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Half-youkai are beings between youkai and humans, with attributes of both. They are resistant to ailments which could affect only humans or only youkai, and are generally able to interact with both of their parent species with little trouble.


Main article: Half-phantom

Half-phantoms (半人半霊 hannin hanrei, half-human half-phantom) are "half-dead" beings with two bodies, one human and one phantom.


Main article: Therianthrope

Therianthropes (獣人 kemono-bito, beast person) can transform between a human and a quasi-beast youkai depending on the phases of the moon, with werewolves being the most well-known variety. Theriantropy can be heriditary or inflicted by a curse, though the latter kind usually gain animal traits (such as horns, fangs or extra hair) rather than transforming completely into animals.

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