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Map of World 4

The World[edit]

This world can get confusing because some parts may not so intuitive. A big part of the challenge is figuring out what to do, amidst all the things going on that can be distracting. If you take the wrong action, you may have to reload your save and restart the challenge.

When a sign tells you not to proceed, think twice before going past it, lest you come across a dead end and be forced to reload.

If you proceed far enough into the world, you can't get back out with the tools you brought into World 4. Not to worry; you find the two remaining tools in this world, and then you will be able to backtrack.

The Top Layer[edit]

A trend in several parts of this world is that there are more things you can potentially do than you actually need to do. If you look at the map, the only way to proceed is to go to the leftmost stage in this layer, and then head down. It will take more than one trip through the top layer to head down.


In this first stage, you are introduced to the concept of star switches and teleport blocks.

The star switch reverts to unpressed state as soon as Nitori steps off of it. This is why there's a carry block further up. Place it on the switch in lieu of Nitori so that the switch will stay pressed. You can also use a FOE instead of the carry block; bring down the brown FOE to the switch floor below by breaking the bricks in the floor while the FOE is above them. This, though, is not as reliable, for the FOE will go back and forth, on and off the switch. You will need to resort to such a tactic later in the game, but it's not necessary right now.

Don't forget that you have Wall-Walk Shoes. But also, recognize that certain walls have an obstruction midway, many times with just a single block. This is put on purpose so that you cannot walk on the wall past that point. If it is possible to break such obstruction (there is one such case on the right side of the stage), make sure you do so, so that you have an easier time moving around.

The teleport blocks have two features: you can move them around, and you can teleport from one to the other. It is crucial that you keep in mind both of these features, because later puzzles make significant use of this fact. Press DOWN on top of a teleport block to appear above the other one, and be sure to have enough space - two blocks high - above the destination, or warping will kill Nitori. It's a good habit to always take a teleport block with you as you go, unless you have an express reason not to.

Around the top-middle portion of the stage is a blue on-off switch. Press it, and you will be enclosed in a room by two blue walls. Therefore, you need the teleport blocks to leave the room.

After getting the key, you should head left and drop down. You will need to press the black button switch for a staircase at the end of this challenge. If you used the carry block before, you need to remove it now since the star switch blocks keep you from dropping down further than a couple floors. Press the black switch before going back down to the star switch, so that you can climb back up again.

Keep going and you will see a gray button switch. You don't need to press it to continue on, so don't try undo your work for it. Pressing the gray switch only causes you to redo your work.

Leave the blue switch ON (you need it later), and use the key to go to the next stage. Do not head right through the one-way door! This door is strictly for backtracking and exiting the world. If you go through and save past it when the blue switch is ON, you will have to redo the entire world, because you will be stuck with no way to proceed. Use the Return Portal to exit and reset the world.


Here, you need to press the yellow on-off switch and collect another key to use at the end of the stage. Get up to find a white FOE walking back and forth between two sets of bricks (don't worry about the slower one above or outside). Break the bricks there correctly so that the FOE would be able to reach the star switch, instead of falling down below. Now, the star switch will be toggled on and off periodically. Don't get caught by star blocks when they become solid.

The key is above the several large rows of star blocks (two black, and one white further above). To get the key, reach the yellow on-off switch above, and press it (it's possible to instead get the key with periodical toggling of the star switch, but you need the yellow switch ON in the next stage anyway). Here's where you need the right timing. Depending on where the FOE is when you press the yellow switch, it might be stuck on the left of yellow blocks (where the star switch is), or the right. It's very difficult to make it to the next stage with the former settings, so aim to trap the FOE on the right, away from the switch. If the black star blocks do not turn solid in sharp bursts, you did it correctly.

Once you have the key, head left and move on to the next stage.


The blue and yellow switches need to be ON to progress in this stage. Use the blue and yellow blocks to go up. To get the key here, you need to press the red on-off switch, which in turn needs the help of a yellow button switch.

You will find teleport blocks and a star switch. Learn how to use these together; there are several complex puzzles in the game involving these objects. To reach the yellow button switch, you need to climb up solid star blocks. But turning the star blocks solid will also block off access to that very switch. This is where teleport blocks come in.

Place a teleport block past the star blocks when they are transparent, so that you can teleport into the space blocked off by those star blocks when they are solid. You can also place a teleport block on solid star blocks, and then turn the star blocks transparent, making the teleport block drop down when the floor below disappears. After having the red switch ON, use this approach again to reach the key.

With the key, you can proceed to 4-4, but there's not much you can do here at this time. When you enter the stage, you find out that on-off switch blocks are in the way of the downward passage.

Now, you need to go back to each stage and turn each switch OFF again.


When you come back to 4-1, you see red blocks creating steps upward. With their help, and using the Wall-Walk Shoes, go all the way up to the roof. At the middle of the roof, break the bricks and drop down to the blue switch to turn it OFF. Then proceed out of the stage to the left; you don't need the black button switch since the red on-off switch provides a staircase. Again, do not go through the one-way door!

In 4-2, the stage is slightly different because the red switch is ON. You need the star switch pressed because white star blocks need to be solid to reach the yellow switch. There's a slow white FOE on the roof of the right side of the stage, if you get there in time. Destroy the bricks on that roof before the FOE passes over them, so that it will drop down to the star switch. Then set the yellow switch OFF and move on. Note that you can't save the game in 4-2 while the yellow switch is ON; this is to avoid getting you stuck and forcing you to restart the world.

Once the blue switch is OFF, the rabbits in 4-3 will drop down to where you can use them as stepping stones. The different on-off switch settings will make reaching the red switch a bit different, but the idea is the same; use the teleport blocks in conjunction with the star switch to press the yellow button switch.

When all of the on-off switches are OFF, do not reset 4-3 or remove the teleport block from the star switch. Then the star switch becomes unpressed, and with all of the on-off switches OFF, you won't be able to reach 4-4 from the bottom floor of 4-3. Then you would have to go back and repress all of the on-off switches ON and then OFF again. This is why you should save the red switch for last when you revisit the stages.

Once all of the on-off switches are OFF, go to 4-4. The only thing accessible at this time is the downward passage, so drop down below.

