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Great Fairy Wars/Tools

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Current Version

  • Official: 1.00
  • English: 1.00

Music Tools

The following tools work with Fairy Wars:

Archive Tools

The following tools work with Fairy Wars:

Unofficial Patches

There exists an unofficial 1.00a patch, available to download at wordpress here. The changes include:

  • Fixed the bug where it would record scores for the wrong route played
  • When playing a replay, the number of gold medals(no-ice victories) will be added
  • Fixed the bug where the bomb icons would sometimes display the wrong number of bombs after deathbombing

Portable Fairy Wars

Like Double Spoiler, Fairy Wars stores userdata in the current user's Application Data folder. This can cause problems when a user wants to run the same state from multiple logins, or multiple computers. To keep things in the Fairy Wars directory, there is a simple fix: Create a notepad file, rename it to a .bat extension, (let's call it touhou128.bat) and put the following:

@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start th128

Similarly, create one for custom.exe by making a custom.bat and putting

@echo off
md "%CD%\user"
set "APPDATA=%CD%\user"
start custom

There! Now, whenever you start Fairy Wars, the profile data that would be placed in your Application Data folder is instead placed in your Fairy Wars directory. Additionally, if you already have AppLocale installed, you can have the batch files start the executables using Japanese locale by adding the following to the batch files on the lines between @echo off and md "%CD%\user":

set __COMPAT_LAYER=ApplicationLocale
set AppLocaleID=0411