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See also: User group rights.

A contributor's access to perform certain actions is determined by various flags on their account, some of which are automatic and others of which must be given to them manually. A user with a flag is said to be a member of that flag's 'user group', giving them certain 'permissions' and the use of certain features of the MediaWiki software.

Users are assigned the highest possible permissions based on the groups they are members of. A user who is an administrator or bureaucrat, for instance, would be able to use Special:Unwatchedpages (granted with the 'sysop' group).

Membership in a user group is sometimes referred to as a 'flag' or 'bit'; being made a member of the 'sysop' group is synonymous with being 'given the admin bit' or 'receiving the admin flag'.


All visitors to the site, including unregistered users, are part of the '*' group, while all logged-in users are also part of the 'user' group. Users are automatically promoted into the Autoconfirmed/Established users group when their account is twenty four hours old and has one edit. Other flags are only given upon request; some, such as 'bot', are granted unilaterally if the user demonstrates a need for them (see Touhou Wiki:Bots/Requests for approval). Others, such as 'sysop' and 'bureaucrat', are given only after deliberation by the Stewards.

User groups

Unregistered users

Visitors who have not created an account or logged in are identified by their IP address rather than a user name, and may read all pages (except restricted special pages). They may not edit or create pages, create talk pages in any talk namespace, or upload files or images.

New users

A user who registers an account may immediately edit pages in any namespace (except the MediaWiki namespace). All logged-in users may mark edits as minor. They may purge pages without a confirmation step. They may also customize their Touhou Wiki interface and its options as they wish, via Special:Preferences or by adding personal CSS or JavaScript rules to their vector.css or vector.js files.

Autoconfirmed users

A number of actions on the wiki are restricted to user accounts that pass certain thresholds of age (time passed since the first edit) and edit count: users who meet these requirements are considered part of the pseudo-group 'autoconfirmed'. Autoconfirmed status is checked every time a user performs a restricted action: it is then granted automatically by the software. For all users, accounts that are more than 24 hours old and have made at least 1 edit are considered autoconfirmed. This restriction may be increased at any time.

Autoconfirmed status is required to create new pages, move pages, edit semi-protected pages, and upload files or upload a new version of an existing file. Autoconfirmed users are no longer required to enter a CAPTCHA for most events. Autoconfirmed users may mark pages created by others as patrolled in Special:NewPages. In addition, the Edit filter has a number of warning settings that only affect editors who are not autoconfirmed.

Administrators, bureaucrats and stewards


Users who are members of the 'administrator' user group have access to a number of tools to allow them to carry out certain functions on the wiki. The tools cover processes such as page deletion, page protection, blocking and unblocking, access to modify fully protected pages and the Mediawiki interface. Administrators are otherwise no different from any other editor.

Administrators are also known historically as "sysops" (system operators). The two terms are used interchangeably.

See Special:Listusers/sysop for a list of users in this group.


Bureaucrat rights are granted to exceptionally trusted users who are allowed to perform certain actions on other users' accounts.

Bureaucrats have extended access to Special:UserRights, enabling them to add users to the 'sysop' and 'bureaucrat' groups (but not remove them), and both add users to and remove users from the 'bot' user group.

See Special:Listusers/bureaucrat for a list of users in this group.


Users who are members of the 'steward' user group may grant and revoke any permission to or from any user on any wiki within Touhou Wiki. This group may use Special:UserRights to set permissions on any wiki; they may add or remove any user from any group. Stewards generally act only when there is no user on a particular wiki that can make the necessary change. This includes granting of the 'administrator' or 'bureaucrat' access levels on wikis which do not have any local bureaucrats, and removing such flags if the user resigns or the account is acting maliciously.

Stewards also act as bureaucrats on wikis which do not have local members of those groups, or if they're substantially active enough on a certain wiki to act as such. They generally also have other responsibilities outside the realm of the wiki, such as technical and financial administration.

All steward actions are logged at Special:Log/rights. The steward on Touhou Wiki is Mami.

Other flagged accounts


Accounts used by approved bots to make pre-approved edits can be flagged as such. Bot accounts are automated or semi-automated, the nature of their edits is well defined, and they will be quickly blocked if their actions vary from their given tasks, so they need less scrutiny than human edits.

For this reason, contributions from accounts with the bot flag ('bot' user group) are not displayed in recent changes or watchlists to users who have opted to hide bot edits. Minor edits made by bot accounts to user talk pages do not trigger the "you have new messages" banner. Bot accounts can query the API in batches of 5,000 rather than 500.

See Special:Listusers/bot for a list of users in this group.

Staff Requirements

The Touhou Wiki Discord and IRC channel allows for real-time communication in cases of emergency and whatnot. Administrators are recommended, but not required, to join the channel; Bureaucrats and Stewards are required to join. The Discord is here, and the IRC channel is located at #touhouwiki on irc.esper.net.

Touhou Wiki staffers are also required to enter their respective information on the list of Administrators page.

See also

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Based on Wikipedia:User_access_levels, with modifications.