The Intermediate Layers[edit]

Second box puzzle. The box needs to drop down first, so that the FOE won't get stuck in the hole. Use the FOE to get the key to the left, and the box to jump up to the right.

Survival is a greater factor in this world. There are many parts in which platforming skills are quite a necessity. You need to keep track of your health and ensure that you don't take too much damage, because in this world, the risk of running out of health is very real. The roaring noise you start to hear at the lower part of 4-5 is the flame cannon; this will be the main reason why.

4-5 has a couple puzzles involving the wooden box. The first puzzle will have you push around the box so you can uncover invisible blocks by jumping from the box. Then you use that box to get on those blocks and proceed. You need to press the red on-off switch before you move the box around, but press it again to proceed to the next puzzle. Just ensure that the box is not on red blocks when you repress the switch, so that the box doesn't drop.

In the second puzzle, you need both the white FOE and the box to get everything. This is where you should get acquainted with techniques for bringing things over to where you need them. The central point is that they shouldn't get stuck somewhere else.

  • Watch the timing of the button switch. If you delay too long after you press the switch, it will expire before you're done. Therefore, prepare ahead of time before you press it, and don't waste time once it's pressed.
  • Even one-block gap will cause a white FOE to fall through below. The wooden box is two blocks wide, but you will probably need a three-block gap to make it drop. If you need to push the box further forward as it drops, use the Drill.
  • Don't step on needed glass blocks prematurely. Part of a puzzle here involves leading a white FOE over glass blocks; some of them have to remain intact until the FOE passes over them. Remember, only a direct landing on a glass block will crack it; if you're on an enemy or a box that is over a glass block, the glass won't crack.
  • Watch what the FOE comes into contact with, because you don't want it to turn around at a wrong place. A solid or semi-solid object can make it change directions; without such things, it keeps going in one direction even if it leads to a dead end. If you're not careful, the box can cause the FOE to turn around and then walk into a pit.
  • If there's a gap in the floor, try to fill it with a solid object, so that the FOE walks over it rather than into it. In this case, for this reason, the box needs to be pushed off the ledge first, before the FOE drops down. The FOE will not fall into a hole if the box is in the way.
  • Don't push the box all the way into a wall when you need to move it again. Once it's against a wall, it's stuck there.

Before going down to 4-9, first stop by at 4-6 to press the yellow on-off switch, which is needed once you go down below. There's nothing else you can really accomplish in 4-6, so get the collectibles inside and leave.

Once you step down to 4-9, immediately head down on the yellow platform and go right. A flame cannon starts to fire over that platform, and this is the only way to get through without getting hurt. Keep going to the right, avoiding the fireballs from the cannons. A handy tip: use Wall-Walk Shoes to get on a wall and wait around at a safe part of it. This way, you won't have to repeatedly jump over fireballs while waiting for a chance to bypass them.

4-9 Arrow Lift Challenge[edit]

Drop down to the right after the second save point. You have an arrow lift available for this area, which is largely covered with red spikes. You need a good control over the arrow lift for this challenge.

There's a bunch of things you need to do before you can head to 4-10. It's difficult to accomplish all of these in one try, so if you lose the arrow lift during this process, try to get back here (where you found the lift) while minimizing damage taken. Then you can continue from that point on and finish whatever you didn't do yet. There are two life orbs next to the arrow lift, and you can also ride the lift back to the save point to heal.

  • First, ride the lift to the left; you need it at a low elevation, so immediately turn it around to the left when it starts to go up. Beware of the rabbit with the beach ball; do not let the attack hit you while Nitori ducking, because she'll stand up when hurt, and this could kill Nitori if she was just underneath a solid block or spike. Watch out for the fireballs raining down from the cannons as you ride the lift. After a while, you see two rabbits and a key between them. Collect it, and turn the lift back to the right.
  • Now you need to head right and press the yellow on-off switch, turning it OFF so that you can access the area above. A downward wind will make reaching the switch difficult, so you need to be close to the switch before you try to reach it. A tip: set up the lift properly, in such a way that it will turn around to the direction you want when you land on it. If it's already going in the direction you're heading while you're not on, it will turn elsewhere once you land on it, and it will take several jumps to correct the direction. Don't let the lift go up too much; the ceiling is not that high.
  • Now go left again. With the yellow switch OFF, the ceiling will end somewhere and you can go up higher to another region of the stage. There's a key at the top-left corner of this region. You can get it now, but you have to be careful not to let the lift ascend too much, because you still have uses for it. You can get the key later, after pressing a black button switch.
  • Head to the right so that you can get to a black switch. You have to be at a correct height. There's a leftward wind just above the floor of this region, and you have to be above it, or it will push you off the lift. You should not go too high, either, you need to come back left after the switch is pressed, and you will be taking hits along the way if you lose the lift. Try to avoid the revolving fireballs while keeping the lift at a reasonable height.
  • Once you pressed the black switch, head back to the left. Collect the key and other items that were at the left, if you haven't already. Be careful not to accidentally lose control of the arrow lift. Once you're done with the items, drop down at the left wall. The black platform will lead you to the next stage. Avoid the remaining enemies in the way.

If you look at the map, you will see that the 8 stages in the intermediate layers are basically well-connected with one another. This is deceptive, though. The actual options you have for entering stages is more limited. Here are the basic steps you need to take:

  • 4-10: In 4-10, head up back to 4-6. Use your tools wisely to aim for the top, and don't destroy all of the bricks, since you will need some to get up there.
  • 4-6: You will appear in another part of 4-6; activate the wind orb there to head to the right. Note the maze made up of blue blocks. They're transparent right now. This means you need to come back here later with the blue on-off switch ON.
  • 4-7: This is a maze with invisible blocks. As you go, hit the necessary invisible blocks from underneath, so that you won't fall back down when you drop from above. Don't hit all of them, though. There's one place where hitting an invisible block will prevent you from moving forward, and require you to reset the stage. If you head right to 4-8, you will see the Hyper Dashoes, which is what you need to proceed below the intermediate layers. You can't get it from here, so return back left and head down to 4-11.
  • 4-11: Once you drop down, there's a blue on-off switch. Remember that you needed it ON in 4-6, so press it. Carefully head downward in the stage while avoiding the flame cannons' attacks. Tip: being airborne longer helps you jump over the fireballs; you can use the Drill or the Extending Arm for this. If you use them mid-jump, while holding the JUMP button, Nitori will try to finish the remainder of that jump after using the tool, allowing you to stay airborne at a lower height. Don't worry about the yellow-and-black caution blocks below; you can't get past those yet.

