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Hidden Star in Four Seasons/Story/Prologue

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 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Cirno's Scenario
 Aya's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario



  霊夢 「どうしたのそんな格好して」


  霊夢 「こんなに春めいているのにねぇ。花見でも開催しようかな」


  文 「一度冷えてから暖かい日が続くと秋でも桜が咲くことがある
  文 「ふーん……。あ、急用を思い出したので帰ります」


  霊夢 「どうもここんところの異常気象。ただの自然現象じゃ無さそうね。


2. Story

---The Hakurei Shrine, showered in cherry petals.
It was so beautiful that there would normally be at least one banquet being held.
But this year was different. There was nobody to be seen.

Marisa: "Sure is hot."
Reimu: "Uh, are you okay? Why are you dressed like that?"
Marisa: "Over in the Forest of Magic, it's snowin' of all things."

Marisa was dressed like it was the middle of winter.

Reimu: "And yet over here, spring is in the air... I wonder if I should hold a flower viewing."
Marisa: "Nice idea, but this is just about the only place where the flowers are bloomin'.
Y'think it's because they get a lot of sun here?"
???: "My goodness. The flowers are blooming...?"

The tengu reporter, Aya Shameimaru, appeared.

Aya: "I've heard that lately, brief cold spells are being followed by sunny days,
and that flowers are blooming in the middle of autumn..."
Reimu: "I'm not sure what's causing it, but it's been like this for a while around here.
It's not just cherries, either. Even the butterbur buds are growing."
Aya: "Hmm... Oh, I just remembered some urgent business, so I'll be going now."

Aya left in a hurry.

Marisa: "What's with her? What'd she even come here for in the first place?"
Reimu: "Probably to see the abnormal weather 'round here. It definitely doesn't seem like a natural phenomenon.
If there's tengu investigating, we've probably got an incident on our hands."

When Reimu decided to take action, Gensokyo was already awash in the colors of the changing seasons.
According to the calendar, our story takes place in midsummer.

 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Cirno's Scenario
 Aya's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario