumber.
  • 10 UFOs: Nue magically increases your maximum health by 1 star, just like with the Mega-Vigor Mushroom.
  • 15 UFOs: World 5, the extra world, is now unlocked. To access World 5, you need to complete World 4 first.
  • 26 UFOs: Nue congratulates you for finding all of the UFOs. The title screen of the game is now changed.

11 Health[edit]

Normally, your health is capped at 10. If you have 10 health and you try to purchase Marisa's Mega-Vigor Mushroom, she will tell you that you've had enough.

However, having 10 health does not stop Nue from giving you another health. If you first max out to 10 health and then receive Nue's 10-UFO reward, she will raise your maximum health to 11.

This is particularly useful in World 5 because yellow spikes do 10 damage, which is normally instant death for Nitori, but having 11 health allows her to survive with 1 health. This also holds for other things in the game that deals 10 damage.

Also, note that while Shirikodamas still restore all health, save points restore up to 9 health per save, so you would now need to save twice to return to full health from 1 health.