Now, you need the key back in 4-6 before you can make progress in 4-12. You can head back there via 4-10, but make sure the blue on-off switch is ON before you head left to 4-10. Otherwise, you will be trapped and will have to reload your save. Go to 4-10, and head up to 4-6 once again; the details will be a bit different this time due to the blue switch. In 4-6, find the key in the blue maze, and then head right as with before (with the wind orb's help). The maze in 4-7 will be considerably simpler because of the blue switch; most of the gaps with invisible blocks are already covered with blue blocks.

Head down to 4-11. For 4-12, you need the red on-off switch ON, but also the blue switch OFF. This is because if the "false colors" touch, you won't be able to go up higher in that stage. The blue switch is where you enter 4-11, as you've seen before. For the red switch, you need to head down to the bottom of 4-11, and then perform careful jumps across some lifts that drop down. Use your Drill to gain an extra boost of distance as you jump. It's helpful if you gathered enough extra energy at this point in the game, because the energy limits how many times you can your tools. After getting past the lifts, climb up the rightmost wall to reach the red switch.

With the correct switch settings, enter 4-12.

  • 4-12: Activate the black button switch, and head upwards. Use the key from 4-6 to enter the upper part of the stage. This part has several tricky jumps involving wind orbs and black platforms. If you use the Extending Arm to pass through an upward wind, you will get a slight upward boost after using the Arm; using this tip with the second wind orb can help. Have good timing when using the Drill midair.
  • 4-8: This stage is has mostly ice blocks for platforms, and involves avoiding fireballs from flame cannons while jumping up those platforms. For the first revolving fireballs, you need good timing and good momentum. Not that the ice will slow down your momentum buildup. At the part with the leftward wind, try to predict when the fireballs soar upwards, and delay your motion (with jumping out of the wind, or with your tools) if you're about to get hit otherwise. Left of the wind is the Hyper Dashoes; further left is the Golden Cucumber, if you manage to not stumble.

Once you get the tool, collect any items you want in 4-8 and 4-12, and drop back down to the bottom floor of 4-12. Now, you noticed that in both 4-11 and 4-10 (if you head left from 4-11), there is a downward passage sealed by caution blocks. In either stage, use your new tool's hyperdash ability to knock away those blocks and head down to the Core.

The Core[edit]

The Core, also known as 4-17, is a very large stage connected to four mini-rooms, each with a key. You need the four keys for the main part of the Core.

At the top floor of the stage, there are two passages (to 4-10 and 4-11, respectively), and in the middle is a save point. Note the enemies here; you can't defeat the gray zombie fairies, so just avoid them. Head down in either direction to begin your search for keys.

If you head all the way down (to around the middle elevation of the stage), there's a gap in the floor at the middle. Drop down and use the warp doors there to get back to the top of the stage.

First Key, Upper Left (4-13)[edit]

In here, you need to bring the white FOE at the top to the bottom, so that you can then jump on it to reach the key. First, break the bricks so that the FOE can walk down one floor below, but don't break them in a way that would get it stuck. You also need to eliminate the bricks above the thin platforms on the left side. This is because you will be climbing out of there from the left side.

Now, before the FOE walks away, place Nitori on the star switch so that the star blocks activate and make the FOE turn around. Then you need to use the timing when the FOE to be on the star switch, so you can reach the yellow button switch below you. The simple way to do this is to stun the FOE while it's on the star switch, giving you extra time.

Press the yellow button switch (not too soon, you want the FOE to be in position also), and head left. The yellow blocks will allow the FOE to walk over a gap with yellow spikes (they do 10 damage, so don't think about simply walking past them). Use the FOE both to get the key and to jump up the steps (it is also possible to climb the wall from the other side if you position the FOE correctly). Because you created an opening in the bricks earlier, you can now jump up above on this left side. Head back to the save point and exit the stage.

Second Key, Lower Left (4-14)[edit]

This place involves a star switch and a blue on-off switch. Ignore the FOE; it does nothing.

You need a blue on-off switch (not the one in the beginning, since pressing it keeps you from entering this room). Go to the left and drop down below the bricks to find a blue switch and set it to ON. Be sure to break the bricks in a way that you can climb back out. Don't go down to where the yellow spikes are.

Head to the top floor via the wall to the right, and you will find a carry block. After the blue switch is ON, blue blocks will cover a star switch; place the carry block above the blue blocks, so that when you turn the blue switch OFF again, the carry block lands on the star switch and presses it.

Once the star switch is pressed, star blocks will appear above the yellow spikes, allowing you to walk on the blocks and find the key.

Third Key, Upper Right (4-15)[edit]

This one is a puzzle involving a star switch and teleport blocks, so some figuring out is needed. In addition, there are red and yellow on-off switches. Start by setting those OFF so that you can enter the room. As with the second key room, you need to find on-off switches elsewhere, because you can't use the ones at the entrance.

This room is divided into left and right. There is a pit in each side, covered with yellow spikes, and over them, black blocks become solid when the black button switch is pressed.

First, teleport to the right side to press the red switch, and teleport back. Make sure this does not kill Nitori! The red switch will allow you to reach the star switch on the left.

Before you press the star switch, move the teleport block on the right side, so that it's not on star blocks. Destroy the bricks on the right side so that you can jump up through the gap.

Place the teleport block there to leave the star switch pressed, and teleport to the right. The star blocks enable you to reach the black button switch at top-right corner.

Up to here is pretty straightforward, but now it takes some thinking. There's a blue button switch in the right side's pit, which you can now safely reach with the black switch pressed. Note that while you can climb the wall out of this pit, a teleport block can't, so don't send the block down to the pit. Go directly into that pit and press the blue switch.

Nitori needs to move a lot while the blue switch is pressed. The pit on the left side has a key and a yellow on-off switch. Both are blocked by a blue wall, so everything below up to the point you pass through that blue wall needs to be done while the blue switch is activated. Fortunately, the blue switch lasts quite a while.

