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Hakurei God

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The God of the Hakurei Shrine



Extermination of youkai


Hakurei Shrine (place of worship), Yin-Yang Orbs (physical vessel)

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The true identity of The God of the Hakurei Shrine is obscure; even Reimu Hakurei, its supposed shrine maiden, does not know its name or blessings. As a result she is unable to supply it with faith, much to its frustration. While no longer strong enough to keep youkai away from the shrine, it can still express its blessing of youkai extermination through its go-shintai, the Yin-Yang Orbs.[1]


Reimu Hakurei (shrine maiden)
Yin-Yang Orb (go-shintai)
Misumaru Tamatsukuri (creator of go-shintai)

Additional Information

  • Rinnosuke Morichika claims to know the name of the Hakurei god, but has not told Reimu.[2]
  • Byakuren Hijiri can sense that the Hakurei isn't being worshiped, and she can tell this because its god is very angry. She suggests that Reimu work more at the shrine's business matters rather than "hunting youkai all the time".[3]