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Hecatia Lapislazuli

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he̞ka̠ːtia̠ ɾ̠a̠pisɯᵝɾ̠a̠zɯᵝɾi
Hecatia Lapislazuli
Hecatia Lapislazuli
Hecatia Lapislazuli in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Goddess of Hell
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Having three bodies



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"So what are we going with? Two on one? Or should I call in my other two selves and make it four on one?"
Hecatia Lapislazuli (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Extra Stage)

Hecatia Lapislazuli (ヘカーティア・ラピスラズリ Hekātia Rapisurazuri) is a Goddess of Hell. She first appeared as an Extra Stage Boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, and has made further appearances in the print works Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Grimoire of Usami, and Visionary Fairies in Shrine.

General Information


According to Eiki Shiki, Hecatia is eccentric but relatively not evil compared to most denizens of Hell.[1] She seems capable of being caring and compassionate, especially towards her underlings (namely Clownpiece). Additionally, it might be possible that her personality changes when she switches between her three bodies.[2]

Hecatia has an unwavering desire for personal freedom and dislikes authoritarians of any sort (somewhat matching her "unconventional" appearance). In particular, she has a strong distaste for the Lunarians, considering them to be the antithesis to her ideology.[3] However, it's not known whether this specific dislike of them was due to her own personal motivations, or if she was convinced to hate them due to her close relationship with Junko.


Ability to have three bodies

Hecatia's ability allows her to exist on Earth, the Moon, and the Otherworlds all at once with different bodies, while her core soul resides in Hell. As places like Gensokyo and the Dream World are Otherworlds, Hecatia can access these as well. She can switch between them by wearing the respective astronomical objects on the top of her head. She can also summon them to essentially give herself clones. [4]

Character Design

Hecatia's Otherworld body
Hecatia's Earth body
Hecatia's Moon body


She seems to be based on Hecate, who was associated with the underworld in myth through forms of magic, like witchcraft, necromancy, and sorcery, ghosts, thresholds and crossroads, and the border between worlds. She was also associated with dogs, light, the Moon, and knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants. Her Roman depiction, Trivia, was similar, along with being associated with graveyards. Hecate is also commonly depicted with three heads or bodies, representing crossroads.


Her full name is Hecatia Lapislazuli (ヘカーティア・ラピスラズリ). Her given name, Hecatia, is derived from Hecate (Ἑκάτη, Hekátē), the Greek goddess, whom Hecatia is believed to be based on. Her last name, Lapislazuli, is the name of a stone prized since antiquity for its rich, deep-blue color.


Hecatia appears within the Dream World with red eyes and hair. She is fairly modern looking, wearing a short, three-colored, plaid skirt, and a black t-shirt with "Welcome ❤ Hell" written on the front, worn off her shoulders. She also wears a collar, with chains attached, each one leading to an orb of the Moon, the Earth, and an orb representing the Otherworlds, the last of which sits in her hat atop her head. During the course of her fight, her hair and eyes turn blue or blonde as she switches the Otherworld orb with the Earth or Moon orbs respectively. As it mentioned in the liner notes to her theme, her outfit is inspired by Death Metal. ZUN thought of the process "Hell -> Shinigami (death gods) -> Death -> Death Metal".[5] Although she is shown barefoot in her in-game portraits and various manga appearances, she is seen wearing boots in Chapter 13 of Visionary Fairies in Shrine.



Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Hecatia appears as the main Extra Stage boss of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. It's explained that she joined forces with Junko to bring an end to the hegemony of the Lunarians in the Lunar Capital. Her trump card, if Clownpiece and Junko had failed in their invasion of the Lunar Capital, was to trap the Lunarians in the Dream World and hold them hostage, hoping that it would provoke an attack of some kind, which she could use to her advantage. She did not know that the Lunarians had threatened to wipe out all life on Earth, including Gensokyo, forcing the protagonist to begrudgingly fight for the Lunarians.

In the final battle, Hecatia and Junko joined forces to fight the protagonist together side-by-side.

During Marisa Kirisame's route, she mentions that she hates the leader of the moon rabbits, Chang'e, because "she is the wife of the guy who killed one of my stars"[6]. Said star, namely Apollo,[7], seems to be one of the suns shot down by Hou Yi. If the sun is weakened, Hell would also be affected as shadows would become weaker as well.


Visionary Fairies in Shrine

Shortly after the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Hecatia brought Clownpiece to Gensokyo and asked her to stay there and get used to the place.[8] In Chapter 10, Hecatia appears in Gensokyo again to check on Clownpiece, and assigns her a new task asking her to encounter more lifeforce, especially from things that aren't often seen in Hell. In Chapter 13, she meets Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, and talks with them about the stone cherries that are appearing in Gensokyo, affirming that those stones are nothing but the crystallization of the missing fairies' lifeforce, and saying that she wants to take them with her to Hell.

Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

In Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia, Aya Shameimaru interviewed Hecatia about the recent arrival of denizens of Hell, such as Clownpiece, in Gensokyo.[3] In the interview, Aya expressed cynical views towards Hecatia and her cohort, wondering if they weren't planning some sort of invasion into Gensokyo to take it over and destroy its "charming atmosphere." Hecatia rebuked Aya and told her that maintaining an isolationist attitude would make Gensokyo no better than the Lunar Capital, and that Gensokyo had always relied on new youkai to ensure its culture didn't become stagnate and stale, echoing sentiments from an earlier interview with Yukari Yakumo. Hecatia also harshly chided Aya for frequently stretching and abusing the truth to gain attention and newspaper sales through manufactured outrage. Aya was apparently so disturbed by the interview that she decided not to publish it, and ended up cancelling that edition of her newspaper entirely.



Hecatia, like her would-be friend Junko, has a grudge with Chang'e. It was Chang'e's husband who shot down the suns, weakening the shadows of Hell as a consequence. However, it mostly seems to be through Junko's influence that her grudge exists. Because she sympathized with Junko, she decides to side with her in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.


Clownpiece is a subordinate of Hecatia, who allows Junko to use Clownpiece in her scheme against the Lunar Capital. Hecatia seems especially fond of her, letting her have a "vacation" in Gensokyo as a reward for finishing her "big job" in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

Eiki Shiki

She has only heard of her and her eccentricities and has yet to meet her personally.[9][10]





Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 16
異界「逢魔ガ刻」 Otherworld "Oumagatoki" LoLK
St. Ex
地球「邪穢在身」 Earth "Impurity Within One's Body" LoLK St. Ex
月「アポロ反射鏡」 Moon "Apollo Reflection Mirror" LoLK St. Ex
異界「地獄のノンイデアル弾幕」 Otherworld "Hell's Non-Ideal Danmaku" LoLK St. Ex
地球「地獄に降る雨」 Earth "Rain Falling in Hell" LoLK St. Ex
月「ルナティックインパクト」 Moon "Lunatic Impact" LoLK St. Ex
「トリニタリアンラプソディ」 "Trinitarian Rhapsody" LoLK
St. Ex
「最初で最後の無名の弾幕」 "First and Last Nameless Danmaku" Co-owner with Junko LoLK St. Ex
異界「ディストーテッドファイア」 Otherworld "Distorted Fire" VD Wrong Thursday - 1
異界「恨みがましい地獄の雨」 Otherworld "Resentful Rain of Hell" VD Wrong Thursday - 2
月「コズミックレディエーション」 Moon "Cosmic Radiation" VD Wrong Thursday - 3
異界「逢魔ガ時 夢」 Otherworld "Oumagatoki -Dream-" VD Wrong Thursday - 4
「月が堕ちてくる!」 "The Moon is Falling!" VD
Wrong Thursday - 5
紺珠符「純粋と不純の弾幕」 Ultramarine Orb Sign "Pure and Impure Danmaku" Co-owner with Junko VD Nightmare Friday - 2
永珠符「捨て身のリフレクション」 Eternal Orb Sign "Reckless Sacrifice's Reflection" Co-owner with Mokou VD Nightmare Friday - 4
萃珠符「ミストレイ」 Gathering Orb Sign "Mist Ray" Co-owner with Suika VD Nightmare Friday - 5

Additional Information

  • Due to Junko sometimes jumping in during the fight, Hecatia has the lowest number of spell cards as an extra stage boss. Most extra bosses will have ten, but Hecatia has eight.
  • According to ZUN, Hecatia is "completely past the level of anyone in Gensokyo or the Lunar Capital."[2]


Official Profiles

Hecatia Lapislazuli ○EXボス 地獄の女神

  Hecatia Lapislazuli












EX Boss: Goddess of Hell

Hecatia Lapislazuli

Species: God
Ability: Capable of having three bodies

A mysterious god who governs the Hells of the moon, the Earth, and Otherworlds.
She has a separate body in each of the three worlds, and can act independently with each of them.

Also, since the Moon, Earth, and Otherworlds each have their own Hell, and her core soul resides in Hell,
she's a rather troublesome god who can't easily be retaliated against if viewed as an enemy.
The Dream World falls under 'Otherworlds', by the way.

She too is a god who hates Chang'e.
Because, you see, Chang'e's husband was the person who shot down the suns (ie. Apollo).
In the first place, Hell would be unable to exist without the sun.
Without strong light, the darkness of Hell would weaken too.

...that said, though, her hatred of Chang'e is mostly due to Junko's influence anyway.
Junko's current plan required someone who could freely control fairies, as well as someone
who could freely move to and from the Dream World.
Those conditions fit her perfectly.

She and Junko hit it off immediately.
It was to her merit that she greatly enjoyed fighting to begin with.

She also allowed Junko to freely use her subordinate, Clownpiece.

And so, the moon's people escaped into the Dream World.
She filled the surroundings of the Dream World's fake Lunar Capital with life.
Thus, the People of the Moon were completely suppressed.

All that was left was to shoot down Chang'e...

but, all of a sudden she received a notice of defeat from Junko.
It seemed that the People of the Moon came up with a strategy that ran circles around hers.

Namely: a purified human who had become free from death.
The strategy to send a "Human of the Ultramarine Orb" to the moon.

Official Sources

Official sources


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