Unlike with the pit on the right, Nitori can't just climb the wall out of the pit on the left. That means you need a teleport block to get out of that pit. However, removing the teleport block from the star switch seals that pit with star blocks. With all this considered, the solution is to place the teleport block on the star blocks, and then manually press the star switch yourself to make the teleport block fall down into the pit.

Then you need to get into the pit yourself, using the teleport block on the right side. The black platforms on the left side allow you to get over to the right side without the need of teleport. Once you're in the left side's pit, take the teleport block with you as you pass through the blue wall, because you will need to return to this pit again. You won't have access to the blue switch anymore unless you under specific settings.

Set the yellow on-off switch to ON. This creates yellow platforms on the right side that enables you to get over to the left side. Teleport back to the right side, and first turn the red switch there OFF, and then climb up with the teleport block in hand. Once you're past the yellow platforms, return to the pit and set the yellow switch OFF. With both switches OFF, you can leave the stage.

Fourth Key, Lower Right (4-16)[edit]

This is a challenge of collecting the key and making it back to the start alive, meaning without losing all of your health. Do your best to minimize getting hit by enemies. Use the Stinky Ball to freeze a FOE and stand on it if you need to; other FOEs would walk underneath you without harming you.

Press the yellow button switch at the bottom-left corner to activate a large wall on the right side that you can climb up. Don't get hit by the fireballs while climbing because then you will drop back all the way down. You need to go through the top portion to get back to the beginning. The top has flame cannons attacking, along with bouncies, making it difficult to avoid getting hit. Head left here and drop down at the gaps to return to the save point.

Once you have collected the four keys, head back to the lower floor. Now it's time to enter the central region of the Core. Each of your keys unlocks more of this region. Before you enter the region, you should break the bricks in the way on the right side of that floor, because you will need to bring a FOE to an opening past some bricks.

Go to the left side of that floor and you will see a white FOE in a small space, moving at a high speed. Break the bricks there to free it, and it will help to stun it, as well. Go to the middle of that floor and press the yellow button switch just as the FOE is about to pass over the gap, so that the yellow blocks will fill that gap. Head back to the right, and stun the FOE to go up the opening. You should use the Hyper Dashoes to run to the right faster.

Central Region[edit]

The height matters. By digging at this height, the untouched brick will stop Nitori from advancing forward, so that she doesn't land on the spike when she is done with the Drill.

The central region is a collection of platforming challenges to test you. There is an important item to collect at the end.

  • After the first keyhole door, carefully dig your way through the bricks while avoiding the red spikes. There's one place (near where there's a mushroom amongst the bricks) in which it's hard to dig through without landing on the spike (see screenshot). Use the Drill from the correct height. Keep in mind that depending on the height, you might destroy a single brick or two bricks placed vertically, and you might or might not fit Nitori into the created opening.
  • Watch out for the brown FOEs; there are 4 stacked together. Where there are bricks over a floor of red spikes, and a blue button switch amongst the bricks, be careful not to bomb the bricks recklessly or you soon won't have a safe place to land. You can go underneath or over the rabbits.
  • After the first save point (for this central area), keep going past the Extending Arm challenge. A red spike does 1 damage; a yellow spike does 10.
  • Move along the rightward wind, carefully dodging (or stunning) the rabbits and avoiding the red spikes as it pushes you.
  • There is a wall-walking section with flame cannons that shoot horizontally. If you drop below the keyhole door, there's an invisible block that assists in climbing back up.
  • Then you begin to see caution blocks. You cannot jump during the hyperdash, which is needed to destroy the caution blocks, so use the yellow button switch to make a way for Nitori's dash.
  • In the part after that, don't break both of the bricks, because you need one to cross the gap. If you drop down the gap, the sign says that even "screwing up" can help; this refers to using the Hyper Dashoes in the "wrong" direction. You should have noticed by now that when you hyperdash into a solid object, you bounce back. This bounce can be used to cross the gap.
  • Past that, there's a second save point, and two directional arrows, prompting you to use the Hyper Dashoes that way. This part of the stage is designed so that doing so will get Nitori most of the way to the next challenge like an automaton.
  • There's a third save point, and then comes the final challenge. There's a path you need to take quickly to reach the end before the blue button switch runs out. To accomplish this, make active use of your Hyper Dashoes. There are some caution blocks in the way, so hyperdash to go through them.

When you get up past the row of blue blocks, head left to find a giant makeshift X. In the center is the Jet. This tool will give Nitori unmatched freedom to navigate around stages (though it won't be much of a use until you collect substantial amount of energy). With the tool obtained, exit this central region.

Now that you have the ability to fly, you can go back down to the lower floor of the stage, where the warp doors are, and proceed further from there.

The stage looks kind of symmetrical in some places, but here, you only have one path. Fly to the right and through the corridors here; get used to the Jet as you go. Once the Jet activates, you're basically stuck in a specific direction, and switching direction requires you to let go and reactivate.

Head all the way to the bottom of the stage, and toward to the middle of that elevation. There is a passage down between two save points. Important: before you descend, be sure that you have enough health and energy to make you confident. The boss fight makes use of the Jet, and you need to be certain that you can handle the fight with Nitori's stats.


Intruder alert!

Drop down from the Core to the Depths below. Nitori will appear at the top of a room with two walls of caution blocks, and she will continue to descend until you reach the bottom floor. Then, Utsuho Reiuji will show up and talks to Nitori. Now it's time for Nitori to have an epic battle with her so she can harness the nuclear energy. As a side note, Utsuho mentions a strange fog during the dialogue.

Battle in the Geyser[edit]

Unlike with previous bosses, this is an actual boss fight. This battle is divided into several phases, and Utsuho has a different attack pattern for each phase. Your aim is to attack Utsuho with correct tools (see the tools subsection below), while moving up the stage throughout the phases. Eventually, you will need to defeat Utsuho and reach the top of the stage. However, there is an alternate method where you can trick Utsuho to destroy the ceilings and make upper portions accessible (see below). This allows you to simply go for the top without defeating Utsuho.

Utsuho has a total of three life bars, each associated with a different phase. Utsuho's health bar is at the top-right, though it might be hard to see with the glowing yellow background. In each phase, the bar is longer.

