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Groove into the Night

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SDCY-0006 banner.jpg

Groove into the Night

Groove into the Night album cover

Album by Sound CYCLONE

2009-03-08 (Reitaisai 6)





Catalog No.



Vocal, Instrumental, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Rock



Groove into the Night is a doujin album by Sound CYCLONE released on 2009-03-08 (Reitaisai 6). It features live performances of vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Mountain of Faith, Mega Man 5 and Ragnarok Online in addition to original compositions.

The album is a compilation of live music recorded over 2 performances, D3 Groove Vol.01 live at Kichijoji STAR PINE'S CAFE on 2008-09-21 and D3 GROOVE vs TaNaBaTa Night live at Shibuya Guilty on 2009-02-13. Video of the live performance of tracks 02 "ココロノスキマ" and 05 "Night Flight [Urban Midnight MIX]" were uploaded to Youtube by the circle.


Arrangement & Composition
D.watt (IOSYS)
nyanyannya (Team.ねこかん[猫])
Composition (Track 09)
せらみかる (Team.ねこかん[猫])
夕野ヨシミ (IOSYS)
せらみかる (Team.ねこかん[猫])
Vocals & Chorus
小雪 (innocent)
Art Director, Photography & Design
水瀬 修 (DROP DEAD!!)
Live Performance
D3 Groove vol.01 (2008-09-21)
  • Vocal, Guitar: しゃばだば
  • Vocal, Chorus: witch, Jumpei
  • Guitar: Crouch
  • Piano: Souta Seta
  • Keyboard: Junior (a.k.a. Junya Yamaguchi)
  • Bass: sou
  • Drums: Takahiro Tanabe
GROOVE vs TaNaBaTa Night (2009-02-13)
  • Vocal, Guitar: しゃばだば
  • Vocals, Chorus: witch
  • Sax, Flute, Chorus: harapon
  • Guitar, Chorus: Crouch
  • Keyboard, Chorus: Yurio
  • Bass: sou
  • Drums: Youichirou Yamauchi


  • 03. タクティクス (06:44)
    • Tactics
    • composition: しゃばだば
    • lyrics: しゃばだば
    • lead vocals: しゃばだば
    • live performance: D3 Groove vol.01
  • 06. Higher than the Sun (05:24)
    • arrangement: しゃばだば
    • live performance: D3 Groove vol.01
    • original title: waveman stage
    • source: ROCKMAN5/Mega Man 5
  • 08. With you (05:21)
    • arrangement: しゃばだば
    • lyrics: しゃばだば
    • lead vocals: witch
    • live performance: D3 Groove vol.01
    • original title: Theme of Prontera
    • source: Ragnarok Online

Set Lists

D3 GROOVE vs TaNaBaTa Night (2008-09-21)
  • 01. Care over!!
  • 02. タクティクス
  • 03. 貸したゲームがラクガキだらけで返ってきた件
  • 04. ephemeral
  • 05. Higher than the Sun
  • 06. East Funky Dream
  • 07. With you
  • 08. Two of Us
  • 09. Two of Us -しゃばだばー人ぼっちVer-
D3 GROOVE vs TaNaBaTa Night (2009-02-13)
  • 01. Care over!!
  • 02. ココロノスキマ
  • 03. Night Flight [Urban Midnight MIX]
  • 04. Heaven -Sweet Sugar Mix-
  • 05. Two of Us
  • 06. 貸したゲームがラクガキだらけで返ってきた件
  • 07. Take to Lips


This album is hidden gem in my opinion, it has a really outstanding instrumental performance (especially for a doujin circle) but is held back by some of it's vocals. That being said if you can look past some shaky vocal performances there's allot to like about the album. Tracks like タクティクス, East Funky Dream and 貸したゲームがラクガキだらけで返ってきた件 make great use of the chorus of vocalists on stage and are the stand out vocal tracks as a result. Of the instrumental tracks "Higher than the Sun" standing out among the rest with some ear catching guitar work by Crouch but it's worth noting that all of the tracks (vocal and instrumental) feature solid instrumental performances. I'd recommend watching the performance of track 5 Night Flight [Urban Midnight MIX] which ShavaDava uploaded to get a feeling for the album. Ycdtosa (talk) 23:38, 10 March 2016 (UTC)