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Hannya mask

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The Hannya mask (般若の面 Hannya no men) is a type of mask used in Noh theatre, representing a jealous female demon. It possesses two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes, and a leering mouth.

The Mask's Appearances

A Hannya mask(?) from SoEW


On the first stage of the PC-98 game Story of Eastern Wonderland, there is a stage enemy that vaguely appears to be the Hannya mask, coloured in white and red with a brown aura around them. They don't shoot bullets, but they'll fly vertically downwards onto the screen randomly at a speed, not aiming for Reimu Hakurei and Genjii. They can be defeated with one shot, but if defeated on Lunatic, they'll throw bullets directly at Reimu as return fire. It's unknown what their real names are, but they were apparently created by Rika, along with the Bakebake, Shrine Tank, Flower-Tank, Evil Eye Σ, some shining objects and a few cannons.

The name "Hannya Mask" is uncommonly used in the Japanese fan-base, likely to reflect their vague appearance to the Hannya mask.


Hata no Kokoro uses a Hannya mask as a way to express emotion, this being anger.

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