Each time you empty a bar, Utsuho supercharges her nuclear power, causing radioactive water to start rising. As the water rises, the caution blocks correspondingly melt away, row by row. This gives Nitori access to higher parts of the stage, but the water also keeps her away from lower parts. In each phase, the water has a different elevation limit.

Utsuho ignores any obstructions in the stage, and hurts Nitori on contact. Throughout the phases, the majority of her attacks will be projectiles composed of either small orange fireballs or larger-sized yellow energy spheres. For an energy sphere, the hitbox is smaller than it appears; only the center will actually hurt Nitori. All projectiles in the battle move in a straight line.

Clear this battle without getting hurt to unlock an achievement.


It is important to know what to do with your tools and to be able to switch them quickly. Make use of the item selection menu if necessary.

The tools that can damage Utsuho are the Drill, the Stinky Ball, and the Shiriko Bombs.

  • The Stinky Ball is your primary weapon, since it provides rapid-fire at a range. Each ball does marginal damage, so tap the button repeatedly.
  • The Drill does quite a chunk of damage to her, but care is needed to avoid colliding with her and taking damage yourself. To attack safely, you need to be at a correct distance. Thus, it is best to use the Drill to finish off Utsuho's life bar.
  • To hit Utsuho with Shiriko Bombs, she needs to be close enough to the explosion; have her be very close to the floor where you place the bombs. The damage from multiple bombs stacks up quickly. Place some bombs where you expect her to approach.

In Earthkeeper form, Nitori does not get hurt from direct contact with Utsuho, though she still gets hurt from other things. This tool is handy in a pinch if you remember this.

If you want, you can use Hyper DaShoes to clear caution blocks in the way. Don't recklessly use this tool or you may end up running straight into danger; anticipate the path Nitori would take.

Finally, remember that you have recently obtained the Jet. You will need it, so use it well!

Phase 1[edit]

Utsuho's air dash attack; notice how it clears caution blocks in the way. Also note the items from the item blocks.

You initially begin the battle at the very lower part of the stage. You can't normally go up much higher from the bottom floor because there is a ceiling made up of caution blocks.

The stage layout of this phase is quite simple. The lower portion of the stage has three accessible floors. Some parts of the floor are thin platforms, and some are made of bricks. Use the Shiriko Bombs or Drill to clear the bricks, or the upper floors will leave you with little room to react to Utsuho's attacks. If you really need to, hyperdash towards the middle (where there are walls of caution blocks) to escape the upper floors.

There are many item boxes mixed in the floors. Instead of mushrooms, these contain life orbs and green cucumbers; both are useful. The life orbs are very handy since there's plenty of potential to get hurt during the boss fight, and you would want to stay alive. The cucumbers can quickly recharge your energy in a pinch, so that you can react quickly without waiting for the energy to recharge.

In phase 1, Utsuho has three attacks:

  • If she moves slowly towards you, she will likely use an attack where she creates three large energy spheres, one after another. Each is aimed at Nitori's current location. These are slow at first, but they accelerate, so if you're far away, watch out for them. You should lure away the spheres when Utsuho aims them.
  • If she moves faster towards you, then she is about to release rings of fire (although if you're close enough, she may move more slowly, making the attack harder to predict). Two circular "rings", each actually a set of 12 small fireballs, are released from Utsuho. Get between the projectiles to dodge them. Most likely, the two rings should appear from the same position.
  • Her direct melee attack is the air dash. With a sound resembling an aircraft, she flies horizontally at a high speed in whichever direction Nitori is. This sound is your alert to get out of the way. Important to remember: the air dash destroys any caution blocks she touches. Utsuho keeps going until she reaches around the edge of the screen; sometimes she goes past the edge and returns to the screen. If you move around during the air dash to confuse Utsuho's direction, you can sometimes make her turn around mid-dash.

Notice that the only time Utsuho changes her vertical position is for a brief time after the air dash, during which she tries to match Nitori's height. Otherwise, she stays at a fixed height. Except for the air dash, her pattern is this: she moves horizontally towards Nitori (but once she starts to move, she doesn't turn around), and then remains still as she uses her attack. So watch how Utsuho moves and you can predict her behavior. Don't stay too close to her when she's about to attack; there's risk of getting hurt.

Phase 2[edit]

The side effect of the water is that its flashing glows make it hard to see near the surface.

Once you deplete Utsuho's first health bar, she briefly turns red and black as pink glows shine from her head. During this period, she is intangible and invincible. The screen will also shake for a short time. Afterwards, the radioactive water begins to rise. Nitori will repeatedly take hits if she is in the water, so be prepared to get up to a safe height. As the water rises, the caution blocks above will melt away, one row at a time, if the water gets within a certain distance from them.

The water will stop just before it reaches the brown FOEs (one on left and one on right). You will notice that the water's glow will make it hard to see when you're close to it. If you accidentally fall into the water, stay calm and carefully make your way out. Rushing it in panic can make things worse.

In phase 2, Utsuho's attack patterns will change with more complex attacks. First of all, she is no longer confined to a fixed height when she approaches Nitori, which she does before each attack other than air dash. Her attacks are as follows:

  • Utsuho maintains her air-dash attack. Remember to look at the boss indicator as a way to help determine her elevation.
  • Utsuho sends an energy sphere that slowly floats upward. At the same time, several energy spheres slowly descend straight down from above in random spots. This attack is actually your best opportunity to retaliate because it leaves Utsuho vulnerable for a long time. Since her attack is mostly not directly launched from her location, you can dodge it quite easily and hit her with near-impunity. On the other hand, though, the spheres may get in the way quite a bit if you're trying to fly somewhere. After this attack, Utsuho will readjust her height to try to match Nitori's.
  • Utsuho shoots eight small fireballs in succession, aiming at Nitori's present location each time she shoots. This can catch you by surprise, so always keep an eye out for it. To dodge this attack, move away from the line of attack. It's easier to flee in a constant angular motion so that the fireballs all pass behind her. The fireballs aim for Nitori's head, so she can also duck and let the attacks pass over her, when it's safe to stay still (this will work as long as the slope of the fireball direction isn't too steep).
  • Utsuho approaches by a greater distance before this attack. She creates a "ring" of eight energy spheres that slowly expand outward from her. Get in the space between the spheres to avoid collision. As mentioned, the hitboxes for the spheres are lenient, so there shouldn't be too much difficulty in avoiding these. Watch out, though, because Utsuho will stay still for only a short time.

