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Goliath Doll

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ゴリアテ人形 (にんぎょう)
go̜ɾiate̞ nʲiŋgʲo̜ː(♫)
Goliath Doll
Goliath Doll
Sprite of Goliath Doll in Touhou Hisoutensoku



A doll used in one of Alice's spell cards


Forest of Magic

Official Games

The Goliath Doll (ゴリアテ人形 Goriate ningyō) is a giant doll in Alice Margatroid's final spell card in Touhou Hisoutensoku. She is known to be the most powerful of Alice's dolls, but not much is really known about her.

Character Design


Her name Goliath Doll hasn't been confirmed by ZUN to be official, so such name is derived by fans from the spell card she appears in: Testing "Goliath Doll". Goliath is a figure in the Hebrew Bible, a Philistine champion known for his duel to the death with the the future king of Israel, David. He is described as a giant, standing over 2.7 meters tall, but was defeated by the young David with a single slung stone to the head. In English, his name is used figuratively to refer to something very large and menacing.


The sprite of the Goliath Doll in Touhou Hisoutensoku shows that she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a dark grey colored dress with a white apron with dark grey sleeves along with dark grey shoes. The bows on her head and dress are colored in red and she appears to have two large swords. She also seems to be taller than a two-story house.


Touhou Hisoutensoku

As Cirno asking Marisa Kirisame if she saw a "Daidarabotchi", she points to the Forest of Magic that a big figure occurred within. Cirno goes over and encounters Alice Margatroid, who figures that she can test this doll on her with the spell card Testing "Goliath Doll". After a 60 second countdown, both Alice and the doll were defeated, with the latter exploding in a catastrophic failure. Despite not being the aforementioned, it ended up being the "Daidarabotchi" Cirno was looking for.


She's one of Alice Margatroid dolls, who is a puppeteer, described as her strongest doll she's ever created. It's unknown if Alice still uses her.

Additional Information

  • If playing on Lunatic, each hit with the swords can take out over ⅓ of your health, which means after 3 hits you lose a whole health bar.


Official Sources

Official sources