This part of the stage is more spacious, designed for a lot of freedom of movement with the Jet. Some things are not accessible without it. Take care not to get hit during flight, because if you do, your Jet will stop and you might plunge into the water.

One notable object in this part is the black button switch at the right side above. The switch is technically optional, if you have sufficient energy, but it is recommended. Whether or not you activate the switch affects how you would handle the 3rd phase. For now, it allows you to hit a couple of item blocks floating in the air. This is because you can't hit the item blocks with the Jet, but only with a jump.

Phase 3[edit]

Once you deplete Utsuho's second bar and she supercharges again, get ready to fly upwards for your survival. Most of the stage in this part is about escaping the water. The water will rise very high and you will have to ascend quite a bit before it stops. While it's possible to damage Utsuho during this ascent, she will likely be more of a nuisance to avoid than a boss to attack.

When you fly up, make sure you can make it up to a platform, even if you have to touch the water's surface in order to get the Jet ready. If you don't make it and plunge into the water's depths, Nitori is pretty much dead, because the damage from the water will interrupt your attempts to fly out. If you drop deep enough, the water will do 10 damage and finish Nitori.

If you have the black switch pressed, there will be more places to the left side where Nitori can stand. Otherwise, you will have to fly up to the few platforms located up high. Be patient and wait for enough of the caution blocks to melt so they don't prevent you from reaching platforms. Again, do not let Utsuho hurt you while you escape.

Look for a pathway to the right blocked by a cluster of bricks. There are three floors on this side that you can reach. If the black switch is pressed, you should go in here to access the gray switch and turn the blocks transparent again. The black blocks form walls that block a couple openings and thus restrict Nitori's mobility. The gray switch is placed on the highest floor, but there's no opening on that floor. This means you have to be fast so you can hit the switch and come back down before the water becomes a problem.

Once the black blocks are transparent, head to the left side. There are two floors available to the left, both safe from the water for now. On the right side, the water rises above the second of the floors, but does not completely fill up the floor's corridor. Because of the water, your available space is rather limited in this phase once the water stops.

For the second and fourth attacks in the list below, Utsuho approaches only a short distance before the attack. The distance of approach is longer for the third and fifth attacks. These are Utsuho's attacks for phase 3:

  • Utsuho's air dash, as with before.
  • Utsuho's ability to summon descending energy spheres, as with the previous phase. There will be more spheres in this phase. Note that sometimes the single ascending sphere will not be summoned (may be a glitch).
  • Utsuho's ring of eight energy spheres, as with the previous phase.
  • Utsuho shoots many fireballs in succession; she changes her aim clockwise as she shoots the fireballs, so they create a spiral pattern. Due to how this attack is essentially aimed in all directions, it is tricky to avoid it at close range. The further away you are from her, the more space there is between fireballs, making them easier to avoid.
  • Utsuho a very large and slow-moving energy orb with a bright glow. It is aimed at Nitori and travels in a straight line. This projectile is intimidating, but the actual hitbox of it is smaller than the graphical size.

Once the water stabilizes, stay on the left side and if Utsuho is on the right side, waiting for her to come back to the left side is your best action. Keep a safe distance from Utsuho when necessary and defeat her.

Final Phase[edit]

Get ready for some shoot-em-up action!

After you deplete Utsuho's final health bar, she supercharges and flies away. Now you need to reach the top. As you fly upwards, be on the lookout for the bouncies that interrupt your tools upon contact. Don't let them make you lose your footing.

If you are on the right side, head left; you can simply go over any remaining caution blocks. If you wait long enough, the water will eventually rise enough that all of the caution blocks will be gone. The water will stop before it reaches the topmost platforms.

At the top of the left side is a platform with checkered blocks in the middle. Step on the red ones and Nitori will exclaim that her Jet is not working. That's when Marisa shows up and offers help. Nitori gets on her broom and the two fly away...

Alternate Method[edit]

As of patch 1.10, Utsuho's air dash only moves at a fixed height. Nevertheless, with the help of the Jet, you can trick Utsuho to clear the caution blocks so you can go up.

Lure Utsuho to the elevation you want by flying upwards with the Jet; she goes through any blocks in the way. If she then uses her air dash attack, then she would knock away the caution blocks at that elevation. This can open up access to where you normally can't go above, and thus circumvent the intended boundaries of the stage with respect to the phase. The key to this method is that there's space in the middle of the stage that extends all the way to the top. This means you can always fly up to whatever height within reach of your Jet's capacity and attempt to make Utsuho clear the caution blocks at that height.

It is best to keep Utsuho in phase 1. In this phase, Utsuho is confined to a fixed height, and only changes her elevation after her air dash. That means you only need to lure her at that opportunity, and she will stay at that desired height while you await her next air dash. In the other phases, Utsuho can change her vertical position as she approaches Nitori, so you will have to constantly alter her height to suit your needs. In any case, her attacks are simpler if she stays in phase 1. You also won't have to deal with the water this way.

A note about the caution blocks: you can freely walk on them to the right, but if you try to walk to the left, they will obstruct you. Likewise, using Hyper DaShoes to the right will make Nitori run over them, but she wall fall through if she runs left instead.

Once you land on the red checkered blocks on the platform at top-left, the battle in the Geyser ends even if Utsuho has any health left.

Battle in the Sky[edit]

With Marisa's help, Nitori has taken the battle to the skies! They will be riding a broom on the left, facing against Utsuho to the right.

The only tool available in this battle is the Stardust. Press and hold the ITEM button to shoot stars to the right so that you can damage Utsuho. Use the directional keys to move, and hold the JUMP button to slow your movements. The item selection menu is off-limits, so you cannot use Shirikodamas or Ariadne's Threads here.

If you die in this battle, you will restart in the sky, so don't worry about where you saved the game. However, if you use the pause menu to reset the game, you will have to replay the Geyser battle.


Utsuho has four phases in this battle, each with a health bar (they are of equal length). Each time you deplete a bar, her projectiles disappear, and she releases a green star (except for when you beat her for good). Collect the star to replenish one health point. She is invincible and intangible for a brief moment after a bar is depleted.

Unless otherwise stated (for one attack in phase 3), Utsuho will always alternate between her basic attack and one of the other attacks. Once she is done with one attack, she switches to the next even if the earlier attack hasn't dissipated yet, so there may be times where you have to avoid projectiles from multiple attacks.

Attacks for phase 1:

  • Utsuho's basic attack is where she adjusts her height to close into your elevation, and during that time, she releases a ring made of many red particles. The particles curve slightly clockwise as the travel.
  • Utsuho creates two rings of energy spheres in a succession. There are many more spheres in a ring than when you fought her in the Geyser, and the spheres glow brightly, hiding Utsuho from view until the spheres move away from her. Also, she will immediately use her basic attack after this; the red particles from the basic attack move faster than the large yellow spheres, so you will have to watch out for overlapping attack waves.
  • Utsuho flies to the left, leaving many particles in her trail. The particles then spread out in various directions, so navigate through them. As for Utsuho, she will go off-screen, and then return to to the right.
  • Utsuho stays still as a circle appears around her and then collapses into her to indicate this attack. At first, it looks like she isn't doing anything. Then you will see energy spheres descend from above. This is similar to the corresponding attack in the Geyser battle. The rain of spheres tends to be quite uneven and will continue for an extended amount of time, even as Utsuho switches to another attack.

Attacks for phase 2:

  • Her basic attack now has two rings of red projectiles. The second ring travels faster.
  • Same as before, she releases two rings of energy spheres, but with two rings of red particles accompanying them due to her basic attack following this attack.
  • She summons a rain of energy spheres descending from above, as with before.
  • She flies to the left while leaving behind red particles, as with before. There are more particles in this phase.
  • She makes small columns of rainbow appear from below, first on the right and successively until the last one on the left. Once a column rises to a certain height, with a sound effect, it bursts into a giant pillar of rainbow that fills that part of the screen from top to bottom (it only hurts Nitori at the burst). Don't be over the column when it bursts. There are a total of 6 columns on screen (though you will hear 8).
Utsuho's most complex attack in phase 3. Also shown is the rain of descending spheres, caused by another attack.

Attacks for phase 3:

  • Her basic attack now releases three rings of red projectiles. The third ring moves much faster than the first two and will overtake the first two.
  • Same as before, she releases two rings of energy spheres, followed by her basic attack of three rings of red particles.
  • When Utsuho flies to the left in this phase, a carpet of red particles appears from the right edge and then gets tugged to the left. There's very tight space amongst the particles, so you need careful movement to get past the carpet. The particles spread out a bit over time.
  • Columns of rainbow bursting into pillars. This time, there are 8 columns on screen (you hear 10), and adjacent ones overlap. Also, there's a shorter time interval between bursts, so you need more accurate timing to get in between bursts.
  • Columns of rainbow, but at the same time she creates them, she summons the rain of descending energy spheres (with a circular indication). The spheres don't start raining until the the columns have burst, so the spheres tend to coincide with the attack following this one.
  • Probably her most difficult attack to avoid. She summons a very large and slow-moving energy orb, familiar from the Geyser battle. At the same time, columns of rainbow appear from below, and so do a carpet of red particles from the left edge (which, again, spreads out gradually as it moves). The problem is that the large orb slowly attracts you to it, throwing off your movement when you're trying to dodge other projectiles. After this attack, she switches to any one of the above attacks other than the basic attack, or even repeats this attack multiple times.

The third phase is particularly tricky. Utsuho tends to mix up attacks in complicated fashions to make it difficult to avoid getting hurt.

Once you clear the third phase, Utsuho turns a red and black again, and after a short invincibility frame, supercharges with a loud noise. At this point, do not touch her! Contact with her will kill Nitori instantly, regardless of health (Nitori's sprite simply disappears).

Her only attack in phase 4 is a special nuclear attack. After some time, Utsuho will start releasing slowly expanding rings of nuclear energy. Like Utsuho herself in this phase, the rings instantly vaporize Nitori upon contact. The point is, finish the boss quickly before it reaches you. If you keep firing at Utsuho during this final phase, you will defeat her before she can use the attack.

Credits and Epilogue[edit]

When you finally defeat Utsuho, she slowly drops below, and the credits start to scroll from the right to the left as the screen is showered with stars in the background. The credits are written in boxes, except for the "Thank you for playing!" message at the end.

You can shoot the credit boxes with your Stardust attack. If you shoot a box with enough stars, it disappears. The hitboxes for the credit boxes are in the center. Also, if the hitbox hits Nitori, she will be momentarily stunned; you won't take damage, but you won't be able to fire until you recover. Clear all of the credits (this includes the thank-you message) to unlock an achievement.

After the battle is over, the epilogue plays. Nitori lands on the the roof where she was after escaping from the tengu in World 3. She sees Utsuho there. Then the tengu duo show up and gang up on Nitori as Marisa flies away. Poor Nitori. Press the DASH button after The End screen appears to return to the title screen.

Note that the game is saved after you beat the boss, but when you load the save, you appear at the save point just before the boss stage (left of the passage to the Depths). You get an Ariadne's Thread when you beat the boss. Use it to quickly return to the world selection screen.

Item Locations[edit]

  • 4-1 Key

Go to the right, then go up. Climb the blue staircase to get the key. To turn the blue blocks solid, you need to press the blue on-off switch and use the teleport block to get out of the switch room.

  • 4-1 Keyhole Door

To the left of the black staircase. Use the key in this stage.

  • 4-2 Key

To the left, above the rows of star blocks. You should press the yellow on-off switch to get the key, though it's possible to get it while the star blocks alternate (due to the FOE stepping on and off of it).

  • 4-2 Keyhole Door

Past the blue blocks underneath the rows of star blocks. Use the key in this stage.

  • 4-3 Key

After pressing the red on-off switch, red blocks create a place you can land below the star blocks. From the red blocks, climb the wall to reach the key; use the teleport blocks and the star switch, just as you did to reach the yellow button switch (in order to access the red switch).

  • 4-3 Keyhole Door

The keyhole door is some distance above the bottom floor (higher than where Nitori can jump). You can climb up the star blocks (when the star switch is pressed), or drop from above when the red on-off switch is OFF. Use the key in this stage.

  • 4-3 UFO

You can get this when the red on-off switch is ON and the yellow and blue ones are OFF. Go on the roof and move to the left past the yellow button switch. Climb the red wall at the left.

  • 4-5 Key

Above the row of glass blocks, above reach of Nitori's jump. There is a wooden box left of the glass. Push it to the right and use it to reach the key. The glass blocks won't crack if you're on the box above the glass.

  • 4-5 Keyhole Door

In the path blocked by the blue blocks, just before those blocks. Note that the FOE and the box can go through it.

  • 4-5 Key

Go past the above keyhole door and drop down. To the left, there is a warp door that allows you to retry this challenge, and a key up above. You need the FOE's help to reach the key (and the box to allow the FOE to get here).

  • 4-5 Keyhole Door

After you drop down past the previous keyhole door, go to the right and there's another keyhole door, blocking the way. Use the box to get up to where the keyhole door is.

  • 4-9 Key

Above the red spikes between the two hopping rabbits. Ride the arrow lift and carefully try to avoid the fireballs and the walking rabbit's attacks as you go for the key. Remember to then toggle the yellow on-off switch to the right.

  • 4-9 Key

This second key is in the higher region above the yellow blocks. The key is at the upper-left corner of this region. To the right of the key are several mushrooms and life orbs. Note that you also need the black switch to the right in this higher region.

  • 4-9 Keyhole x 2

Once you're done with everything in this stage, land on the left side of the stage. Underneath the spikes, there is a path from the left to the right. Use the two keys found in this stage, and then walk across the black blocks.

  • 4-6 Key

In the maze of the blue blocks (innermost center, upper branch). After pressing the blue on-off switch in 4-11, return to this stage (via 4-10), and get the key.

  • 4-12 Golden Cucumber

Have both blue and red on-off switches ON. Use the red and blue blocks to get up on the left side. The item is just underneath the ceiling.

  • 4-12 Keyhole Door

A ceiling divides this stage in two parts; part of the ceiling that is made up of red switch blocks has an opening. The keyhole door blocks this opening; unlock the door get above to the upper part of the stage, where the wind orbs are.

  • 4-12 UFO

Upper-right corner of the stage, above a thin platform. From the top (just below the passage to 4-8), use the Extending Arm to the right to get to where the item is. The black blocks need to be off, so reenter the stage from 4-8 to reset the black switch if needed.

  • 4-8 Hyper DaShoes

In the center of the cluster of the checkered blocks. To get there, you need to go through the obstacle course of this stage without slipping off the platforms.

  • 4-8 Golden Cucumber

To the left of the checkered blocks. While the Hyper Dashoes are obtained by simply entering the cluster of checkered blocks, it takes a bit of extra effort to go further left of that cluster. Once you're safely past that part, use hyperdash to get the cucumber and some mushrooms behind a wall of caution blocks.

  • 4-13 Key

Area left of the yellow spikes. Use the FOE to get up to the key and to get back to the entrance of this room.

  • 4-14 Key

Area underneath, at the lower-right corner. To get here safely, have the carry block placed on the star switch so that the star blocks are set as solid.

  • 4-15 Key

In the pit on the left side, along with a yellow on-off switch, behind a blue wall (you need the blue button switch to get here).

  • 4-16 Key

Area down below, to the left. The key is over the red spikes. Collect the key and survive your trip back to the entrance.

  • 4-17 Keyhole Door

Entrance to the central area of the Core, located on the right side once you drop down to the lower floor. Use the FOE, found on the left side, to get up here.

  • 4-17 Keyhole Door

Just before first save point of the central region. The keyhole door is in the pathway underneath the save point.

  • 4-17 Keyhole Door

Above the two flame cannons in the central region. While you can climb the wall with Wall-Walk Shoes immediately after you land on the keyhole door (even if you unlock it), if you fall below through the keyhole door as you unlock it, use the invisible block down there to help you climb back up.

  • 4-17 Keyhole Door

Once you're past the somewhat automated part involving springboards, you have one last challenge of the region, a pathway with caution blocks and involving use of the Hyper Dashoes. Just before the blue blocks marking the end of this challenge, there is the last keyhole door of this region.

  • 4-17 Jet

Once you're in the top part of the central area (past the keyhole doors and all the obstacles in the region), head left from the blue blocks to find checkered blocks forming an X shape. At the center of that X is the Jet. Once you have the Jet, head left to exit this region via a one-way door.

  • 4-17 UFO

After you have the Jet, go down to where the warp doors are (below the yellow switch and yellow blocks) and head right from there. Go through this pathway, and once you reach the save point halfway through that pathway (with the rightward wind below the save point), there's an opening that allows you to fly up one floor. Once you're on that floor, go to the right for a UFO.

  • 4-17 Golden Cucumber

Keep going past the save point and eventually you will reach the very bottom part of the Core, after a descent past the long staircase to the left. Here, head all the way to the right side of the stage, and you will see columns of checkered blocks. The cucumber is on top of the rightmost column.

Post-Boss Items[edit]

Obtain the remaining tools and go back to earlier stages to pick up the last few items. You can do so before or after fighting the boss.

  • 4-6 UFO

After you go underneath the wall to the right (with the help of the wind orb), there is a short moment in which you can jump up out of the wind, instead of heading right to 4-7. Then, use the Jet to scale up on the right side of the stage until you reach the roof. Then go to the left and break the bricks with Shiriko Bombs. Then you can move down one floor below the roof; go to the right for a UFO.

If you drop down one more floor (also made of bricks on the left side), you will reach the part of 4-6 that is accessible from 4-5.

  • 4-5 Golden Cucumber

The item is at the upper-left corner, but the upward passage to 4-4 is in the way of reaching the corner. If you just try to reach the item directly via the staircase at top, you will be sent to 4-4 instead. But if you're above the screen, the passage won't affect you. So, you need to use the Jet to fly above outside the passage, and then fly over it (or land on the roof and jump over it).

  • 4-4 UFO

Once the Jet is yours, you can explore the platforms above in this spacious stage. Fly up from platform to platform using the Jet. The UFO is some distance above the top platform.